Enemy Control Glitch Fixes

In case you don’t know, this is what I’m referring to.

Naturally with all great feats, it can be done by changing 2 bytes go IntSys

FE7: 0x3454C
FE8: 0x377A0

For both games, change 03 20 to 07 E0 in a hex editor

Now you can have mines in your hack without fear of players cheating


You are a beautiful soul, Brendor.

This is great <3

This is great but
it’s pretty easy to cheat in FE7 ;D

also who uses mines ugh, can you make pre-set mines?
…wow that is actually evil, please someone do this

That was my plan, yes

Besides it’s not just mines, it’s all action tiles that are susceptible to the glitch and this fixes all of it

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Check out Gryz’s posts in the Hallway Trap thread

Is this extendible to action tiles and fire tiles in FE8?

I wish I had this for my older hack though hehe

pls klok


I sware that wasn’t there when I looked at it. I sware.

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