Sun God's Wrath Kaizo Edition by April

Hiii! This was just featured in FEE3 so I figured people outside the SGW discord would want to actually play it(you don’t want to even if you think you do though)

This hack is extremely hard, seriously kaizo tier once you get past the first few chapters. Before you play it, be aware of that. It is, however, possible to beat. Also please select hard mode. I didn’t test normal mode at all, it could be very buggy and is also not the intended difficulty.

Also, before you ask: yes, you have to one turn Chapter 18.

Please also note that Blademaster, the original creator, is completely unaffiliated with this project. I have his permission, but that is all. Direct all criticisms and compliments to me. All those who were credited in the original SGW are also credited for this; mugs, anims, ost, and so on.

SGW kaizo is an extremely hard difficulty hack of Blademaster’s well-known Sun God’s Wrath.. It also changes almost every unit in the game dramatically(a lot of them aren’t even the same character!). Many maps are also edited discreetly to change the gameplay flow, especially as you get in the mid-to-lategame. Even if you’ve played SGW before this is a very fresh experience, and indeed, a lot of the jokes and thematic changes are SGW in-jokes, so I’d highly recommend playing SGW first before this. There isn’t much else to say. Documentation is no fun in a kaizo, if you really wanna cheat just use FEBuilder(really it’s because I’m too lazy to after doing all my TRS hack documentation).

Here’s the patch! Clean FE8 rom is the base.

If you want to reach me more readily, use the #sgwfanhacks channel in the
SGW discord for questions/comments. I’ll still reply in this thread though.




More credits

Sage for being the first playtester and the first person to actually beat the hack(sorry for your loss)
Atey, Blade, TBA, Obsidian Wasp/Obsidian Daddy, flasuban, Melia, and nickT for some extra mugs I added in that weren’t originally used by Blademaster

Any feedback is fine.


i’m going to die


yes more kaizo hacks

got couple Qs

1- is this a complete hack??
2- is the story diff from the original SGW??

I am still not really sure what this hack is, its a reskin? difficulty modifier?

havent played SGW yet so i have no idea who Kaizo is.
its on my to do play list though.

Kaizo’s typically affect gameplay stuff to make the game harder. What’s different is difficulty / classes / map etc. changes. So it’s a fair bit different but harder. Story is I’m sure the exact same

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  1. Reread the post, but slower this time
  2. No, story is pretty much unchanged outside character swaps

Yay it happened, I guess.
Maybe I’ll be able to find a strategy to beat chapter 3 this time. Probably not.
It’s been like 4 months anyways.

Already got a massive boot to the ass with SGW now i’m adding poison spikes in the kick

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Congrats on the release!


I am now getting Pokemon Kaizo vibes from this ROM hack.

Chapter 3 ruined my life



Are their Difficulty curves or do they just have random difficulties per chapter?

Yes, the game has a difficulty curve. It goes from inconvenient for prologue-ch2 or so to complete aids and remains that way for most of the rest of it.

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Gotcha thanks for the info. I absolutely adored the original sgw so I’m hoping I can get past the difficulty to experience this lol

Ch3 is the hardest map in the game so if you can get past that you’re probably chilling until the lategame

So I found a weird bug…

If Fuuma attacks or is attacked at one-range with his short sword equipped, and anims off, the game crashes.

Anything else is fine, but not the swords.


I know about the Fuuma bug and have since I first played through the hack myself, several months ago.
Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to fix it at all. You can just turn anims on even tho it’s a bit inconvenient

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I just want to ask if NIcole not be able to promote with tier 1 seal at lvl20 is intended or not?

I think you need to get rid of the Short Swords on the enemy- this (enemy initiating combat) effectively caused the game to crash.

Anims being turned on doesn’t seem to solve the problem…

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