A Teraspark of Assembly

Hello guys it’s about time that I’ve shared the asm I’ve done

Item Effect Revamp
Bitmap Allegience
Heal Staff Value Modifier


**Currently FE8 Only**
**Use EA v10.1 or above**

Item effect Revamp v1.8

Older Versions

Item Effect Revamp Package v1.6
Item Effect Revamp v1.7

You know that staff/use effect byte in item data that you’ve always ignored? Well now it does something!
Rather than have item effects be restricted to specific items by item you can now set the staff or use effect of an item by changing this byte in item data.

What this does is get rid of most of the previous limitations on custom items that bothered us before. Before if you wanted to give another item an existing effect you had to change 3 different pointers and make sure said item was below the heal staff in the item table. Now you can give any item/weapon an effect by changing a single byte in item data with a quick trip to nightmare(or nmm2csv).

I’ve also included a text file called Item Effect ID which tells you what each effect ID does. The source asm files are included as well

*Bonus Features*
  • Staves that heal based on a value a given value set in item data
  • A new version of the vulnerary that heals off a given value set in item data
  • master keys that can open both chests and doors
  • by default this will set the 5 use chest key (item 0x79) to be the master key you can change it back by setting the use effect byte from 0x26 to 0x1e to match the normal chest key
  • Status staves and dancer rings have been modified so that you can set the status inflicted and its duration in item data. This is stored in the effect value byte as 0xTS where S = status inflicted, T = turn duration (The effect value byte is the second unused byte at the end of item data by default)

Updates Log


adds more AI support by having the AI check for effect ids rather than item ids, now you can have extra keys and lockpicks and the AI should know how to use them

Known Issues - For reasons currently unknown, the pure water effect sometimes hangs the game when used on items besides pure water
  • This version is made to be more build file friendly; those tables that were previously in .dmp files have now been moved to nightmare csv files to make updating the tables less of a pain.
  • The item effect table, targeting table, usability table, and prep screen usability tables have been combined into one large table to make it easier to modify
  • a byte in item data has been reserved for item effects; it will be used for values of item effects that should be easily modified such as the amount healed by healing staves
  • the major feature of this version is that now item effects animation have their spell association in a separate table. This means you can now do this such as the FE5 light brand(it can also be used as a vulnerary).

  • The promotion items has been redone so that the pointer to the list of classes that can be promoted is now part of the table. The table was also changed to go off of item id again so that you no longer need a separate item effect id for every promotion item.

  • Status staves and dancer rings have been modified so that you can set the status inflicted and its duration in item data. This is stored in the effect value byte as 0xTS where S = status inflicted, T = turn duration

  • The message displayed upon using stat boosters has been modified to me more modular; it now reads from a new table i’ve added in

  • I’ve optimized for space a bit more by using the free space where the item effect tables used to be before i merged them all into a new table. This means the item effect revamp core should take up a bit less space the space saved is probably evened out by the space taken up by all these new tables


Bitmap Allegience
This is still WIP and for FE8

What this does is it lets you change teams fight each other
It also influences which teams can pass through each other

This is still a work in progress but complete enough for people to mess around with because you can make enemies fight each other
The end goal is to be able to change how the teams interact with each other mid chapter through events.

Updates Now affects the player's team's ability to attack, steal, and use status staves. You can now attack green or blue units as well I just need to figure out how to store and load the team info into Suspend/Resume and the save files and it should be ready for an official release

Another Update:
The Allegiance bitmap is now saved over suspend data; that means that this should be usable once i’ve written some macros for it.


Finally remembered to release version 1.6
Let me know if there are any errors.

Heal Value Modifier
FE8 Only
I made an event file that lets you modify what the staff healing amount is
by default heal amount = [item might] + [character str/mag]
you change the item and unit stat used by changing the stat getter pointers in the event file


Map Sprite Fix
Here’s something I did to make moving map sprites go off the map sprite id in the class table like the standing map sprites do.
MapSpriteSetup.event is also included to repoint the map sprite tables and make editing them easier with macros.


I’ve taken the time to reorganize my custom items and put them up on github

In this i’ve set up most the things one would need to create custom items as well as a few examples of what can be done such as the Steal staff and Rewarp staff.

Hopefully this will encourage people to join me in keeping staves fancy

Fancy Staves Preview

Steal Staff


Swiper no swiping ya daft feckin fox.

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Hey there! I tried to install the “_MasterHackInstaller.event” using Event Assembler 11.1.3 and a clean FE8 ROM. However, when doing so, I experienced this error:
What could I do to circumvent this issue? I’m also new to using EA (I usually just use FEBuilder), so my apologies if the solution is actually really obvious.
Nonetheless, if you do take the time to look into it, my thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

add #include EAstdlib.event to define NoFade
i’ll make a push to the github to prevent this issue from happening again

if it still happens check Event Assembler/EA Standard Library/Main Code Helpers.txt to make sure you have NoFade defined on your end

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Thanks for the assist! It now installs properly-
Or so I thought, until I opened up the ROM and was graced with this:
Any idea why this would be happening?

This isn’t anything to go by.

Since your rom has already been edited, it will be harder to safely install a complex hack like this.

But just a guess: did you write data to 0x0 ? I imagine that might prevent the rom from even opening up. You should check each ORG in your rom to see if the data differs from vanilla and also check what address FreeSpace is defined as.

Hello, I am interested in knowing how to implement effects like rewarp but I have just started using Fehbuilder so I don’t know what I have to do, could you give me a tutorial or tell me what I have to do to be able to use the rewarp effect?

Hey. I wanted to ask if there’s a way to set an item effect to only give EXP. But that can also be used in preps or in the world map. Is this possible?