Question about these portraits

So, a friend of mine and I found this collection of portraits:

And while it does say that If someone uses them, It should be credited, I still want to ask if all of these portraits are free to use (even though they lack mouth and eyes movement and a minimug).

I know some of the FE9 ones are from NICKT’s collection, and some of the FE4 ones are from a GBA styled FE4 remake, but I am unsure whether these portraits are free to use or not.

Also, I would be very grateful if someone tells me who made the respective portraits, so I can credit them properly in case they are free to use.

that’s a giant compilation of a plenitude of people
I would honestly say no to everything after looking; things from vampire elf, zim (v old), all of fe4a’s portraits, fe7x’s portraits, mk404’s old portraits, I wish I could remember who did the bottom left’s portraits, nickt’s fe9 ones, etc
whoever image is, they seem to have made their stuff free to use, so specifically look for a sheet containing on their stuff

everything else leave alone

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Wow, it’s really strange seeing my FE404 mugs all lumped together in that sheet, haha. (to the left of the directly bottom-right group)

I see, but I’m pretty sure some of Nickt’s FE9 portraits are free to use as long as they are credited properly, as seen in this thread:
I could be wrong though, I’m still fairly new here.

Pretty sure the Radiant Collection is F2U.

(img) Took a quick shot at identifying the regions.

The only ones I know for certain are free to use are the vanilla portraits, which you can find in completion here (

Not sure the license on Nickt’s Radiant Collection, since it doesn’t show up on his thread. (He does have a big F2U collection worth checking out, as does Laurent.)

As for the rest I’d say please leave them alone.

If you need mugs, there are plenty of F2U collections:
Mug Blitz 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Ultimate Graphics Repo
Communal Portrait Collection
FE6 Blinks

And some spriters release certain mugs as F2U on their threads.


I’m not gonna use portraits that aren’t F2U, don’t worry. That’s kinda why I’m asking in the first place, to be cautious.

But now I’m confused about the Radiant Collection, I’ve seen them on a few FE hacks, like Midori for example, but if those aren’t F2U either then it’s fine, I won’t use them.

And yeah, I know about the repository, the mug blitzes and the communal collection. All of those have been pretty useful for my projects.

If I’m not wrong these portrait are f2use with credits :

The note on the right was only about those actually.



Everything worthwhile from my folder, I honestly hate most of it and would recommend against using it but do what you want, no credit.


Ah, I see. Thank you for explaning that to me.