Pokémblem - [Complete] v1.14

Pokemblem is a complete hack; you can defeat the Elite Four and become the champion.

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Patch to FE8U How to patch a rom.

Last updated: 2024



Pokemon gen1 but fire emblem combat.

Re-live your journey through Kanto in this reimagining of Pokémon. Battle with your whole party at once, and devise strategies to take down the toughest foes. Catch and evolve Pokémon as you train up your favorites. Enjoy balanced gameplay where grinding has little effect and swapping out team members may be the key if you’re struggling. You play your way in this fun, fast-paced game.

RPG Walking & Grid based battles
Pokemblem Preview

Equippable accessories

Area of Effect attacks

Gen 1 inspired effects

Fun items


All difficulties are playtested.


Ingame learnset menu (learnsets are the same pre-evolved and evolved)


Nearly every pokemon is viable to use

Rival is a jerk



…and much more to discover!


  • Level-up moves
  • TMs, Skill Scrolls
  • Equippable Accessories
  • Trainer Battles
  • Supereffective/resisted attacks
  • DangerZone
  • Classes = pokémon
  • Tons of custom code
  • Catch new ones
  • Many quality of life features
  • Combat is challenging but fair
  • Pokémon revived at pokécenters
  • Dialogue/story is sparse and usually optional
  • Freely explore Kanto with RPG walking
  • Battles in grid mode
  • Fast-travel via route signs
  • Exp is capped to the levels of gym leaders


Thank you all!

Pokemblem by Vesly




DangerRadius - Huichelaar
Capture - Tequila
EffectivenessRework - Tequila
SkillSystems - circles, Sme, & others
Trap Rework - Sme
Gaiden Magic - Snek, Gamma
Equippable Accessories - Kirb
FreeMovement - Mokha & Sme
Map/chapter transitions - Huichelaar

Special Thanks

7743, without whom this project would not be possible. He’s added many features and patches to FEBuilder that I greedily requested, and has always offered support when I was having trouble.


Most item icons - Lukirioh

Title screen - redppr

Pokemart Clerk, Beta Trainer Sprites, Choice Band, Muscle Band - Zaim

Tileset water animations, Evolution stones, Jelly Donut, Drying Pan - N426

Potions, Stat boosters, & various skill icons - Jester

PMD Minimugs - Akim2007

Pewter Tileset Palette improvements - Zoramine

Stat Screen by SD9K with alternate palettes by Aqua

ChilanBerry, Rurouni, ScubaLuigi - help with items & learnsets

Physical / special icons, wise glasses - Epicer

Blackbelt - Gabriel Knight

Quick Claw - HusbandoEmblem

Difficulty Selection - Halbreadier


Mega Sprites from: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=314422

AI4 as group ai - PhantomSentine
Examine item fix - Sme
Fates exp - Crazycolorz5
EventParameters - Snek
Full Heal item - MintX
Hide portraits during promotion - Tequila
CheckInDanger - Stanh


bowser for lesbians
Miki Brock

Additional Thanks to:

Sme, Tequila, Pikmin1211, Contro, Eebit


16 Tracks/12 Sounds Fix (credit Agro/Brendor)
256 Col Title Screen - Leonarth
Anti-Huffman - Hextator
CSA - Hextator, Circles
CasualMode - circles
CG Fade Fix - 7743
Ch titles as text - circles
CompareTactName - 7743
Convert MemorySlot to String - 7743
Count Units in Range - 7743
DisablePrepStore - 7743
DisableStatusScreenForClasses - 7743
Disable Enemy Control Glitch - Brendon, 7743
Display 10-Divided CG - 7743
Drumfix - circles
remove control enemy - Brendor
Split menu - Stan, circles
Escape - ngmansion, aera
Fix LZ77 - Tequila
GetPressedKeys - Shuusuke, 7743
GetDifficulty - 7743
GetUnitDistance - Snakey1
RescueEvent - circles
EMS - Stan
Ai & LeaderAI fix - Stan
Battle Stats - Tequila
UNCM - Tequila
AIDangerMapFix - Gamma
HPBars - Circles, Tequila
ImprovedSoundMixer - ipatix
MagicSwordRework - Sme
MMB - Zane
NarrowFont - Scraiza
RNGRandomizer - TR143
PreventTradingCertainItems - Circles, Pawkkie, Vesly
Reserve Tact TextID - 7743
SendAll - 7743
ShowEmoticon - 7743, Kenpuku
Sound_NIMAP - circles, Alusq
Submenu - 7743
UnitActionRework - Stanh
L-Button Cycling - Aura Wolf

Skill Systems Contributors:

Skill contributors

  • Tequila
  • Rossendale
  • StanH
  • Leonarth
  • 2WB
  • Teraspark
  • Darrman
  • SD9k
  • Kao
  • blademaster
  • Snakey1
  • Zeta
  • Kirb
  • Sme
  • Ganzap
  • 7743: various bugfixes
  • RobertFPY, Pikmin1211, and Snakey1: Str/Mag Split Finalization

Skill System Icons

  • Monkeybard, Black Mage
  • Blaze: Stances
  • vlak: Drives
  • Pikmin1211: Miscellaneous
  • 2WB: Miscellaneous
  • Zaim: Indoor March
  • Reds: Quick Riposte

Pokemblem project assets are free to use (with credit).

My Projects
AW2 Randomizer
FE8 Self Randomizer
FE7 Self Randomizer
FE6 Self Randomizer


With pokemon sprites being a thing… anything truly is possible through hacking lol

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I’ve had an idea swimming around in my head for a while, I’ll most likely never do anything with it but, a complete remake of Pokemon Mystery dungeon 2 in the sacred stones. It’d be easier to do now than ever before

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I absolutely needed this in my life.



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I might start by designing each pokémon as a class replacement with buildfiles.
Nvm lol.


Anyone who wants to use the pokémon class design could work from there to create their own hack. And it could even be applied on top of many hacks to simply replace all classes with pokémon. That way, I could have a patch like “FE8 but with pkmn instead”.

Even better would be: define which classes to become pkmn and which pkmn to choose, similar to a custom build of skillsys. But as the palette is per allegiance, I don’t know that it’s possible as these sprites use a different one than vanilla. This method is probably beyond the scope of what I can do myself, but for now I’ll work on some class design.

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Haha so this is actually a concept I’ve wanted to do for a while now, I was gonna make a hack where you play through the Kanto region in FE. Each route and city is a chapter and you go through catching pokemon and playing srpg battles. These standing sprites are a hella of a lot better than the ones I was trying to make though.

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These are the official gen 3 sprites. I’ve just formatted them for FEGBA:

  • Colour reduced them as best I could
  • Re-arranged the palette
  • Touched some up slightly
  • Placed copies of each of the 302 frames into the corresponding 2,718 frame slots & exported the combined images

Repo post


However, the real next step would be re-drawing parts of the pokémon / cropping them to fit 16x16 or 16x32 image sizes where possible. Fe8 can display something like 60 different classes on the map at once if they’re all 16x16 images. As these are 32x32, even with lots of each one being transparent, it means a max of about 15 different pokémon/classes on a map at once. Most of them don’t fit within 16 pixels wide, so it would be quite an undertaking to re-draw those that are too wide. Even so, hopefully some peope find it useful. I’d be interested in doing some sort of collaboration for a pokémon themed hack, which is what I made this thread for.


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Do you plan to do all generations? Or just certain gens?

Just Gen 1 for now. It was a lot of work to convert them, and they present OAM issues as is.

If there’s significant interest in adding more (eg. I see projects using them) then I will probably port more at some point. But I wouldn’t expect anything in the near future.



You can probably get some really good ideas from here.

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Thanks. @Leonarth is leagues ahead of me when it comes to any sort of coding, so I don’t want to lead the project if it were to go in that direction. But definitely some cool stuff there!

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Inserted areas up to Pewter, but only set the terrain for about half of it so far. The colours here are a bit weird unfortunately.

The Bulbasaurs below are really 60% pidgey 40% ratata. Using the ‘monster’ and ‘special’ markers, they vary who and where they are (by a couple of tiles).

I’ve closed off some areas for now (eg. Route 22 on the left) that I am not going to create until I have something playable.

Soon I’ll work on a bit of combat and see how that goes. Not really sure which combat elements to take from each game, but I’m hoping to have a little demo ready next month. If anyone has ideas, hit me up.


wait this is soooo coolll wtf

Wasn’t it the Echoes hack that added learnable command skills? You could give the pokemon these command skills and adjust the PP values (hehe) to where switching them around is key.

Perhaps instead of a levelup system, the goal is to learn certain skills and discard others to make a well-optimized pokemans team? You can only have four skills, but leveling up always gives you a new one and you can choose to overwrite the old ones?

Just spitballing. Not sure if this is ASM you’re capable of performing, or willing.

Sorry, which hack is this? I’m interested.

I know that proc skills as combat arts exists as a version of skillsys, but I haven’t… assembled the knowledge needed to effectively utilize that sort of thing yet.

I’ll see myself out now. Thanks for the ideas.

It’s Sacred Echoes
Come to think of it, Promotion and Evolution is kinda same things

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It seems GaidenMagic isn’t compatible with SkillSys yet. However, these are some systems I would ideally love to prominently feature:

  • SkillSys by Circles, Sme, & others
  • Combat arts by Sme
  • Capture by Tequila
  • DangerRadius by Huichelaar
  • GaidenMagic by Gamma
  • SpecialCommand (per class) by 7743

I think I can event Teq’s capture to have the captured unit join your party instead of being dropped & killed. Perhaps I can even make it require having a pokeball in your inventory & have a variable chance of failure.

Eventing post nobody asked for:


This event uses the SetUnitStatus patch to warp a varying unit to a variable location. This just means the same event would work for any pokecenter, rather than nearly identical events for each pokecenter. The simpler way of using MOVEONTO that does almost the same thing will crash the game if walking through impassible terrain.

"That's useful for my hack too!", said no one

Here we have Tequila’s capture evented to have the unit join our party (automatically sent to the “PC box” for now). Thank you to 7743 for making this possible.

More niche events


That’s sick, recreating an entire game in a game, something like playing pac man on a calculator or something, and pokemon on other games.

What kind of breaking the 5th wall is this?

Good job man, this seems like a great hack, gonna play it later.
Thank you for that sick recreation, not a single soul on the forum could archieve tha alone, lucky you have an entire community to help.

PS: Will you recreate other games on FE ? If the answer is yes, then; Which one will be?