[FE8] [Complete] The Sun God's Wrath (Final release - 27 Chapters, no fatigue, 100% growth now added - 5/22/2022)

I plan to add in the magic triangle hack in the next patch, so hopefully that helps with their accuracy more, however they were designed to have low skill. Artemis I believe gains some skills that boost her hit rate as well.


Wasn’t able to fully reach my goal for the month, but chapter 20 is about 75% complete.

Still have lots of balancing to do. And apparently there’s an odd issue with the female Valkyrie lance animation? Haven’t heard anything about it before, but I’ll see what I can do.


glad to see this one is still alive and well

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Hey blade master how do I read the hidden item guide? I figure they are not the usual x and y absis…

I suggest that you make some kind of that chapter image with the item marking spot on it

I figure I’ll use this time for a late October update and a poor attempt at shitposting.

Actual spoilers for real

Is this canceled enough or should I go even further beyond?

They should be the usual x and y axis. They just start at 0,0 in the top left instead of 1,1. As far as making images go, that will be for the final release. Alternatively, maybe this would make for a good feature addition to FEBuilder if it doesn’t already exist.

In other news, I spent most of October getting ready for the small changes I made for FEE3. Mangs went MIA so I don’t know if he’ll still be doing the LP. Chapter 21 has had some progress done, but I haven’t finished all the text or the events just yet and as such have no screen shots. My hopes of doing a chapter a month have already been dashed… ah well. Three and a half more chapters to go.





Just go further beyond.


Old NICKT mugs give me anxiety.


Because of the large amount of public mugs I already use in the project, I didn’t want to use more updated versions of some of your mugs as I figured it would be better for other projects to have access to your updated works so as to reduce repeat mug usage in the community. I am happy with the quality of your mugs that I am using (otherwise I wouldn’t be using them) and by no means am not using the updated versions because I find your updated versions to be worse. I really appreciate all the mugs that you’ve made and really enjoy them and the ones I’m using in the project. I apologize for any anxiety this has caused and mean no disrespect. I have a lot of appreciation for your work!


Is this still being worked on? I really liked aspects of it and with fixes this could be extremely great.

Yes, there was an update 8 days ago and the hack has a presentation on the 5th day of FEE3. I’m hoping to have a bigger update on progress not this weekend, but next.


Looking forwards to the FEE3 presentation! Good luck on finishing the hack.


Good stuff. Gonna download it now. Good luck with the FEE3 presentation!

I think you may misunderstand. There is not a new patch out at this moment. The update I made 8 days ago is just in regards to progress made, not that I’ve released a new patch. If you’ve play the only patch available (i.e. the one in the OP) then you’ve played all the currently available content.

It is my intent that the next patch be the final one. I hope the FEE3 presentation goes well too. I have no idea what it’ll be like.

Oooooooh OK. Gotcha. I thought you meant a patch update before FEE3. My fault.

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Well, apparently I had made more progress than I thought in chapter 21, so I figured I’d share some incomplete screens to make up for being late on updates last month. The chapter is about 90% done.

When I finish this chapter, I’m probably going to do some ROM cleanup so that I actually know what’s in my base ROM (other than graphics and music, I no longer really remember honestly) and then I’ll see about adding in the strength/magic split, some of the other cool recently released hacks like holy blood, and some more hybrid classes/branching promotion.


Looks nice!

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Happy FEE3 everyone. I hope you’ve been enjoying it as much as I have. Sun God Wrath’s presentation was demoed by @Pandan who did a great job and provided some useful and helpful feedback that I was very happy with, so thank you for your work!

The video can be found here for those curious:

In other news, likely because of the FEE3 video, there are now over 100 downloads of SGW in this thread alone, which is pretty great, so thank you all for your support!

In response to Pandan’s video, I wanted to note the following so that I could receive any further feedback either from him or the community. As always, feel free to share any feedback and I am happy to try and further improve this hack as best I can!

Feed back to video below:


  1. For reference, I have never heard of or seen “City of god”

  2. As this hack does have skills, it is recommended that you view the skills of your units and enemy units

  3. I do not recall the basis for Artemis’s name, but I can at least rule out Artemis Fowl.

  4. Bow armor status: Not respected - Personally, I believe they are the hardest part of the map, next to some lockpick management.

  5. I did try and mix up the typical FE formula quite a bit so that the gameplay offers something unique.

  6. I also really like the title CG, even if it is just a straight rip from Darkstalkers.


  1. Should only one unit come out of the stairwell? That doesn’t seem to go by FE standards from what I recall.

  2. I personally think the hack is more player phase heavy overall, but there are some chapters that are more enemy phase heavy. I will look at seeing what I can do to remedy this. A goal of mine with the gameplay is that you should be able to engage an enemy every player phase and not be forced to spend turns just moving units, for example.

  3. Ulysses starts with E rank axes due to him being a mount and having high bulk. He is typically regarded as a top tier unit that pretty much never dies, so I wanted to give him some disadvantages compared to Dexithea and Bertha, hence his lower axe rank compared to those two.

  4. Should I add in the Jake/Anna introduction that you only need to open the door to recruit the NPCs?

  5. While I generally agree with the concept of 1 tile chokes being bad, because of the time sensitive nature of the chapter, I find them to come in handy in adding a bit of strategy to the chapter and making how you decide who goes where more challenging. I also like the archer reinforcement choke zone as an area where an archer like Nicole can still have a consistent enemy phase and the choke zone around the bosses/the jail cells for slowing down the map, but perhaps the latter is too artificial.

  6. Enemy damage is a work in progress and will change once Hard mode is balanced

  7. Thank you for informing me about the Dancer patch!

  8. A youtube comment pointed out that the exp is somewhat strict in this hack (other things are mentioned in the video and addressed elsewhere or are things I have no plans to change, such as class growthes). I have conflicted feelings over this. Other feedback I’ve gotten from Serenes from people who have completed what is available of the hack so far has shown me that people are still easily able to get units well over level 20 (the cap is 30 and doesn’t change on promotion), and in my opinion abundance of EXP is typically a very common flaw in many hacks in the community that leads to the easy creation of units that become too strong too fast. It is difficult to balance in the long run, but I found the exp progress overall fair considering the level cap of 30 and length of the hack.


  1. I have never been good at naming things and that breaches into my professional life too lol

  2. I don’t have high expectations for the story. It is the sequel to Corrupt Theocracy. My primary goals with it are that it is at least somewhat entertaining at times and that it is easy to follow. Do the large amount of characters make it harder to follow in general or because they are introduced too fast?

  3. I believe it is discussed in chapter 5 which Pandan didn’t play from what I could tell, but “young Echidna” aka Nereid is the child of “helmet Dart” (Froid in CT who used Dart’s mug) and older Echidna (Erika in CT who used Echidna’s mug). They touch upon their relationship
    briefly at the start of chapter 6 as well, but if this is still not clear, please let me know and I will try and remedy this. As Nereid was captured and had a relation to those characters, I figured I should briefly touch upon that in this scene.


  1. Certain chapter names don’t show up: I’m not sure why this happens. Currently in the process of switching to a more updated version of the base skill system package, so maybe that will help fix the issue.

  2. Fixed “straglers” typo.

  3. Fixed Antwon description typo.

  4. Although it wasn’t really pointed out in the video, I would like to fix the graphical issues with the trickster dance sprite

  5. I’m not sure what causes the graphical issues with the weapon ranks, but weapon levels (other than staff which is based on class) do grow, however it is somewhat slower due to the bonus exp for killing an enemy being removed.

Thank you again, Pandan, for the LP and for all the work done by @Arch, @MageKnight404, and everyone else involved in making this FEE3 work! It’s great to see so many people see how strong, welcoming, and creative this hacking community is! I hope everyone else is happy with what else has been shown too! As always, I’m hoping to have another chapter progress later this month, but that will depend on how well upgrading to the new skill system goes.


Sorry for the double post, but given the origins of the names of some characters in my hacks, and the fact I shouldn’t be surprised this could happen, I can’t help but find this amusing:

For those who don’t fully understand,

Minor Spoilers

Gill and Pyron are two characters who show up in Corrupt Theocracy and Sun God’s Wrath. They are the primary antagonists in both stories and work together to achieve their goals. They are named after these respective Capcom characters, Gill (the final boss of Street Fighter 3, the red and blue guy) and Pyron (the final boss of Darkstalkers 1 and 2 who of course looks like the Pyron in Sun God’s Wrath for reasons beyond comprehension).

I just thought this was kinda cool, and in case anyone else by chance saw this and understood the references, wanted to know what I thought about this. Gill and Pyron have always been two of my favorite characters in fighting games!