T.H.R. (Telos's Hack Reviews)

This is the compilation post for all the hack reviews I’ve done.

Completed Hack Reviews:

The Heroes we Deserve.
The Sacred Chairs (Note: Outdated):
Elibian Nights.
FE Poop.
Dark Lord and the Maiden of Light (Spoiler Free) ver.:
Dark Lord and the Maiden of Light Review (Spoiler ver.)
Valentine’s Day Special Review (2020)
The Burdened Crown (Spoiler-Free) Review.
Justice and Pride (Book 1) (Spoiler-Free) Review.
Carcino’s Civil War (Warning: Contains Minor Gameplay Spoilers!)
The 2020 April Fool’s Day Special Review!
The RFV DLC Review.
Vision Quest (1.18 Review)
Atrocity of Love Review:
Sun God’s Wrath Review
The Scarlet Rising Review
The Four Kings Review
Shackled Power Review

Bonus Section (Warning, Has Spoilers):
‘Starring’ Section for Justice and Pride Book 1.
Sun God’s Wrath Starring:

Feel free to leave a comment for me on what you think of the reviews, and while I don’t mind suggestions on what hacks you think I should review, I some things I want to make clear now:
1.) This is only for fun. I will update this as I have time to with each new review.

2.) I only review Hacks that have been finished or cancelled and my reviews are based on the latest version available at the time.**

3.) Regarding hacks originating from the JP community: I’m not going to say I won’t review them; but I would prefer it if there was an English translation patch available. (This mainly applies for the more story-focused ones. Gameplay-focused ones, I’d still appreciate it, but I can live without it there.).

4.) Fangames made in the engine of Lex Talionis are fine as well. So feel free to suggest those as well! (Do note though that since I primarily play on mobile, Lex Talionis hacks may take longer to put together a review for.).

What’s Planned:

Regarding The Last Promise, yes, I plan on doing a review for that. It will more than likely be one with a Spoiler Warning. (I’m planning on saving it for something memorable.).

Alphabetize the Reviews.

On Hiatus Until Further Notice:
Resonance Hotfix.
Void’s Blitzarre Adventure.

We now have a spin-off thing, where I give my opinions on FE related topics and whatnot. It’s called ‘Telos Talks About…’, and you can find it here.

For now, I believe that’s all.


you only review hacks that have been…or cancelled? I mean, it says you only review cancelled hacks, but I assume you meant to put “finished” in the middle of that.

You should give a try at Road to Ruin.

Justice and Pride

Whoops lol. I did mean to put ‘finished’ there lol.

Three words. Duo Geno Escapo. A hack so good some of the users here got jealous and declared it the worst hack ever.


I originally considered to ask for a review for my patches because some of them are basicly complete, but aside from the still technicly unfinished Elibean Nights one, they do not really give a new experience, it is just polishing up vanilla.

I will definitly ask for a review for 4kids emblem(A hack I want to make this year) as soon as I manage to get that one done tho unless you do not take requests from hackcreators. I really like the concept of a threat for reviews so that people know what to expect when going into a hack.

Er… I assume ‘threat for reviews’ is a typo…?

Otherwise, thanks! Looking forward to seeing that hack come together!

I am willing to take requests from hack creators; so long as they have a finished product ready for me to review.

Yeah, I never know how to actually write the word, so I always accidentially write threat instead xD

Ahh, I see. Well, I think the word your looking for is… treat, maybe? (Idk, I’m kinda grasping at straws here.).

…wait, the thing I made isn’t technically a hack. Never mind then.

Hm? What do you mean by ‘technically’?

I assume he’s talking about the raymond chronicles,made in the lex talionis engine:

I… don’t see what the issue is.
I consider Lex Talionis hacks to be valid in this case. (Actually, this calls for an update to what my definition of an FE Hack is!).

Well in that case, I suggest reviewing The Lion Throne first. It’s Lex’s base game, and establishing a baseline for reviewing Lex games (which admittedly there isn’t many of right now) would be a good idea.

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Waiting for Different Dimensions: Ostian Princess which in my opinion is the pinnacle of hacking in the dark days of FE Editor


wait… justice and pride is getting a book 2? good reviews so far btw

Thanks! I always appreciate positive feedback.

Good point. I’ll add that to the list… (although, it may take a while…).

obligatory plug for my remake

(@ telos don’t actually review Reborn Dimensions yet, it’s not done and subject to a whole bunch of changes in the future, maybe do DDOP though if you’re into masochism)