Free Space Ranges

Please confirm the integrity of and contribute to these lists.

~~ FE 6 ~~

0x002DBF50 to 0x002DBF8C - used by FEditor auto patching system

0x00817A00 to 0x00A00000 - confirmed

0x00A297B0 to 0x00B00000 - confirmed

0x00B013F0 to 0x01000000 - confirmed

~~ FE 7 ~~

0x000CB51A to 0x000CB7E8 - used by FEditor auto patching system

0x00D00000 to 0x00D90000 - confirmed

0x00DA0000 to 0x00E00000 - confirmed?

~~ FE 8 ~~

0x003C0010 to 0x003C0044 - used by FEditor auto patching system

0x00B2A610 to 0x00C00000 - confirmed

==0x0DA390-0x0DA4BC== 120 consecutive; though likely used
==0x0DAF34-0x0DB024== F0 consecutive; though knowing our luck used

Replace Space: (Primarily courtesy of Zane)
0x000B04F8-0x000B058A 92 Cleared Japanese menu loading routine
0x008B0638-0x008B0890 258 Cleared FE6 credit pointers
0x001C1EC0-0x001C2BD4 D14 Cleared beta class list
0x001C2BD4-0x001C32C8 6F4 Cleared FE6 credits
0x005B544C-0x005B5888 43C Cleared Japanese text image
0x005B6CB4-0x005B8FF0 233C Leftover FE7 graphics (unconfirmed if unused)
0x00A29A88-0x00A2B1E4 175C Cleared Japanese text image
0x00A2B1E4-0x00A2C838 1654 Cleared Japanese text image

0x001C1EC0-0x001C32C8: 0x1408 consecutive bytes
0x00A29A88-0x00A2C838: 0x2DB0 consecutive bytes

Free Space:
0x00B2A610-0x00C00000 D59F0 Blank. [FF] (Confirmed)
0x00C01930-0x00C20000 6D0 Blank. [00] (Not confirmed)
0x00E47150-0x00E47180 30 Blank. [00] (Not confirmed)
0x00E47180-0x00EE0000 98E80 Blank. [FF] (Unknown)
0x00EE0AD0-0x00EE0C00 130 Blank. [00] (Unknown)
0x00EF2F20-0x00EF8000 50D0 Blank. [FF] (Confirmed)
0x00EFB2E0-0x02000000 1104D20 Blank. [FF] Goes to end of legal space.