[FE8] [Complete] The Sun God's Wrath (Final release - 27 Chapters, no fatigue, 100% growth now added - 5/22/2022)

Sun God’s Wrath

Long ago in a distant forum, I, Blademaster with an exclamation mark, released an unspeakable evil. But an amazing forum home to the most elite of hackers, stepped forth to oppose. Shwing, Shwang, Slash! Before the final awesome hacking tool could be released, I released my hack on another forum, and for whatever reason didn’t do so here. For which I had no good excuse. Now as FEE3 2019 comes around, Blademaster without an exclamation mark seeks to finally release his hack on FEU, and never speak in the third person again.

As is already obvious, I’ve never been very good at making introductory topics. You can find some screen shots below:

Anyway, Sun God’s Wrath is an FE8 hack that I’ve been working on for too long for whatever reason. It’s the sequel to Corrupt Theocracy. I scrapped the original version, Sun God’s Challenge, and then started working on Sun God’s Wrath instead as the tools available in the hacking community just became so much more robust and powerful. It’s really amazing how far the community has come since all the way back in 2010 when I made Corrupt Theocracy, and even the little reskin hacks I tried to work on before then back when all we really had was nightmare and the very first version of the event assembler wasn’t even released yet IIRC.

In it’s current form, SGW is a hack that makes use of a lot of the more modern features available to the community these days that didn’t exist back then. It makes use of the skill system, the leadership star hack, gives units a con growth, and features some other small things that I hope people find enjoyable.

In regards to the story, it attempts to take what it can from CT and make something that I hope is at least passable. The story follows Astrea, a member of a mercenary organization called Propater, as she fights to restore the world that the sun god, Pyron, seems intent on altering in his ideal mold. You meet, work with, and fight against people from CT in this adventure, and make some new friends along the way. It’s best not to think too hard on it.

The Version final patch is available for download here.

Mobile patcher: Emblemier PatchUp!

This is the final version of this hack with no more updates planned. It is 27 chapters long (prologue - final) and there are no gaiden chapters. Version final with fatigue is what new players or people looking to start new games should play. If you don’t like to play with fatigue, a version without fatigue is available. V1.04 is for people who were playing an older version of the hack. Please read the readme carefully.


Discord: Sun Gods Wrath

Have fun and enjoy!


Welcome Blade


What the actual fuck kind of fuckery.

Rest in peace Mikey, you were taken from us too soon.


7.8/10 too many bishops


I love how none of the portraits actually match up with the unit’s class. #YangGang


He used to be temporarily playble too.

Bishops are a tier 1 magic class in this hack, just to say.

He was originally a Gladiator/Hector great lord. And also joined Mikey in the very first draft of the story, along with Yin.

Was hoping I would have been able to include this yesterday, but whenever I update the Serenes Thread, I’ll update here too.

A bit behind where I wanted to be, but chapter 19 is done. Still hoping I can get chapter 20 finished this month, but we’ll see.

Five more chapters to go and this will finally be done.


Since you are here, i can officially deleted sf bookmark. :grin:


So, I respect if you want to keep it secret and have the community find out for themselves what hidden treasures await, but I was curious if there was a hidden items map/cheat sheet for either of the desert maps; I found the scroll on 15, but crunched through to get the quick clear, and only happened on a spear and the one other stat booster in 17. I’d appreciate any hints before I go for a second run and cram the team full of my thief characters

Added in, along with an updated recruitment guide.


okay but how do i recruit mikey :sob:


You don’t :open_mouth:

Because I’ve seen this mentioned twice now, @WarPath and @Runa are the Bishops really that bothersome? In what chapter(s) is this the case? If they are annoying and either slowing down the flow of the gameplay or something else, please let me know and I will address the issue.

the bishops aren’t annoying, it’s just an odd choice. they either just act as clerics or rush the enemy to do 0x2 damage


I see. I still haven’t balanced hardmode yet, so I don’t want them to potentially come across as too strong and have the player be forced to fight quite a few enemies with high hit and not 0 crit. I will keep this in mind going forward. Thank you.

Blademaster, I would say that they are too weak, especially in early game when they are wielding lightning tomes with 0 Mt. Basically all of my units, including those with 0 RES, can shrug off their attacks with no problem, and many of my units ONE-shot (not one round) them. I know you also mentioned that they are a tier 1 class, yet they retain their 6 move, which is unusual for a tier 1 unmounted class.

As I mentioned in the other thread, there are also a lot of them, which is an odd choice the bulk of an enemy army. And if there is some story reason for this, it has not been clearly communicated to the player.

It is good to be worried about enemies with crit, but I don’t think making them exceptionally weak is the answer. I would raise the Mt on their tomes and lower their crit to 0 if you are worried about that, this makes fighting them much less up to chance while also making them more potent enemies.

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I will probably look into making them mages then.

I’m going through it again. Ulysses and Relina are still my favorites. I do miss Yang and Nell being mounted though. Chapter 8 seemed easier; it’s weird not fighting magic sword wielding enemies. They were pretty scary before. Still really enjoyable though.

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I changed Yang because he was a Hero in CT and I figured it be better to at least attempt better continuity where possible. I will say I did like it a bit more when he was mounted too because he had Savior, but 7 move and shove still isn’t that bad.

Yeah shove and smite are super useful for clearing the chapters faster. I really like using Bertha; smite and rally strength are a godsend. Also Relina looks awesome as a valkyrie. Artemis and Nell struggled in combat for me since their hit rates and skill growth were bad unless I had them use wind or fire magic.