FE6 Self Randomizing Rom [Complete]

This rom randomizes everything based on an initial seed, you know the drill!

Self Randomizer Download - for FE6J


Customize what to randomize & the amount of variance.

Match seeds & settings with a friend to have an identical experience, even down to the items found and your levelups.

Random Classes

Random Growths

100% and 0% growths can also be chosen.

Random Bases & Caps

Always 30 is also an option for stat caps.

Random Found Items

Random Gold Amounts

Random Shops & Item Stats



By Vesly

Gringe’s FE6 translation used with permission.

Original Translation Credits

Special thanks to…

  • tabachanker for being the Jesus of Hacking and helping so much on the opening class scroll, opening prologue, widening the menus, fixing the inconsistent level-up screens, and implementing new world map graphics, new features, and more
  • bookofholsety for the graphics and continued testing support
  • The original patch developers for doing most of the groundwork
  • Onmi for making the FEditor compatibility patch for FE6
  • shadowofchaos for helping solve the c17 Ilia chapter title problem and for his notes on FE6
  • bartre for solving the Elphin glitch, menu/interface text, and teaching me how to magick the hex code
  • Barth for fixing some graphic glitches
  • DrPikachu for testing every single support and posting the errors in the support thread

Special Thanks - Circles for the 2018 Fe8 Self Randomizer as reference.
Also a big thanks to the fe8u decomp contributors, as I copied many functions from that.
Casual Mode - Circles, 7743
Fix REDAs - 7743
BattleStatsAnimsOff - Tequila
Hp Bars - Circles, Tequila
Hard mode unlock - 7743
L button cycling - Aurawolf
Colour Hue Function - Huichelaar
Droppable item icon gfx by Scraiza

My Projects
AW2 Randomizer
FE7 Self Randomizer
FE6 Self Randomizer


Absolutely incredible, love to see the trilogy be complete. Very nice work! :slight_smile:


Another day, another Vesly Banger.
finally the best of the gba games is getting a self randomizer too. Will give it a try over the next few days


Great start I guess :rofl:
Another dancer
Oh god this seed is dancer emblem


Fixed an issue with Cath freezing the game. Please update, thanks.


These keep making me curious as to how difficult it would be to apply a randomizer to… already non-vanilla ROMs.


My only complaint is that Flux should really be an E rank tome. You can get E rank shamans with no usable equipment. Maybe have the unusable staves removed as well? Or is it a vanilla only type deal?


Hello Vesly, I’ve found one bug that softlocks the game, cecilia having only staves(she stayed a valkyrie) attacking zephiel with her heal staff softlocks(his hp goes up then to minus and so on)
He’s a druid with only staves too, annoyingly
Also, unless klein/thea are brigands or fliers, thea is unrecruitable
Thank you for this randomizer, I’m enjoying it!


Removed the ability the get the useless staff “Makes closed areas visible.” - are there any other completely useless staves? I’ve left in the pretty much useless Torch and Unlock staves, though.

Enemies with staff+another weapon rank will now always get a weapon in their first slot, while the latter slots can get staves. Hopefully that solves this issue. I’ve also made Thea not start on mountains.


Thanks for the feedback.


You’re welcome!
I noticed when I loaded my save in the new patch, that weapons were randomized, though I didn’t choose it
I’ll reroll it

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I had to change the layout of saved data a little at one point, but there should be no issue on a fresh save.

Edit: Added a way to change your settings after the game has already started.

I also randomized music.

Thanks to @ScubaLuigi for the list of BGM track IDs to randomize from.

I also did this same stuff for FE7 randomizer, but I don’t want to bump both threads lol.

Edit: Fixed random bgm from making the bgm silent after combat with Scub’s help. I also made battle bgm random.


I’ve now added random colours, infinite durability, fixed levelups (always average stats), and player bonus as new options and I also reworked the menu to make it scroll.


Same goes for fe7 / fe8.


Hey so I was doing a run and after clearing 21x, whenever Roy would try to promote after getting the Binding Blade, the game would crash. Sometimes it would show a mercenary sprite over him, and sometimes it would just try to switch to a bugged looking save screen and crash. Roy in this run was a Bard, but I managed to get some sword experience on him through an early copy of the Binding Blade that I got. I tried messing with his inventory and making sure he wouldn’t have any weapon equipped, but still nothing worked. The cutscenes aren’t skippable either. Is there a workaround?

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Can you try updating the rom first? I did attempt to fix this issue some days after the initial release, so if you’re on an old version, it’d break.

If that doesn’t solve it, then please send me your .sav file (eg. via dropbox) and I’ll look into it more.

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I downloaded the randomizer yesterday or the day before, So I believe I’m up to date? I’ll dm you the .sav


Thanks, I’ve fixed the issue now.


Please note that the forced promotion will wait 21 seconds even if the class has nothing to promote into. The game has not hit an infinite loop.


No way it’s actually real…
I can die in piece

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Hi! Just wanna ask if your planning on remaking a Fire Emblem 8 Randoming also? So if not gonna download the old one here


He is planning to its just going to take awhile


When will you gonna make fire emblem 8 :sweat_smile:, I check everyday for update :grin: