Communal FE Portrait collection (GBA)

(Not Sure if this belongs here exactly but i think it fits)
I’m trying to Gather multiple Mug shots in one place from different games (As gba portraits not from their own games) FE6, FE7 & FE8 are easy to get, this is a request and i’m letting anyone add portraits if they want but all mugs MUST be credited i’ll add my own over time (Keeping in mind i’m really not good at portraits).

I think this would be great to fill and would be great for people to use as a quick way of getting character portraits for small projects, such as PME’s and other sorts small rom hacks. (Keeping in mind people still need permission from the creators of the mugshots).



Did you grab everything from the master drive? If so, you can take over portraits and we can integrate your repo into it if you’d like :slight_smile:

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Very great idea. Always thought specific portraits are pretty messy to search at. it’s not like you can search at a characters section of Genaelogy, Shadow Dragon, Awakening, ect. in one place.
By the way, mind if we have a section of generic enemy mugs/npc in as well?

I’ll fix the rest of my mugs later and then share again, so i’m only sending these for now

and Reese. if Berwick Saga have a category as well?


@shin19 I think i have a majority of them besides the custom portraits and would love to help anyway i can in the community.

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@Orihara_Saki Thanks i will add the Berwick Saga and a generic enemy/NPC

Character’s added:
Cordelia (Jeorge_Reds),
Naga, Legendary Eliwood, Legendary Roy (SacredStones) &
Haar (me)

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New Mugs From Mugging Blitz:
Say’ri Made by Obsidion_Daddy
Sanaki Made by MeatOfJustice
Linhardt Pre and Post time skip Made By HyperGammaSpaces
Jamke Made By Nobody
Edelgard Made By BuskHusker

Took me a bit to get around to it, but I added this Portrait repo to the ultimate asset repo/ master drive in the same path as the old (root/graphics/(fe) portraits). The old portrait section now has (Old) appended to it and will be removed at a later date.

Massive thanks to you, @SilverFoxG for taking up the mantle of portrait maintainer.


Added Portraits
Smash Roy by BatimaTheBat Salvaged by NICKT
Azura by BatimaTheBat
Kiran by FireEmblemier
Est (SoV) by DiamondAppendix
Corrin!F & Titania by SomeDenseGuy
Lilith, Hooded Robin/Grima, Shigure & Corrin!M by feels
Lucius Heroes art by Zane
Zelgius & Sain as Halberdier and Sentinel by Nuramon

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Are you interested in adding recolored FE6 portraits?

[](http://Download Here)


If Anyone has spare Mugs that they want to share with everyone Drop them Down here for everyone, So Shin isn’t overwelmed over at Ultimate Assest repo

Added Mugging Blitz 1 (the rest will be soon hopefully)

Most free to use mugs are apart of mugging blitz you can search and find the zip for each blitz.

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Yeah It’s so that everything is in one place.

You’re keeping Mugging Blitz portraits in the collection, right? If so, you might want to add my compiled Mugging Blitz 10 portraits.

You can find them here.
Credit goes to the original portrait creators, who are mentioned inside the folders.


Thank You