[FE8] (and maybe FE7) Leonarth's ASM thingies

Here I’ll be posting any ASM things I do and I think aren’t a waste of time, if you get any problems with any of my stuff please let me know (preferably on discord), also feel free to request stuff/skills and I’ll see if I can do it (and if I feel like it), though I probably won’t be porting anything to FE6

Unit Selection Quotes [FE8] [FE7]




The downloads include .bin and .wav files for the characters of that game that are in Heroes, as well as the ready to roll and tip the scales quotes.
I will update the downloads if more characters of these games come out for Heroes.

I was on Seva’s stream and said I was going to make a skill that just made “I’m ready to roll” play whenever you selected the unit, ended up doing this.

What it does:




This thingy just makes a voice quote play when you select a unit (like en echoes or heroes) you can set it to only work once a map (and on reload/resume) or once a turn. Currently there is no support for random quotes or quotes based on hp/class or other custom requirements, the only requirement that can be set is character ID, but if enough people want some other ones I’d be willing to add them.

How to use it:
To install it you just need to drop everything in the same folder, then include the “install unit select sfx.event” somewhere in your buildfiles.

If you are using the FE8 version you are good to go as long as you have the Essential fixes patch, if not (or if you are using FE7) you’ll want to get these:

Essential Fixes For FE8:

[FE8] Essential Fixes patch

For FE7 (works for FE8 too if you don't want to get the Essential fixes for some odd reason):

[FE7/FE8] 16 tracks/12 sounds patch

CUPS - convert UPS to EA patch format

It will work without them, but some music tracks will make the quotes stop (this will also happen if having this patch you still use up all of the tracks for your song, so just don’t).

How to add a selection quote:

Here’s an example on how to add a quote:

BYTE	Eirika	//character ID
BYTE 	0x00	//filler byte
SHORT	0xB4	//sound effect to play (this one is warp)

A character ID of 0 will make the quote always play (not even once a map/turn, just always).
A sound ID of 0 will make the loop end.
Only the first quote in the loop that meets the requirements (so either matching ID or 0x00) will play.

Then all you need to do is add the label (“EirikaSoundEffect”) to the list in the install file, like this:

POIN EirikaSoundEffect
WORD 0//End marker

I won’t be giving instructions on inserting samples here but you can see examples in the downloads.

Also I haven’t used this tool but it’s probably useful for inserting new quotes:
WAV2EA | Convert Wavs to a EA insertable format

The download does come with selection quotes for characters of that game ready to use (see the videos), so if you don’t want them or only want some of them be sure to comment them out or something.


The FE7 Unit Selection Quotes works just fine. However, 12D to 14D are actually used by the game(not all, but most). Like 0x135 being the sage rune conjuring SFX, so I ended up having “By my sword!” play every time a sage attacked. Just thought I would give a heads up.

Download updated to not use used soundeffects, I checked with sappy this time so there shouldn’t be problems. No more sages proud of their sword.

New thing, Less Annoying Fog:

You know how when you walk into the fog and you bump into an enemy it ends the unit’s action? This makes it so you can instead attack, use an item, etc.

To install just include the installer. FE8 only.
It has been tested in both vanilla FE8 and FE8 with skills, and it seems to be working fine.


man please make a ups patch …Because i don’t know how to insert this please

Note: I have just been told there is an easier way to do this in febuilder, so if you are using that you can probably ignore what I said below

I can’t make an ups patch because I can’t know where your free space is, but I can give you instructions on how to apply this patch to a rom that is not using buildfiles:

  • First, get Event Assembler and a hex editor or a tool that can find freespace for you (I’m pretty sure febuilder does that), also extract the files from the .rar

  • Next, open your rom in your hex editor or your freespace finder and find where the freespace (space full of 0xFF from around 0xB2A610 onwards in vanilla) is for you, this will change depending on what stuff you have already inserted

  • Open the Installer.event file and change 0xB2A610 (the FreeSpace definition) to your freespace offset

  • Now all you need to do is open event assembler, select your rom, select the installer and assemble it into your rom, make sure all files are in the same folder like they come in the download

These same instructions should work for any modern engine hack designed for buildfiles, unless they don’t have an ORG, in which case instead of changing the definition you would ORG 0xyourfreespace at the start of the installer.

I think 7743 has plans to add this engine hack to febuilder so if you want to wait for that you can also do that.


I’m going to try thanks, I’m using the skill patch and I’m going to use yours now, I’ll see if I can

FE8 Only.

Apparently the game didn’t have a way to display more than two new weapon ranks when promoting, so I fixed that.

Nothing major, you can now have classes learn all 8 weapons in one promotion if you want (you can without this too, they just won’t have a message)

To install use EA as always, change the freespace definition if you need to, there’s nothing else to tweak.

You can watch it in action here, together with the new (not included) WIP class skill change popups for the skill system.






Do you guys remember the spinny circle in FE7’s save selection menu?
Circles and me went dive into the FE8 beta rom to rescue it.
He’s finally here, performing for you.

The .event file comes with an ORG to replace the wranks promotion popups with the circle proc, for testing, so if you don’t want that remember to comment it out.

The proc is pretty simple, but if you don’t know how those work check out Stan’s thread on doing magic happen:

Now with animated example spinny boys for your enjoyment:

[details=Example Spinny Boys! - Looped by Black Mage]

FE7 Spinny Boy

This thing - Black Mage


9 Ball - Black Mage

Clow Reed's magic circle - Me




256 colors titlescreen background installer for FE8

(example included)

I felt like making something small, so here it is:

There’s a readme inside so check that for instructions, it’s pretty simple I think.

Apparently this breaks the intro cinematic so don’t disable the skip.

(small update: you can now use the transparent color without worry and the installer includes the skip intro cinematic fix from essential fixes)


Made this for the current blitz, probably the smallest thing in the thread

This macro and routine pair is meant to make hidden items (such as desert treasure in the vanilla games) really easy to do, there’s instructions in the installer file (hiddenItem.event)

To install just drop everything in the same folder and include the installer file


settings for exporting your own custom spinny bois

the original image should be 152x152 to spin properly


I love this