[FE6,FE7,FE8] Fixed Growths Mode

This is a standalone EA include for a fixed growths mode in FE7 and FE8. This isn’t hooked into the skill system so there’s no need to use that with your hack should you not want to. That also made it easy to port to FE7, so now FE7 has access to fixed growths mode.

Stat growth is based a formula that uses your level and growth rates to determine what stats to give. The effect is that your growth rates add and you get a stat for each time they pass a multiple of 100. You start with a completely arbitrary 50 points to make the first level not always empty for most characters (and it also technically has a rounding effect on your average stats if you start from level 1). Because the stat gains are mathematically tied to the level (there is no actual memory of your total growth points) your characters will gain different first level-ups if you start them at different base levels.

Hopefully somebody will get use out of this other than me (because I have plans to use it for some of my own projects) even though I’m sure many are already using the skill system. It was not too difficult to make so it was worth it for me to do.

The download!: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xn5xwk9h1i60oec/Fixed%20Growths%20Mode.zip?dl=0

EDIT: Now compatible with FE6


I want you to publish asm’s source code.

Of course. I don’t know why I forgot to put them there to begin with, but now I’ve put them in the link.

This is a problem without harm, but I found one problem.

In FE8U, you are about to return here.

.long 0x0802B9B0|1

0802B9B0 F7D5 F976   bl 0x08000ca0   //Roll1RN //<--- THIS
0802B9B4 0600   lsl r0 ,r0 ,#0x18
0802B9B6 2800   cmp r0, #0x0

In FE7U, you are about to return here.

.long 0x080295F4|1

080295F0 F7D7 FC36   bl 0x08000e60 //Roll1RN
080295F4 0600   lsl r0 ,r0 ,#0x18 //<----THIS
080295F6 2800   cmp r0, #0x0

In your routine set 0% or 100% value, so I think the way of returning FE8U is more correct.
So, in FE7U, I think that should be modified as follows.

@.long 0x080295F4|1
.long 0x080295F0|1

As a result, this function takes a bool value, so even if it is 0 or 100, there is no problem in operation.


I changed the code to what you suggested because it will keep the RN burns the same as vanilla, even if said RNs are not actually being used for anything.

Hello. Beginner question.

How do I incorporate this mod into the ROM if it is the only change I would like to make? After downloading your files, at first I tried using your Event file as the text file for Event Assembler. That failed, and I found it was because jumpToHack means nothing without Hack Installation txt. After including that, the ROM compiled, but now the ROM can’t be read and I’m not sure where to go from here. I’m doing FE7, if that helps.

Apologies if this is supposed to be common knowledge here, but I’ve been looking for a Fixed Mode mod of these games for a while, so this along with the Ultimate Tutorial is my first brush with this stuff. What do I need to adjust?

Saw this and thought I should thank you for saving me from the irritation of stat-screwage

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Hi! No worries! If you haven’t fixed the problem yet I think I know your issue. The data needs to be inserted into free space and because I don’t necessarily know what free space you’ve used or not I left it for the hacker to decide. Your method should work as long as you tell EA to use free space, and you can find free space ranges for the vanilla GBA games on FEU. Free Space Ranges

The patch of FE6 is not updated in FEBuilder, besides it would be better that the func return 101 in FE6, to avoid a “stat up miss”

I don’t use fixed growth patches, so I am not sure.
It would be great if you could make a fixed patch and send it to me instead.

TR143 already made a update at line 23, and I changed line 55 to 0x65, because FE6’s Roll1RN(100)=0 when RN is 100.
I put it to here, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IG89js3gTIH1MCKLhMeKK-z3SCDGQlvJ/view


NAME.en=FixedGrowthsMode 20220505

I unwrote skillsystem to write fixed growth mode and then i write skillsystem back it won’t crash game?