T.H.R. (Telos's Hack Reviews)

FE Poop review is done! Main post is now updated!


Loved it, keep them coming man!

For any other hacks that meet your criteria, I recommend Dark Lord and The Maiden of Light, or other old classics like Requiem and Order of the Crimson Arm.

Calling them fangames would be less confusing, there’s no hacking involved.


Good point.
I’ll be making an edit to fix that.

You should also play Staff of Ages, Justice and Pride, and Hiraeth Legacies.

Is Staff of Ages finished yet? I hadnt heard if it was or not…

Staff of Ages isn’t finished yet, I’m afraid

I think they mean the Fe8 version which was canned.

I’m more inclined to believe that they don’t know Telos only plays finished (or cancelled) projects judging by the Hiraeth recommendation.

Oh no it is not you could try Last Promise

It’s being planned, I swear!

Hiraeth bad; don’t consider a review that could help its development with an “unfinished” disclaimer.

In greater seriousness, I am looking forward to this series and all it may provide for the community.

See, that’s kinda why I don’t like to review unfinished hacks. (Elibian Nights is a special case because of it being both cancelled and technically ‘complete’).

I am, too. I’m surprised nobody else has done something like this before me…

(Well, at least, not in the format I do it in…).

There are a lot of things that just were not done before. I mean, I personally would not even be here if people actually did certain stuff that seems like stuff that people would tackle right away.

I don’t think reviewing unfinished stuff is a bad thing, probably actually rather useful for the creators.

It’s not gonna be updated anymore for obvious reasons, so maybe you could review the Midnight Sun hack… well, if you can somehow get your hands on it. I think it’s actually very unlikely, so maybe never mind that.

There actually does seem to not be a surviving link of it, so pretty much. I actually wanted to check it out recently, but guess not.

Maybe if I asked around…

The team likely took it down for legal reasons or something; idk.

So I want to ask you all two questions:

One, should I play a hack all the way to the end before reviewing it, or should I play it up to a certain point before reviewing it? If the latter, to what point, and why?

Two, would you guys be interested in potentially seeing, as a side thing, a doc or something that has me review and analyze what I think are interesting units in FE Hacks/Fangames? You know, something that can potentially work as filler between Reviews.

(This is inspired by Mekkah’s WAIFU series, where he analyzes interesting Fire Emblem Units, which you should check out if you haven’t already.).

I don’t think it’s strictly necessary for you to complete a hack before reviewing it. While playing it all the way through might allow you to write a more thorough review, you can grasp a good understanding of the hack/fangame way earlier than that. If you need to reach a certain point, how about roughly halfway through (based on the amount of chapters in the current version)?

As for the other suggestion, maybe, if the priority is not on meme units or units that are an inside joke. The thing with WAIFU is that many people already know the units, whereas units from hacks/fangames are way more obscure, and by extension there are less varying opinions on them, methinks. This, in turn, means there are less misconceptions to correct, which in my understanding is the angle Mekkah is going for with both Pitfalls and the WAIFU series. With all of that being said, if you can find units that present an unorthodox take on an established archetype, or is otherwise underrated, then a take on those might be interesting.