|==========| GBA=>FEXNA |==========|

NICKTofficial DeviantArt
For clarification, all face-mugs that are posted to the DeviantArt gallery under the name NICKTofficial are not considered amongst my public library of works to be used freely without compensation.

|==========| CHUNKS |==========|
Map chunks, small crops and selections from official and personal maps to aid in map-making in the graphics community and beyond.
Chunks are sorted into themed packs and then named according to their width/height.
Examples of chunks:

[Mountains_1] [28_chunks]

|==========| Human Strings [ROMhack] |==========|


An independent arms-forger encounters a drunken stranger and gets wrangled into a war between groups vying for their rightful claim to life within the country’s borders where everyone’s being manipulated by darker forces that lurk behind the scenes…

|==========| name undecided [ROMhack] |==========|

With the guise of night, air-headed thief Mo breaks into a lightly guarded castle nestled between tall and over-bearing mountain ranges, desperately seeking out gold and riches, however instead what he finds is the daughter of a high ranking official and her sole protector taking residence, their meeting would be the catalyst for events which shake the very fragile bonds throughout the land…

|==========| The Burning of Helios [ROMhack] |==========|

Her lands are razed, her people are crying and pleading, her options are limited.
At the request of her brother, she leaves for neighbouring lands, journeying in vain, hoping that someone, somewhere, can help her and her land of their blight, however her time is running out as the fires still burn…


uh okay!

Am I also supposed to specify what mugs or is that unnecessary?

Also do you want me to remove your old topic


I was originally thinking that listing the mugs would be necessary but then I figured it’d be a lot of overwhelming information so I boiled it down to just project title and a link. It’s mostly a sort of, “Hey, this project used some graphics and you like that project so you’ll like this” sort of thing, I guess.

And yes please.


Yay!! Awesome work dude…
Just one criticism…Please dont be Mad…
You need to do more Girls, Please, dont kill me!! D:
Id like to use some mugs they are quite good, all of them, when my hack is finished ill let you know, and of course credit you.


I have adblock and can’t view the links because of adfly


Hopefully fixed, please try again.


Done and done


The Road to Ruin proudly uses the NICKTcollection.


Bloodlines does too!


And SoA


Updated to 1.1.
Includes 15 new mugs, mostly females upon request.
If you were in FEU’s discord chat then you’ve potentially already seen me working on most of these characters already.

  • graphics removed -


I have Adblock Plus, and when I tried to download the new pack, the adfly page notified me of it and offered me a continue button which led me to a fake tech support page. Could you take a look into this? Thanks in advance.


…Just disable Adblock Plus for that one instance? That’s all I did.


Preview of 1.2.

  • graphics removed -
    (Copy into your preferred paint program and flip horizontally to see the changes.)
    Hell, might even go straight to 2.0 and leave 3.0 to being the “FEXNA” release.
    I’m planning on doing variation mugs, so for example:
  • graphics removed -
    Making scar-less versions of mugs.
    I also have “civilian” skins in the pipeline, so there’s that too.


Awesome, i love your mugs!!


Ghast contacted me about that too. My response:

So I turned off the Ublock origin and I got a notification.

I clicked continue twice, first or both times it opened a new tab that was immediately closed automatically.
Not sure if it was my adblock that did it or if I should be worried.
But yeah.
When I then click “skip ad” it does the same, open a tab that’s closed right away.
Second time opens the mediafire link in a new tab but the original tab goes to a page that asks me to click ok to download something.
Which might be what people are talking about.
Hm, this time it took me to a “mediavex” site.
So maybe it just takes you to a rando.
However, when I have uBlock Origin enabled, I get none of the hassle.
No popup notification, only one opened tab which is closed right away.
So yeah, just tell people to go download that, it’s better than Adblock anyway.[/quote]


Slowly working through, doing everythin’ I wanna’ do. Slowly…

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yo “Nidor” in 1.1 is a jpg

edit: never mind, i just have a shitty image viewer. thanks for nothing, windows 10.


Man, straight up gave me a heart attack.


All it shows me is "[ - download removed - ]

graphics removed -"

What do I have to do to download it?