Fire Emblem: Dark Lord and The Maiden of Light

one of the testers said he just formed a ball in the center and mentioned the boss was an easy kill. though i went over with it some more with him after reading that. even he said some changes, such as your suggestion for additional defensive tiles, would make the chapter better. so yeah, i’ve got a thing or two worth doing there.

Question time…

Spoiler Question 1

Did you make that animation for Super Saiyan Maximilian (I think you know what I mean) yourself? Or did you find that somewhere?

Because as ridiculous as it is, that puts a bigger smile on my face than I would like.

Question 2:
Current progress on the supports? (I’d be willing to help if you need it…).

Spoiler Question 3:

Why do the Morphs in Endgame have different names from the people they’re based on? Especially since some of them have the same weapons as the originals?

Yeah and some generic enemy has morphs name
Aislin:hello darkness my old friend
Bur the morphs are very annoying (general can live their atks lol)

Spoiler Answer 1

Yeah, I made it myself. Like the other animations I did, it’s just heavily edited existing sprites. I love over the top things, so yeah.

Answer 2:
They’re coming along. It’s just a slow process. I’d say completion percentage is at roughly 20%. I don’t think I need any help right now, but thanks for the offer. I’ll consider it if things change.

Spoiler Answer 3

It’s part reference towards FE7’s final chapter and part reference to the dark warlords/deadlords from FE4/5/Awakening. In japanese, the warlords are named after german numbers instead of the english localization’s choice to name them after the chinese zodiac. I like the number concept more since it just makes them seem like tools to be used. I was originally going to use german numbers too but I decided to change it to be more in line with Deimos. There isn’t anyone on the map labeled as “one” because that’s really Fuwa’s clone. That one keeps her name as part of the ruse and Max wouldn’t want to refer to it as a number anyway. Also like in FE5, the enemies can potentially be playable units you didn’t recruit/let die.

Huh. Alright.
Seeing as I’ve now beaten the game, I think I should now say something besides that the spoiler-filled version of the review will come out…


One Thing...

I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but…
I couldn’t see the paired ending for the Male Avatar and Francine. Like it had the box, but no text, and then it moved to the next ending like everything was fine.

I don’t know if it’s because I play on a mobile emulator or what, but uh…
Can someone look into that? Thanks!

Oh, and also: Full Spoiler Review is done!:

You can find my other reviews here.

The paired ending for the tactician and Francine is blank, so that’s an oversight on my end. And thanks again for the review, I appreciate it.

You’re welcome. I’ll look forward to seeing that fixed, then!

How does one Chap 9?

the game explains what to do, you step on the tiles. unless there is a glitch going on?

I might just be bad, but no matter what i do I can’t take down Jasmine

use racism weapons such as horseslayer and etc (if u have)
or just mage him down

Every single one of my units have like a 60% or less chance of hitting and get ohko’d. Orion has a 20%

a francine with no exp can beat him

Didnt want to have to result to using a pre promo, but aight thx for the tid bit

Used pre promo, francie couldn’t 1v1 not even close, but using some shenanigans with francie i did end up beating it thx

didn’t say it would be easy but she’s your best bet safety net if you’ve got nothing else.

Is Khan recruitable? I decided to wall him with 3 guys after talking to him with Arjun in case I needed him alive.

If u mean the sniper at the chap that recruit arjun
I think not
Check the possible support list?
(If my memories are right)

Maybe Bub can give us a list with recruitment conditions. Even though I’m not sure if he will as he also said he doesn’t like to give us the growths^^