Darr's Review Corner

With the posting of T.H.R (Telos's Hack Reviews): I felt that I should go and consolidate all my hack reviews on Romhacking.net into one convenient place on FEU. That way things will be more accessible.

Reviews will be in chronological order. Review title will be part of the link and the date will be next to it. All dates are in day/month/year order.

Do not expect any regular schedule on when new reviews will be released. If I feel like writing up a few paragraphs, I will, and if I don’t, I won’t. Feel free to leave suggestions, however. I could always do with some more gameplay material. (Ideally finished games. EN is finished in spirit.)

Of the hacks around that I haven’t properly reviewed yet, I’ve played Void’s Blitzarre Adventure to completion, and I’ve gotten through half of The Heroes we Deserve. I’m also working my way through Vision Quest. Any potential future review is likely going to be one of those.


Huh. So I have competi- er, I mean, colleagues in this field.
(All Jokes aside, it does do me some good to know that I’m not the only one who does reviews on here.).


Hearing other people’s thoughts and opinions is always nice to see what others think of a particular hack. It gives another perspective.

All of these hack reviews are getting me interested to check them out…