Help implementing Rewarp staff

I’m trying to implement Teraspark’s Fancy items patch but I’m struggling to get it to work. He hasn’t made a tutorial on it, nor has anyone else.

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out?

You need to put even the most basic amount of effort into asking for help if you actually want help.

Describe precisely what you did when trying to implement it, noting all of the steps you took, in order. Be maximally specific. Show the things you typed. Show screenshots of tools. Nobody should have to beat the information out of you in order to help. If you make it hard to help you, people will simply ignore you.

That said, you haven’t been ignored. The creator of what you’re trying to use has asked you a question and told you about an important component. Why are you making a new thread for your problem instead of replying there?


Nevermind. I figured it out myself. I needed to set it to map animation only in the item effect editor, which wasn’t entirely clear to me that I needed to do that.

The response I got in the original thread wasn’t helpful, unfortunately.