Full (?) Berwick Saga Soundtrack MIDI Rip

Grab it here.

I pulled these from the psf2 files, which were in turn ripped by an unknown source. The program I used was the wonderful VGMTrans.

I thought it would be nice for people to access these for some more variety in their hacks. Berwick Saga doesn’t really have any good battle themes but the map themes are really nice.

They are all there in their untouched glory, so most of the songs may sound a bit off. Almost all of them will need to be readjusted to play for GBA games as there are too many voices in most of them.

I also didn’t rename any of the tracks (except the shortened version of Ancient Oath) as I couldn’t be bothered and they’re all translated from Japanese anyway, so they’re all subject to interpretation.

There are some real bangers here. My favourites are Knights of the Plains, Ancient Oath and Pride of Knights.

I’m quite certain this is the entire soundtrack with the exception of a vocal track which was only in the published soundtrack and not in the game.

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