[FE8] Fire Emblem: A Blinding Light (WIP, 9/31 chapters done)


Edit 2024-06-10: Hey, new chapter done! It went from 8 chapters done to 9 chapters done! Proof of progress! Honestly, it was done 9 days ago, just got distracted by real life. I would very much appreciate if someone played the maps and gave me feedback. The maps may not be their final version, but I’m still learning unit placements and events and such.

This is Fire Emblem: A Blinding Light. My first hack. I’m under the impression that I am allowed to post this as a WIP project.

All my playtesting has been done on Normal difficulty. Pick anything else at your own risk.

A new story that takes place in the world of Magvel. It features a new story that is intended to be faithful to the structure of Fire Emblem. The beginning greatly resembles the one of FE8, intentionally.
New/modified classes, albeit nothing nobody has never seen before.
A far more impactful weapons triangle.
Various weapon modifications.

small blurb

The Demon King is sealed in the Sacred Stone and kept in Grado. Everything is as it should be. But when a giant earthquake hit Grado, monsters once again started wandering the land. Since the time of the earthquake Magvel has withstood attacks from monsters for 300 years. It would be so much better if the monster attacks would end for good.

This is when King Sion of Jehanna invades Grado, saying the destruction of the Sacred Stone would stop the monsters. Knowing this to be untrue, Emperor Rioga of Grado calls his daughter Frida, her bodyguard Iselia, his shaman advisor Aldo and the prince of Renais, Morven, who is here for some reason, to escape the keep with the Sacred Stone while he stays behind. And so starts their adventure.

As it is right now, maps, portraits and music are reused from vanilla. I am focusing on getting events working and telling my story. That said, even if I reuse maps, the events and enemy placement is my own. The idea is that if I actually finish the story then I will start seeing if I can replace the character portraits, the maps and maybe even the music with more original things. But one thing at a time. Events first. Without events, the story will not be told.

Support has not been touched yet. If you manage to trigger supports, you’ll likely find FE8 support conversations.

If you’d play and critique that’d make me happy. Thank you.



Known Bugs

In the intro, the texts that I replaced (just changed Sacred Stones to Sacred Stone, singular) looks bad. I’m not sure how to fix it.
Chapter 8: Skipping the intro cutscenes (after preparation) causes the events that should have happened to not have happened and the units that have moved in the cutscene to have teleported to the top left of the map.
Suspending and continuing on the same map causes green units to disappear. Probably because there’s more than ten green units.

PlatinumSkink's Opinion of each chapter

Prologue - I really like this one. Worried the opening narration is too long.
Chapter 1 - I really like this one. Feels basically perfect.
Chapter 2 - Rather like this one. It feels pretty good.
Chapter 3 - It feels alright. A little slow maybe, but.
Chapter 4 - I do feel this one can be better. Not sure how. I still want to tell that story, after all.
Chapter 5 - I adore the idea of this one, but I do feel it might need a new, custom map to do it justice.
Chapter 6 - Pretty happy with this one. I do like the opening story segment a lot.
Chapter 7 - I remade this one. Still don’t really like the gameplay in it. Oh, well.
Chapter 8 - Gameplay feels off, somehow. Need to figure out how to do it better. Maybe. I like the story, though.
Chapter 9 - I feel pretty good about this one.


Project made using FEBuilderGBA by 7743.

Installed Patches:
16 Tracks/12 Sounds Fix (credit Agro/Brendor) [FE7/FE8] 16 tracks/12 sounds patch
“Disables the Prep store for a particular map (Install)” by 7743.
“Fix CG Fade Glitch” by 7743.
“Convert Chapter Titles to Text_ver2(Install)” by circleseverywhere and 7743.
“Multi-Class Pick Skill Installer” by kao. Compatability:7743 Unlimited number of classes able to use the Pick Skill (Rogue's Skill)
“Remove Enemy Control Glitch” by Brendor. Compatability:7743 Enemy Control Glitch Fixes
“Add Event: Split Menu” by Stan,circleseverywhere [FE8U][DOC/GUIDE] Analysing, Extending & Mimicking the lord split menu
“Add Event: Change AI of unit or class at once” by 7743.
“Add Event: Change unit / class affiliation at once” by 7743.
“Add Event: Lose Item(unit)” by 7743.
“Add Event: Lose Item(All units and transporters)” by Kaito Port:7743.
“Add Event: SilentGiveItem” by 7743.
“Add Event: Get Unit Status” by 7743.
“Add Event: Set Unit Status” by 7743.
“01command_hack” by Hextator Compatability:7743
“48command_hack” by Hextator Compatability:7743
“Anti-Huffman” by Hextator Compatability:7743
“Fixed issue with glitch on mine when drop enemy” by, uh, doesn’t say. 7743?
“fix_lz77decompress” by Tequila.
“Use HandAxs motion as generic motion for throwing axes” by 7743.
“Lose Weapon Ranks on Promotion” by Venno Venno's small ASM hacks and notes - #4 by Venno
“Skip World Map Fix (For World Map Users)” by Stan.
“Define Multiple Prohibits the Crit By Item(Installer)” by 7743.
“Change to have multiple units that can be seize” by 7743.
“Change so that you can set multiple units that can call supply” by 7743.
“Switch the preparation shop for each chapter. ver2 (Installer)” by 7743.
“Fix CAM1/CAMERA2 going out of bounds” by Stan.
“Set Default Option “Cursor & etc”” by, uh, doesn’t say. 7743?

All the following assets were retrieved from the Google Drive repo 2021.

Bow Cavalier portrait by flasuban, RobertFPY.
Axe Cavalier portrait by Blademaster.
Sword Cavalier portrait by FPzero.

Female Lance Cavalier Map sprite by Tordo45.
Male and Female Bow Cavalier Map sprite by flasuban.
Male Axe Cavalier Map sprite by Siuloir.
Female Axe Cavalier Map sprite by RobertFPY.
Male Sword Cavalier Map sprite by Agro.
Female Sword Cavalier Map sprite by RovertFPY.

Male and Female Axe Cavalier Battle Animation by Skitty.
Male Bow Cavalier Battle Animation by Orihara_Saki, DerTheVaporeon, Kao, Aurora.
Female Bow Cavalier Battle Animation by DerTheVaporeon, Kao, Aurora.

Female Paladin map sprite by L95.

Axe Wyvern Rider portrait by flasuban.
Axe Wyvern map sprite by Unknown.
Helmetless Wyvern Rider Male and Female Battle Animation by Flasuban, eCut.

Axe Wyvern Lord portrait by flasuban.
Axe Wyvern Lord map sprite by flasuban.
Axe Wyvern Lord Battle Animation by TBA.

Axe Wyvern Knight map sprite by ArcaneEli.
Axe Wyvern Knight Battle Animations by Feaw, St Jack.

Dark Flyer (Harrier) portrait by Ayr.
Dark Flyer (Harrier) map sprite by Ayr.
Dark Flyer (Harrier) Battle Animations by Ayr. Thank you, Ayr.

Sky Ranger map sprite by PlatinumSkink. That is, I did them. It was just pasting a bow on them, really.
Sky Ranger (Falcoknight with bow) Battle Animations by Flasuban, Nuramon, Knabepicer.

Female Soldier map sprite by Rexacuse, Peerless, Alusq, WarPath.
Female Soldier Battle Animations by Dr0zz.

Halberdier portrait by TBA.
Male Halberdier map sprite by TBA.
Female Halberdier map sprite by blood, Dei, dondon151.
Male Halberdier Battle Animations by TBA.
Female Halberdier Battle Animations by Black Mage and maybe Ting.

Female Rogue map sprite by Unknown.
Female Rogue Battle Animations by Temp, Black Mage, Wan. It could also be directly from the game, I am unsure at this point.

Female Assassin map sprite by RobertFPY.
Male Assassin with bow Battle Animation by Andy, SD9K.
Female Assassin Battle Animations by Keks_Krebs, Beccarte, SD9K.

Female Fighter map sprite by Alusq.
Female Fighter Battle Animations by FEGirls.

Female Brigand map sprite by Skitty.
Female Brigand Battle Animations by eCut, Skitty.

Female Warrior map sprite by FEGirls.
Female Warrior Battle Animations by Temp, helmfried.

Female Berserker map sprite by FEGirls.
Female Berserker Battle Animations by eCut, Skitty.

Female Hero Battle Animations by St jack.

Female Summoner map sprite by Unknown.
Female Summoner Battle Animations by Velvet Kitsune, Author_Pendragon.