FE8 Self Randomizing Rom [Vesly 2024 version]


Given a seed, this rom randomizes everything you want it to.

Self Randomizer Download - for FE8U



Match seeds & settings with a friend to have an identical experience.

Random Characters




Random Classes

Random Growths
100% and 0% growths can also be chosen.

Random Bases & Caps
Always 30 is also an option for stat caps.

Random Found Items

Random Shops & Item Stats

Timed hits

Support hearts
After defeating an enemy, gain support points with those close to you.



By Vesly

Special Thanks - Circles for the 2018 Fe8 Self Randomizer as reference.
Also a big thanks to the fe8u decomp contributors, as I copied many functions from that.
Casual Mode - Circles, 7743
Skill Systems Credits
Fix REDAs - 7743
BattleStatsAnimsOff - Tequila
Show heal amount - Tequila
Hp Bars - Circles, Tequila
Hard mode unlock - 7743
L button cycling - Aurawolf
Colour Hue Function - Huichelaar
Minimug palette fix - Huichelaar
Handaxe wildcard - 7743
Droppable item icon gfx by Scraiza
Anim numbers - Huichelaar
MMB - Zane
Support hearts - Vesly, Gamma, 7743

My Projects
AW2 Randomizer
FE8 Self Randomizer
FE7 Self Randomizer
FE6 Self Randomizer


Oooh, shiny new randomizer. If it would be possible to get some clarifications:

  • What does variance do considering growths is a separate option?

  • What exactly is in the class pool for randomization? Player classes only? Or does it include monster classes and others like Necromancer, Draco Zombie, etc? Have any been added?

  • What do timed hits do?

  • What does selecting a skill in ‘Random & -’ in the skills option do?

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Every class that has weapons is up for grabs

Time hits think of paper mario

Selecting a skill in random allows you to have every character have that skill for example if you want to play Fire Emblem five mode recommend every character has a capture ability

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finally :heart_eyes:


It’s how far from vanilla stats / growths can go: if you choose 50% variance and they have base 4 str, it’ll be between 2 and 6. However, it gets more complicated with random characters, as their levels and stats get adjusted after this randomization.

Currently only classes that have wexp are included, so no manaketes, zombies, or spiders. I might add a config for this in the future, but dragonstones with huge stat bonuses are an issue.

They increase your damage dealt and reduce damage taken when you press a at the right time during battles.

You can choose a skill for all units to have like galeforce or capture.

Today’s update:

  • Building supports is now faster
  • Skills now stay the same after promoting
  • Monsters now have promo bonuses
  • Timed hits now deal 120% damage
  • Couple minor bugfixes

Okay so, working great so far and already liking a bit more than the original FE8 self-rando options-wise, but some minor graphical / gameplay issues have appeared. Playing on analogue pocket, but will also try on emulator as well.

Here are a couple of screenshots for the below listed bugs


Mostly running into issues where when looking at skill descriptions it is sometimes showing the frontside bottom-half text descriptions (Atk, Avo, Hit, etc.), and the reverse being true with item / weapon description boxes showing the stat page descriptions (Str, mag, skl, etc.) when opening looking at those descriptions. From what I recall this was fairly easy to replicate on my end, but I’ll also see if I can find anything else out about it. - Addendum, I’m not sure on the cause , but it is very easiliy replicable, happening every few times that I fully look into, and fully back out of any character’s details, instead of being tied to having growths toggles like I had thought previously.

Gameplaywise I ran into a bug in which after in 5x where Orson was summoner, and summoned dancers, in the next battle-prep, the dancer remained as a player unit with broken portrait. (While doing the actual chapter using Orson, the summons were able to be traded with as well and could be re-summoned while already out, removing the active summon and placing a new one next to Orson. Was not sure if either of these were already a thing / intentional though, or were additional issues)

Nothing game-breaking though, and great work as always. I’ll see how much of this I can recreate reliably, and if it helps I can PM .sav(s) from during and after the chapter if it helps out.

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Hello, vesly! I was playing fe6 srr, and it’s lagging in menus
The most, in the options menu
I’m playing on a 3ds, injected cia
That means it’s not emulating
I’m on the latest version
Thank you, as always

@ daft Thanks, I’ll look into that stuff when I get the chance.

A little lag is caused by name replacement for all characters. It’s a little worse in fe6 and only occurs if you have characters as not vanilla.

Not much I can really do about it - it’s just something that’ll cause a bit of lag. I already did a lot to make the lag not really noticable most of the time :sweat_smile:


I see
Thank you for answering!

Another brief issue, softlocked on chapter 11 Eirika route (Creeping Darkness), as some of the enemies won’t move off the mountains, since they can’t move far enough to target anything, and without any units randomizing into fliers (as was my case) there’s no way to finish the chapter since it’s a rout chapter. Also, one of these enemies was a boat, and wasn’t able to move on mountain tiles even if its movement AI was changed. I just suspended the chapter and used FEBuilder to change their AI mid-chapter, but I don’t know if there’s a way to avoid this issue in the randomization process.

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Softlocking has been minimized where possible, but if you run into a softlock you can usually just skip the chapter:

If you run into a softlock that occurs in many runs or isn’t solved by this, please let me know. I’ll check the ai used in that chapter by enemies in the mountains.


Ohh, I see. I wasn’t aware of / hadn’t noticed the chapter skip / reconfigure functions, I had mistaken the chapter skip as changing the input for skipping chapter cutscenes etc. whoops.

I guess after Pokemblem I shouldn’t be surprised by the amount of cool stuff you get working in these projects


v1.47 (FE6/7/8)

I’ve added an anti-softlock measure where all non-boss enemies will gradually start to charge at players after the first 11 turns if their ai was set to “attack in range”.

I’ve fixed a number of little bugs people reported. Of note is that units had lower magic stats than intended due to a bug. Additionally, promoting units would mistakenly cap stats based on their original class caps.

You can now set stat caps to 0 / 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 and overall stats will adjust a little to reflect this.

Please note for the fe6/fe7 versions that save files from before this version number will no longer work.