The Shtickery

Hey guys, I had this super cool ASM I wanted to get ready in time for tommorow but I don’t think I’ll have the time for it, but I’ll leave you this clip and here’s hoping this month is better than the last few.


Ah neat I’ve been seeing your progress on that in the spell academy channel, nice to see it’s functional. Could have some cool applications for my own hack.


DS Style Myrmidon Still
I was trying to make an animation for it but I got very demotivated or something. If anyone wants to do whatever with it, here you go.


DSFE Avoid in FE7
Remember the time when I made the ASM for DSFE Avoid in FE8? Well here’s the variation for FE7!
With Vanilla avoid calculations ((2*AS)+Luck), Eliwood’s avoid is 2(7)+7=14+7=21.

Because I made a AS+Luck Variation last time, I made one again. Here, Eliwood’s avoid is now 7+7=14.
Speed Luck

Now, onto the hot tamale, or however you call it, for DSFE Style avoid, it’s calculated as AS+(Luck/2), rounded down. In this example, Eliwood’s avoid is now 7+(7/2)=7+3.5=10.5, which rounds to 10.
DSFE Avoid

How to: Kill Dodgetanking, Eliwood Style

Here’s the Vah Medoh

Just remember to apply the event files through EA


Seperate Monk and Priest Cards

Have you hated that monks and priests use the same class card? It’s true, and I have come to fix it. These guys are F2U, just so y’all know.




Well it’s been a while since I contributed anything, so here’s some nostalgiabait for those that liked a botanical solution to zombies. [Yuga is in video description]


FE12 - Timeless Bonds

Here’s a thing I made not too long ago. Use it for some lovebirds or something.

Y’all know how Moulder has a mustache, right?
Well not anymore!


cursed image.




Killing with a specific item having story significance

I’d like to give a massive thank you to Huichelaar, Sme, Tequila, and most of all Teraspark for helping me out on how to make this work.

In FE6, there’s a routine that is used to check if Idunn was killed by the Binding Blade. I decided to try to make it work for FE8, and thanks to those I mentioned above, I was able to make it work.

By default, the ASM checks for ItemID 0x92 (Siegmund) and writes the results to Global Flag 0x7B. As such, I included the original ASM so if you need to, you can change the Item and Flag needed, but you’ll have to make the ASM into a .dmp file yourself.

Here’s the clip of the ASMC in action (I made the Rapier the item to check for.)

Here's the way to make the eventing for this work (event was used in above clip)

It may be a bit choppy but I’m calling for the flag right away

How to: Make PRFs more story relevant

Here’s the Morshu to the files you’ll need to install. There’s a README, don’t worry.


Time to have the true ending unlocked when you kill the final boss with with a Steel Blade.


You spelled Slim Sword wrong.


I just need to ask, why did you want to make this? Remaking a ds animation in the gba style and of the myrmidon no less which in my opinion looked the least eh to me in DS, I’m genuinely curious


I see. They do look like they were modeled after the gba animations (although the way the sword is held makes me think the myrmidon has a very loose grip on the sword)

Increasing the amount of EXP gained if target gets fully healed

I have to thank Snek for helping out with this, this ASM wouldn’t be the way it is without 'em.

Did you ever feel like healing gets a unit to level up a smidge too slow for your liking? Well with this ASM things go by a little faster. What it does is that if a unit is fully healed, it quadruples EXP gained.

Here’s a clip of it happening (I had to reduce Mend’s price to 20/Use like Heal because apparently a staff’s cost affects EXP gained, this is in vanilla)

How to: make staff grinding less of a chore.

Here’s the Girahim. If there’s any confusion, read the READMEFORCRYINGOUTLOUD


…GBAFE devs using some roundabout methods for their games.


DSFE Style Avoid in FE5

Yes folks, you heard that right, this is now a thing. But before I get into that, I ought to thank Ultimage for the help. I had this sitting around since October because I was having problems with trying to make the FE5 master buildfile work, but eventually I decided to say, “Screw it, I’m using a hex editor.” It works out in the end because I had the hexcodes needed in a discord channel.
Anyways, let’s get onto the main event.

In vanilla FE5, avoid is calculated by [2(AS) + Luck] before Authority Stars and Supports were taken into account. So here we have Osian in Vanilla FE5 Chapter 1, but I moved him out of Support Range with Eyvel. Here he has 9 AS (Iron Axe weighs 10) and 3 Luck, with 2 Authority stars on the map.
This grants him 2(9) +3 + 3(2) = 18 + 3 + 6 = 27 Avoid.

However, in DSFE Avoid, The Avoid Formula is just AS + (Luck/2[rounded down]), so by implementing it in FE5, Osian’s Avoid is has been altered to be the following:
9 + (3/2, rounded down) +3(2) = 9 + 1.5 + 6 = 15 + 1 = 16 Avoid
FE5 DSFE Avoid000

How to: Kill dodgetanking, Zweifaches Lichts style

Here’s the Cawlin, and make sure to look at the READMEFORCRYINGOUTLOUD if you’re stuck, or reply here.


There he is mods! This is the guy!

He’s the one who’s been infecting stuff with DSFE avoid!