[FE7/FE8] 16 tracks/12 sounds patch

PATCH (FE7)!!!
PATCH (FE8)!!!

Recall this topic in which I said that GBAFE is limited to 8 sounds per song. That limit can now be increased to 12.

This seems to work without hitch so far. You can turn these up to 0x0C (12!) before the game starts having serious performance issues/crashes.

This patch will also allow the games to read up to 16 tracks for BGM and map songs. Keep in mind that the 12-sound limit still applies.

1/5/17: I updated the links in this topic as the dreaded Dropbox update destroyed them.


Yeah, I’ll look into this again when I have a chance

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Update: 12 sounds & 11 tracks in action. 11 tracks are achievable by shuffling some RAM allocation around a little bit; I seem to have found a setting that works for all sound effects but it needs to be tested further.


I updated the first post with what I believe to be the entire fix (it’s not much!) but I need someone to play through a few chapters and test the sound system for me. If someone could do that, that would be fantastic. I have my final exams (hopefully ever) on the 9th so I won’t be able to test anything until after then. I also deleted the tangential posts in the thread in the interest of keeping things succinct.

Hm. The audio seems to warp a little to me. Is that just the way the song is, video quality, or is that some other thing?

song’s badass tho

Not sure what you mean by warp, but it’s probably just some fancy edits I was trying out or video quality.

Oh you actually figured it out? Cool. Sorry I kinda dropped off after the first 2 discoveries but if it’s settled now I guess it’s fine.
I might look into it a little more to see if I can improve it at some point.


wow this is amazing, going in the monthly hacker’s digest for sure!!!

Please. As your fellow musician-pupil, I can’t contain my excitement for this. Gotta insert some even more awesome music in MS!

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I did some investigation into it but I was never able to validate any of those findings because no one has tested them.

I’ve been doing some testing of the patch and there seems to be some sound effect issues. Menu related sounds effects are frequently cut off or are occasionally replaced with a boop sound.

Spell and battle animation sound effects are occasionally cut off as well. In some more extreme cases their sound effects are missing or are replaced with the boop sound. Some scenarios include Pent casting Thunder or Fimbulvetr. At one point, when Eliwood as a Knight Lord crit, the horse neigh did not sound at all. The critical strike sound effect is frequently “muffled” for various battle animations.

Sound cut off seems to be occurring when multiple sounds effects occur at the same time, such as a spell missing when the General dodges.

As far as I can tell, music is unaffected.

Which menu sound effects specifically? I tried everything I could to induce something but I couldn’t trigger anything…

@Primefusion can you please paste write this to $69d638 and tell me if the problems persist:

00 00 12 34 55 55 43 21 00 00 12 34 55 55 43 21 00 00 00 12 44 44 44 21 00 00 00 12 44 44 44 21 77 66 55 44 33 22 11 00 54 32 10 00 32 10 00 00 10 5B 00 03 28 16 00 03 0B 00 00 00 20 5D 00 03 98 19 00 03 0B 00 00 00 60 5D 00 03 08 1D 00 03 02 00 01 00 30 5E 00 03 08 1D 00 03 02 00 01 00 A0 5D 00 03 88 1F 00 03 03 00 01 00 90 5A 00 03 08 1D 00 03 04 00 01 00 D0 5A 00 03 08 1D 00 03 05 00 01 00 E0 5C 00 03 78 20 00 03 04 00 01 00 F0 5D 00 03 B8 21 00 03 02 00 01 00

Edit: Hm… Definitely heard a few sound glitches this time. Might have to try a few fancy workarounds…

It probably would help if I was more specific…
The menu I was referring to was the character inventory/stat menu. Flipping through a unit’s information, or scrolling between characters, seems to cause an incorrect sound the first time that sound is supposed to play, but it then fixes itself… until the next time I access the unit menu.

The byte sequence you gave me doesn’t seem to do anything. Then again, I did this testing like 10 hours ago, and I don’t recall how persistent the issue was.

Yeah, I gotcha. I need to re-think some of my plans and possibly even edit certain tracks; the item-received/level-up/item-lost/chapter-opening jingles being amongst those. Nothing major, just requires a bit more elbow grease. Potential users of this patch should be made aware that they may have to cope with 10-11 tracks instead of 12 (but 12 sounds is still okay!).

I’ve updated the link with a new patch that has a new configuration; once again, it needs to be tested, though on the surface it looks fine to me. If you can’t be bothered getting out your patcher, paste-write this at $69D668:

10 5B 00 03 28 16 00 03 0C 00 00 00 20 5D 00 03 00 60 00 03 0C 00 00 00 60 5D 00 03 28 1B 00 03 02 00 01 00 30 5E 00 03 C8 1B 00 03 02 00 01 00 A0 5D 00 03 68 1C 00 03 04 00 01 00 90 5A 00 03 A8 1D 00 03 04 00 01 00 D0 5A 00 03 E8 1E 00 03 05 00 01 00 E0 5C 00 03 78 20 00 03 04 00 01 00 F0 5D 00 03 B8 21 00 03 02 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

Happened to be on the site when you posted, so I gave this a go. Everything seems to be working fine. None of the scenarios I had issues with before are causing issues now.
Does this still retain 12 tracks or has it been bumped to 10 or 11?

Still has 12 tracks :smiley: The main thing I wanted to look into was the fact that I’ve placed tracks at a relatively unknown point in the RAM so I don’t know if it’s going to interfere with gameplay or not. One can only hope…

I think I have an issue with the updated patch.
It seems that the game doesn’t save IDs after restarting the game. For example if a battle quote happen an I restart the game and load the game, then the battle quote will repeat in the next battle. After that everything is back to normal.
If I don’t restart during the chapter it doesn’t occur.

I’m not 100% percent sure if it’s really the patch or I screwed something up but it occured the first time after I used the patch.

Certainly is odd. I’ll look into it.

Hm… I’ve tried to replicate your glitch but can’t seem to be able to. What event IDs are you using? We know that event IDs between 0x40-0x64 don’t save properly. Apparently event IDs are stored at $03005270… but these are as bits and $03006000, which is where I’ve put the new track data, is well out of the way of that. I don’t think the two are related, but it’s possible.

Any news on the FE8 side? @Agro @Brendor (I mean, do I have to paste/patch some stuff like in FE7 or do I just need to replace those 2 bytes?)
Just applied this to TLP anyway, and it sounds AWESOME. Blazer didn’t care about the 7 notes limit at all so with this patch all of the music in the hack got a nice buff. Incredible.

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