CCC - Character Compounding Contest! (Round Eleven: Zane, Arete and Klein!)

Hello! Welcome to the New CCC!

The previous round was an inmense success so I hope you are looking foward to this one!

Taking @Klokinator 's old tradition, I let the winner choose 2 Characters for this CCC, while I choose 1 that complements them. Time to see what they have in store!

Welcome to the next round in the continuation of the previous CCC’s!

The goal of this contest is to take an existing character (posted at the bottom!) and reimagine, reinvent, or rework them into a new form! What sort of new form? Taking inspiration from FE Heroes and other similar media, you simply redesign the character in one of (but not limited to) the following ways:

  • De-age or age up the character. Make them lively, or make them cranky.
  • Turn them into another character! These ‘cosplay’ edits are not limited to mainline FE games or fangames, you can even do characters from other series, TV, etc.
  • Give the character a new design! Make them jacked, give them cool armor, redesign them from scratch, or whatever your heart desires.
  • Genderbend them! Turn Norne into a boy, or Roshea into a girl! The possibilities here are endless!
  • RADICALLY redesign them: Make them into crazy demons, the Joker, Kirby(???), but try to keep the ‘essence’ of the original character in some way.
  • Heck, why not just take a regular character’s design and make them into a halfbody? That could be fun too!

This contest is very free-form. You come up with the character’s redesign and try your best to get people to vote for you!

Here are the rules:

  1. All submissions to this contest will be F2U, or even F2E if the submitter is okay with that! This contest involves expanding the resources available for the Portrait Repository, so this is mandatory.
  2. Each round of the contest will feature two mugs; a male and a female character. (Unisex characters can count too; they take up the male or female slot at the host’s discretion)
  3. Artists may create an alternate outfit/design/etc for one or both characters, if they wish.
  4. You may submit multiple designs, if you wish. They will all count toward your one submission vote. (Voters will vote on all of the works you created for the two mugs at once)
  5. No pre-existing artwork! The point of this contest is to expand the repo, so we want new art. Also, it’s unfair to compete against artwork that may have had weeks or months of editing work put into it.
  6. Eye/mouth frames are preferable, but optional. They aren’t necessary, but it would be awesome if you included them!
  7. Characters must either be from Fire Emblem 1-16 (Or whatever the current new game ends up being) or one of the Fire Emblem spinoffs, such as Heroes.
  8. All characters must be sprited in GBA format!
    (Hackbox size is not necessary)
    (Halfbodies/fullbodies are A-OK!)
    (Do try to keep the color count at or below 16 though, that would be great)
  9. Submissions must at least somewhat resemble the original character! Even with the Demon Anna example earlier, it’s still possible to see that she looks like Anna; use that as the extreme guideline.

The winner of each round picks two mugs for the next round! If you want the community to work hard toward making designs for your favorite waifu/husbando, you’ll have to get that top vote!

This competition is very casual. It’s not intended to be a hardcore demonstration of spriting prowess or anything, though that can be fun, too. The primary purpose is to create lots of cool mugs for the community to use.

Here are the winners of the previous rounds:
Round One
Round Two
Round Three
Round Four
Round Five
Round Six
Round Seven
Round Eight
Round Nine
Round Ten
Here are some designs currently listed for each character.

Character 1: Klein from FE6. he has many mugs in the repo, so he’s good to know what could be made!

Blinking by @shin19

Mug by @JeyTheCount

Character 2: Arete from FE14, She doesn’t have any custom mugs currently, Lets change that!

Character 3: Zane/Harold/Riddell/Whatever from FE4, The most famous clone doesn’t even have a single mug available? We gotta build an army!

For those of you who aren’t sure quite confident on what sorts of designs you could make, here are the characters’ wiki-pages, complete with alternate designs and artwork.

Klein’s Gallery: Klein - Fire Emblem Wiki
Arete’s Gallery: Arete - Fire Emblem Wiki
Zane’s Gallery: Zane - Fire Emblem Wiki

Remember… really wild designs are amazing too! Let’s get some wild, extravagant, and unique character designs going! Reach into your imagination, and first place could be yours!

The deadline is on August 28th.


Hello there, General Broccoli!

So I heard you people want Arete. So be it.
Behold, I present to ye:
The beautifull and scary Witch-Queen of Vala - Arete!

Arete fullbody {Jey the Count}
Exhibit 1 - Arete fullbody

This is obviously impossible to actually import into the game. It’s just art for art’s sake.

So you want to actually use it? You ask, I provide:

Exhibit 2 - Arete halfbody

This is usable with the halfbody patch. Sadly, some colour depth had to be sacrifited for that. The plume also doesn’t fit, not really. Let’s remove it!

Exhibit 3 - Death to the plume.

Still, her hair ornament makes her look quite short in game. Let’s tackle that.

Exhibit 4 - She got taller now.

This is all for halfbodies. But let’s say you don’t want to be bound to two portraits on the screen and use the normal potrait? Well we might have an issue.

Exhibit 5 - It looks good (?)

It looks fine, saldy it wont fit in the dreaded hackbox. For the uniniciated - hackbox limits the space that can be used iin a mug and that collar is way too big. Let’s see it:

Exhibit 6 - Now it doesn’t look so good suddenly.

Yes, yes. Very sad. The choice now is to adjust the collar to fit. Let’s try it!

Exhibit 7 - Smol collar.

It’s passible. I don’t like it much tho. However, there’s a fix to our issue. Split her in half. Literally.

Exhibit 8 - Doublerete

Ok, so how this trick works: If you put these two portraits sapareated by one space, it will make a whole portrait. Let’s finish it with making the height adjustment again:

Exhibit 9 - The final product

So, yeah. I think I got overly invested in that project lol.

Exhibit 10 - The entire thing.

I regret nothing.

Jey out.


Ight so I’m literally submitting this before my classes start so mutlitasking >:D
Alright since I’m the one who picked Klein, I, of course, have goodies planned for him.
A small touchup to klein’s mug in FE 6 colors, FE 8 colors and FE 8 shading, spliced from Erk’s blinking frame
not what you were expecting? Well the Fullbody and Halfbody for him is quite underway sadly ‘-’ and since I also have school on the side, it may also be delayed,
Oh and have this spliced Zane as well. Information about his fullbody is classified (most likely not since I’m quite invested in Klein already soo-)
Also nice Arete Jey :smiley:

Edit: Plus the fullbody


Hi! I’m not exactly a pro spriter and definitely won’t be winning this, but I figured I’d give it a shot anyway. Have a Zane. And also a Coruta, and a Harold, and a Magorn, and a Musar, and a Papilio, and a Ridale, and… hey! I see you over there in the mask! Wrong Xane!








xane zane

EDIT: Figured I’d try to make an Arete as well. Didn’t come out as well as the Zanes, but here it is anyway. (Let’s just pretend it’s a redesign and not just the result of my limited splicing skills.)


EDIT 2: So, I made some decent Zanes and a really bad Arete. Now, having gotten a bit more practice in between, I’m here with a Klein! Now, we’ve already seen mage Klein, girl Klein, fullbody Klein, what other Klein can we get? Well, people always complain about archers lacking 1-2 range, and Klein’s had enough of them! Keeping his bow rank while also chucking hand axes, here’s Warrior Klein!

warrior klein

All of these are F2U/F2E.


I love this

Wow you guys must of had these waiting, thats a lot of stuff done real quick

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Everyone is here!

Indeed, I made it all in the downtime between contests.

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I guess rule 5 isnt particularly strict then :confused: looks like i have some catching up to do

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Rule 5 is here so that you make stuff for the contest and not post stuff you already posted elsewhere. So that we get original art. No mention of working on it when you already know the topic.

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Rule 5 is so that you don’t just post artwork you made before the contest was even announced. If you made JoeBlow42 a Klein for his hack last year, don’t post it here as a new creation. Though, if it hasn’t been added to the Repo yet, it would be fine to include it along with a different version of Klein, or something. Just mention you made it for JoeBlow42’s hack too.

Apologies if JoeBlow42 is a real person. I don’t care enough to check.


Well I did a simple splice this time just Klein if he is a mage/sage and a recolor which gives Klein more of pent genes or young pent
mage 3
young pent


Figured I’d try to make an Arete as well. Didn’t come out as well as the Zanes, but here it is anyway. (Let’s just pretend it’s a redesign and not just the result of my limited splicing skills.)



when klein was following his father’s step

other ver:


Super excited for my first character compounding. I will be contributing (for now) girl Klein. Klara? Klea? Klaria? Idk man she came out better than I expected thats what matters.


I shall now Hibernate for a set amount of time
Edit: Forgot to say this is F2E


did some casual splicing/editing because i’m far too lazy at the moment to make stuff from zero.
anyway, here’s an Hoshidan version of Arete:

FE Fates - Hoshidan Arete Fenreir

not one of my best, but it’s alright i guess.
by the way, Jey’s and Plant’s full bodies are pretty damn good, epic work guys :+1:


(i cant embed images or links yet because i’m new here, just add .com after imgur, hopefully thats fine)

someone did it first before me lol, i sprited a custom for the first time with a female klein

i’ll be making this free to use and free to edit.

(imgur /a/AsRu6lR)


Hey! Welcome! In order to get to the point of being able to share images, you need to show that you’re “active” enough by posting, replying, and generally visiting the site. if you haven’t already, go and make an Introduction post introducing yourself to everyone, as it both helps people get to know new members of the community and gets you closer to image/link posting rights. The activity threshold isn’t set very high, so it shouldn’t take too long after that to be able to share the image properly.

Nice F!Klein, by the way!


might as well keep active so i can post images and stuff. thanks, and cool arete dude!

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Here, Tiltowait. I’ll post the image for you. You get image posting perms pretty quickly, like within 5 or 10 posts.

F-Klein Halfbody:

F-Klein Formatted
kleine hackbox