Links to hacks that has 100% growth rate patches

I’ve created this so other players that don’t have any access to software that can use Fe builder can find 100% growth patches either in there respective threads or other players that has a 100% growth patches that shared it here.

There’s currently 2 Links to the hacks that has those official patches since I need the creator of the hack permission so please be patient. Feel free to post your personal patches here in my thread and if you do so I’ll put them below and credit them with your name on it.

Official Links:
•Sun God’s Wrath

•Burdened Crown

Unofficial Link:
Here to Deliver:


FE 6:
Fire Emblem - Fuuin no Tsurugi (English v1.1.2
Project Ember Maniac Mode
FE 7:
The Blazing Sword
Last Promise (The Updated One)
The Dark Lord and Maiden of Light
The Road to Ruin
FE 8:
The Sacred Stones
Code of the Black Knights
Heavens Bloom
Dragon Herald
Four Kings
The Sacred Trilogy
Vision Quest


Sacred Blaze


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Your posts were deleted as they were completely and utterly devoid of any value. For starters, do not post three times in a row.

I don’t know why you’d be banned for making this thread, but making the above post? That’s just spam and bait. This isn’t the first time you’ve done this either.

Levin’s already addressed this the last time he warned you.

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I see so that’s where I made mistakes I would like to apologize to the mods for this I wasn’t aware I was doing this constantly and I promise it won’t happen again.

I will hold you to that.



So apparently I found a code from a 2013 serenes forest thread that basically makes you and your enemy have no rng like you’ll have 100% growths, crit, hit, etc. It will not work if one the growths of the units is zero for example if a unit has 0% res growth it will not get it. Another one is crits if you have 0 crits then you have 0 crits but as long you 1 crit it will guarantee you a critical.

Here are the codes. (Codebreaker)
83000000 0000
83000002 0000
83000004 0000

I did not make this code so please do not thank me nor credit me. I am trying my best to find the original maker of the code so I can properly credit him/her so please be patient. This code will only work on the trilogy of FE GBA.

Update: I’ve finally earned enough money to get my laptop repaired so expect the patches to be out in about a week or so. Apologies for the delay my fellow FE players (mostly mobile).

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Update: The Unofficial Patches have now been delivered they are in the OP with the title “Here to Deliver”.
Things to Clarify: All of the patches are done in FE Builder so if the hack is made in a different engine it may be possible for the hack to have some unintended bugs so apologies in advance.
I only intend to make 100% Growth Patches on complete hacks whether serious or joke.
Also please report to me if i missed a character in that particular hack and i will fix it.
With that out of my mind Enjoy.

Debias in project Ember don’t got the growths

Sorry for late response I’ll be fixing it right now.
It has now been fixed.


Update: Gonna make a list of the patches I made on the op later so people can at least somewhat get a preview on what hacks they’re gonna get.
Update: It is done.


BTW you can use NUPS on a rom patched with 100% growth and a rom patched with the base hack to create a much smaller patch so your target audience, mobile users, can use even the saddest of data for these specific patches on top of the hacks if they’ve previously patched them already

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That’s actually pretty useful, thanks for the tip. I’ll do that when I have the time.

I’m waiting for your next 100% growth patch. You’re the god of growth :smiley:

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Not much complete hacks at the moment and I’m busy IRL. But I have a few new patches to be released around first week of November.

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