Zeta's ASM/C Spellbook


Everything here is free to use and modify.
Credit is not mandatory, just don’t take my stuff and claim you’re the one that made it.
Everything here is for FE8.

Ever wanted to include arenas in your hack, but didn’t want people abusing them to max units out?

Arena Level Limits

Download Here - Version 2

This hack allows you to set per chapter maximum limits on what units can enter the arena. It isn’t quite plug and play, you’ll have to do a couple things:

  • Go into installer.event and change the ArenaLevelLimitTextID define to whichever textID you want to replace. The text itself is built in RAM, so you don’t have to do anything further to have it display.
  • Change the entries on the ArenaLevelLimitTable to whatever level limit you want that chapter’s arena to have

It should be compatible with anything that doesn’t alter the arena command usability routine. Though this hack does store its text in RAM - if you find that this does conflict with another hack, just go and change the FreeSpaceRAM define to a different free RAM location.

Tired of empty level ups? Tired of your lords getting stat screwed?

Level Up Rework

Download Here

This hack makes it so that your units always gain at least 1 stat per level. Furthermore, it makes any of your units with the Lord character ability (not the class ability, the character ability) always gain at least 2 stats per level.

There’s nothing special to do to install it - just #include the .lyn.event file.

It should be compatible with anything that doesn’t modify the same routines, and I’ve tested to make sure it’s compatible with the skill system.

This is written in C, using Stan’s FE-CLIB. As such, it’s pretty easy to modify - if you want to see more features in it, feel free to ask. I can’t guarantee I’ll do everything, but most things you could want wouldn’t be hard (for example, if you want specific units or classes to go to level 25 or 30, that’s easy).


Quick questions, can the level of the arena limit chapters?


Arena level limits are separate per chapter. You can have different chapters with different level limits.


It’s just like fe4. It’s wonderful.


With the Arena Limit hack, the limit is the same for unpromoted and promoted units?


Currently yes, though I might change that later. Not 100% sure how I’d want to handle promoted units yet.


Most things regarding level treat promoted as a static +20


I could do something like: A level limit of 25 would equal ‘all non promoted units and level 5 promoted units’

But I’m not sure how you’d communicate that information to the player. Shame the brown text box is so limited.


How about that check promoted unit ability of class?


Checking if a unit is promoted or not is easy, yeah.

Hmm, if I switch over to using this text box I should have a lot more room.

Then I could say something like:
Arena Level Limit: 6
Promoted units not allowed.

Arena Level Limit: 6
No limit for unpromoted units.

(or whatever, the strings would be changeable to your liking)


New version soon.


New version now. Installation is the same as before, just a couple new text strings that you can change if you feel like it.