[FE7/FE8] 16 tracks/12 sounds patch

I’m pretty busy these days but I’ll look at it

Yeah, @AlfredKamon I did ask Brendor to look into getting those addresses. Once we’ve got them it shouldn’t take too long to make one up at all. I’ll see if I can get it done before I go on holiday (p.s. I might be coming to Italy!)

I see. I’ll be waiting then!

OT: Oh man that’d be soooo sweet! :smiley: Let me know!

I updated the first post with an FE8 version. Sorry it took so long. @AlfredKamon it still needs to be thoroughly tested… May I leave this in your hands?


I’m only getting 8 tracks with the FE8 patch, not 12.

Can you try inserting over the title screen music and seeing if it’s still 8 and not 12?

Yeah I patched a clean rom and replaced Track 1. Only the first 8 tracks play.

Don’t worry Agro-sensei. :smile:

But yeah, I confirm it only plays 8 instead of 12 as well…

And just for clarification - the first 8 TRACKS or the first 8 SOUNDS? (or both?)

Only the first 8 tracks play. Swapping their order will change which tracks play. 1 track playing 12 sounds works.

Oh! That’s simple. An oversight on my part. I’ll get on it in a second.

Okay, please go to $22440C and $224418 and change these to 0x10. I’ll update the patch.

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Yep, it’s working now. Thanks!


Just thought I’d drop in to thank you for your hard work, Agro. Thanks to your efforts, I was able to stuff this song into my hack~

You’ll be happy to see that my percussion variety is as narrow as always. >.>

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Seems to be doing the job.

Glad you found our hack useful. @Brendor and I even made waves in Japanese hacking circles with this patch so apparently we are the first and only ones to make such a hack.

Have you read my importing custom sound samples tutorial? I definitely think your songs would benefit from instruments ripped from a game such as Mother 3 which has some really nice acoustic piano, overdriven guitar & trumpet samples. Advance Wars has some colourful stuff too. Both of them blend in very nicely with FE instruments so they’re good sources to draw on.


I’ll bookmark this so I remember to give that a shot at some point… FE’s Pianos kinda suck, and if there is anything with saxophones, I would use the heck outta that.

I could really use an FE6 version of this, if the effort is willing to be made.

It seems that the work memory of the m4a hq mixer patch conflicts with the work memory of the FE7U 16tracks patch (03006000).
Shifting the address to 030067B0, which is the address of FE8U, seems to work fine.
Although there is another question whether this address is ok.

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