Any hacks with War Cleric class in it?

Hey, I’m currently trying several hacks that has new classes in it and I stumbled on the War Cleric class. I’m kinda avid when it comes to this “battle priest” style/class kinda thing so I might criticize a lot about them. However, I’m willing to try any hacks with War Cleric class in it. By War Cleric I mean, a female class one not the male one and has reasonable stats and growth for it.

I tried a hacks that has some other kinds of hybrid (has separate STR and MAG status, not combined into one) class in it and I find it kinda disappointing in term of the class usability itself. Mostly the one that has access to hybrid class has terrible stats/growth in either STR or MAG. When I say terrible, I mean my lvl 10 physcal class based that can turn into hybrid magic 12 STR and 1 MAG and 17 STR and 4 MAG at lvl 20 or magic based class that can turn into hybrid class has 0 STR and 8 MAG at lvl 10 and 2 STR and 18 MAG at lvl 20. Not only that, their DEF is also that of pure magic classes. If that is not enough to add into the injury, their promotion status bonus also a joke to me. I tried to promote Cleric>Bishop gets 2 DEF 1 STR 3 MAG but when I reload the game and promote it Cleric>War Cleric, it gets 1 DEF 1 STR 2 MAG. Isn’t that a joke to you? So, in the end, they just became a pure magic class practically because they can’t use physical weapon properly nor can they tank/take physical hits. I’d say, 50-70% physical and 30-50% magic, not 10% physical 90% magic, its pointless in my opinion.

Even my friend who recommended (he recommended this mod solely because of my fanaticism in battle priest style, so he wanted to know what would I think) this mod to me said “why bother adding a new class that is technically do work but much worse than the one already available in the vanilla ones?”



J&P Book 2 had it, but it didn’t appear until part 3, and there was never a release that went past part 2.

That, and the hack is canned, so it won’t ever see the part 3 release.

I tried it but I find the candidates for War Priest are kinda obvious.
So far, I have 3 candidates that can promotes into War Priest here:

  1. Kirin, not suitable at all. No HP, STR and DEF. My lvl 18 Kirin only has 27 HP 7 STR and 7 DEF, there’s no way she can go front like that. If that is not enough, her low 8 CON also gonna slow her down quite a lot when she uses axe. In the end, she will only still be a pure magic class even though you promotes her into War Priest. Her promotion to War Priest only gives 2 CON 1 DEF and 2 STR which is not enough to remedy her low base and growth on that department.
  2. Ricky, the only viable candidate. When you get him, he has a very balanced stats across the board with 13 STR, 10 MAG, 15 LUK and SKL, 12 SPD 11 DEF and RES as well as whooping 15 CON. The 15 CON is really helping since axes are heavy, thus it won’t slow him down. His HP also quite good, starts at 35 when you get him. Just I don’t understand how come Holy Fighter can only use axe while a Pirate can use healing staff? My logic just won’t compromise for that. Overall, the best design of War Priest candidate so far I guess aside from the class promotion anomaly.
  3. Bella, has great STR at 16, good DEF at 9, terrible RES at 6 and abysmal MAG at 2 when you get her. I tried to level her up a bit but her MAG and RES just won’t grow. She also starts with amazingly high 45 HP. Luckily, she also starts with 15 CON like Ricky, which really helps for axe wielders. With that low MAG, she has to use higher lvl staves to get decent healing. I also don’t understand the definition of her class as Holy Fighter, she can’t use staff or have anything related to holy or whatsoever. Overall, she is the opposite of Kirin.

To conclude, use Kirin if you want to have physically useless War Priest but has great healing capability and stuck with staff and light tome like a normal bishop, use Ricky for the best overall statistically, use Bella if you want physically bulky and strong War Priest but having trouble in healing.

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