Is it possible to make an item that increases the growth of a specific stat

Is it possible to make an item that increases the growth of a specific stat, for example, more than 5% of magic, only magic or can it only be for points?

Feel like regardless of what game you’re talking about that it would bloat the unit data size if it were a consumable, and the games are usually pretty strict on that to keep consistent pointers.

Now if you’re saying something like the PoR NG+ rings that increase growths as long as you hold them… maybe you can have checks similar to how FE7 checks for the Emblem Seal, theoretically speaking.

Tactile also has these sort of growth bands by default, and I assume it could be added to LT as well (which has a strength magic split incorporated).


I know that SGW uses those growth scroll so yeah.

It might be reliant on SkillSystems, but I can’t tell from looking at it.

yeah, it was more of a “I know it can be done, but I don’t know how” kind of thing.

TMGC has passive growth boosting items. You can probably check out it’s github to see how it’s done.

It’s probably worth asking if these items should be consumable or will work when held.

If the latter, you can set the passive boosts bit on the item and assign growth boosts to it.

The method of doing that depends on whether you are using a buildfile or FEBuilder.

The trouble with consumables providing a growth bonus is that you need to save this in ram for each unit that could possibly have this bonus. Vanilla designates a bit in unit state for the metis tome bonus. It would also need to be incorporated via skillsys buildfile or custom build. I’m willing to help someone learn how over time, but this is not a good beginner level hack, so I can’t help you with it, sorry. If you’re very determined to have this feature in particular, start learning asm in feu’s discord #gba_coding_help and we can eventually revisit this.