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I made custom Skill Proc animations for Skill Systems in the style of more modern FE games. Nothing special, but an improvement. However, the animations are still transparent, and I have no idea how to fix that. I thought it might be due to my ignorance of color palettes, but after some testing I no longer think that’s the case. They still look pretty good–miles better than the default ones, at any rate. Any ideas on how to fix that would be appreciated!


yeah id say so

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LNC Sergeant (M)  {Jj09, DerTheVaporeon, Spud}
Made some edits to my version of the sergeant class card. Made him taller and the spear head a tad less awkward. Credit to Spud for the spearhead.

LNC Sergeant (M)  {Jj09, DerTheVaporeon}


I’ve spreaded the epicness of Pikmin1211’s improved Hero shield so that female heroes and Raven heroes can also bask in it. I also removed the white shade from their faces because screw shared shades; now you can recolour their skin or weapon just fine without worrying about the other. Includes female map sprites. Credit to Pikmin1211 for the shields (in both the animations and map sprites) and St jack for the tweaked female hero animation.
Edit 26/09: I also updated a white pixel on the hilt of the sword to be blue instead, and added variants of the regular male “armour hero” with the hilt and face fix.


I’ve also done a repalette of Waleed’s Gladiator/generic Hector Fighter/whatever you want to call it, so that the scarf/coif/clothes don’t have to share colours with the axe/trim (the original animation had 3 unused colours which was perfect for allowing this), and the horns don’t have any skin shades mixed in with the trim shades. Also got rid of a white pixel on the face (you all know the drill for this by now). In addition to the usual repalette shenanigans, this comes with standard GBAFE-styled generic enemy/NPC/other palettes which were missing from the original, and fixes the disarmed animation’s idle frame which wasn’t actually disarmed in the original. Credit to Waleed for the original animation.


Lastly, I’m not sure who to contact about this, but there are some animations on emblem-anims that are in a state of limbo; they’re on the site and can be found by putting the right keywords in the search bar, but they aren’t in any of the sections and don’t have a name so there’s nothing to click to get a direct link to their repo folders, you can only get them by actually digging through the repo. I know the Retrogamer/Pikmin1211 female hat mage, EldrtichAbomination’s Arbalest repalette, and my Warrior repalette have this issue and there may be others.



Credits should be listed for all the same people who worked on the rest of the Ephraim repack (I don’t know immediately offhand who the Crossbow and Rapier animations were made by, but they in particular.)

Ephraim Lord (F) with a Rapier and Crossbow. This should finish off all of the Ephraim Repack animations (DerTheVaporeon, Pikmin1211, me) being ported with female hair, meaning it’s now possible to make dismounted Master Knights wielding fuckin everything.

I also don’t think it was clear with my Staffphraim, but the animation is also built for magic (specifically Light Magic, the Staff has a critical animation), which could be useful to have up on the repo.

F2UF2E yada yada how do i end posts

edit: Rapier anim has some bugginess thanks to a messed up image order that I was too tired today to work around after finishing it. I’ll update the download link soon. Maybe.


I’ve had this sitting around for a while, figured I’d post it here.

What’s new you ask? For starters, this is based off Zora and Venno’s updated village which includes a lot of the FE7 ship parts. I fixed the palette to allow some of the ship parts and cliffs to work together. New stuff includes but is not limited too: mountains/cliffs with grass, sand, and water transitions, rivers, wide waterfalls, palm trees, barrels on grass/roads, vertical stairs and doors, and FE6 bridge tiles.

I took out some of the redundancy in the villages to free up some space for the mountains, but ultimately split those tiles up between the lower left and upper right. There shouldn’t be too too many other tiles that moved around from the previous version, but they should be easy enough to spot.

There are new animation files, to go along with the adjusted palette, as well as the wide waterfalls and the water under the bridge.

This tileset isn’t without some issues, mainly because I’m lazy. The mountains are from the FE7 village tileset, they admittedly aren’t that great, but they take up a very small amount of space in the tilemap. I’d suggest limiting these to the edge of maps in smaller quantities just to spice things up a bit. Cliffs are a bit haphazard, cobblestone floor is a bit iffy, and custom palettes can get a bit tricky. But in good news, there is another more optimized version in the works, albeit not quite in the GBA style. I just wanted to get this one out.

Comparison with vanilla

Sample Maps

Trying to use all the assets in one map.

FE8 Phantom Ship, but properly spooky.
Phantom Ship Spooky

FE9 Blood Runs Red Blue, and you’re using copper weapons instead of iron. Please tell me someone understands this…
Blood Runs Blue 2


All the object images in the folder should include night/fog palettes.

Captain Morgan’s Revenge (OG)

Black Sails at Midnight

Back Through Time

Sunset on the Golden Age

Blue water version

No Grave But the Sea
This one has a spooky green mist fog version.

Curse of the Crystal Coconut

Magnetic North
Palette heavily based on Nathan/HeartHero snowy village

Magnetic North Sunset

I’ll be very disappointed in you all if you don’t get the names of these palettes…

Enjoy! Wonder which tileset I’ll ruin next…


The tile-set game is on point this year!
Beautiful work!

Big fan of the “spooky” palette.


Found a mistake with the male hoodless assassin ([T2][SWD][Assassin](Hoodless +Bow +Sword fix)[M]) in the repo, the bow anim has a full shirt while the rest of its anims don’t, it should be separate.



With Nuramon’s blessing I now present to y’all EPHRAIM INFANTRY GREAT LORD BUT ITS FEMALE. Made sure to get that before I got too far with this!

Remember like four days ago when I said I was done with Female Ephraim? Yeah nah like 20 minutes after posting that in the FEU discord I asked if someone would be interested in me doing Ephraim Infantry Great Lord but with long hair for a female model. Beansy just responded with a picture of Emperor Palpatine saying ‘dewit’ and BY GOLLY AM I GONNA FUCKIN DO IT AAAAAAAAAAA

She comes equipped with Sword, Lance, Axe, Hand Axe and Unarmed animations (I’m not doing Siegmund, that’s Ephraim locked and he’s a guy sorry ladies and gents) and is packaged in this handy download link with the text document, the FEditor format, the gifs above and a battle palette sheet so you don’t even need to bother loading FEBuilder up to start editing the palette - just open a pixel art program or website piskelapp best for non tileset things and get going!

Credit goes to Nuramon for the originals and on-the-side credit to Wan, Lyna, Marcos and Wasspix for putting up with me spamming their DMs with progress on this lmao sorry guys

also nura pls why 150+ frames on the lance that was so much hell to do

As it’s not properly mine and I just did hair, F2U F2E but I suggest checking with Nura first. He’s cool.

EDIT: forgot to put it in the original, but this took a combined effort of probably 15 hours. Lance took the longest of about 4 hrs through the night and 3 in the morning, Axe took 3 total, sword took 3 total, hand axe and unarmed took not much at all.




That is legit awesome. Any excuse to add more Nuramon animations, even gender swapped variants of existing ones, excites me. Great work. Outstanding, even!

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Fantastic job, Zora. It’s always nice to see new animations.

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Just quickly trimming down the vanilla Fleet and Phantom map sprites because, just like the monster sprites that Warpath/Pikmin fixed a while back, IS was very inefficient with them and made them 32x32s just to squeeze in a whole one unnecessary extra pixel of width. Enjoy your reduced OAM issues.

Fleet {IS edit}

Phantom Standing {IS edit}

Also I went back and tweaked my tweaks of Pikmin’s Hero shield a bit further, replacing an annoying white pixel on the hilt of the sword with blue just like the rest of the hilt, and adding a hiltfix/facefix version of the regular male “armour hero” as well.


I put Pikmin1211’s updated Hero shield on Swain’s Armored Coat, so credit to both of them.
Download link here.

I also redid Orihara_Saki’s Rogue knife animation so that it matched the repalette by Pikmin1211 and Maiser6. Credits to all of them for the original knife and repalette.
Download link is here.


Me, just last week: “Wow it’s sure been quiet. We’ve gone five days without a new animation. I wonder if we’ll actually make it a week without even one new addition?”
Me, today: “Aaaand now we have like ten new animations in the last week. Never mind.”

Keep on trucking, animators.


001 Sword
002 Lance
Without Tusk Sword
Hover Move
Here we are ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Grand Mahout animation, a work that originally had some sprites from Orihara Saki, and he allowed me to make an animation out of them, and SHYUTERz has been working with me on this (seriously, without him I couldn’t have made it this far.) If there’s anything you need to tell us about, please contact us if needed. The only thing left would be a class card, which we haven’t been able to make yet, so I want to create one in the future, so you may have to wait a bit for that, but otherwise it’s done.


I wanted the pirate boss to wear a Tricorne hat, which pirates often wear.
However, I was not good at drawing, so I couldn’t make it well. lol
But I made it so much, so I will attach it.
Please, Feel free to use or edit it.




You called?

Here’s something I’ve been working on the past month and a bit. It’s an idea for an Assassin promotion that has access to swords and (dark) magic. Also has a maybe more SF than fantasy type hookshot as a left arm. Chair suggested the name Executioner, so there’s a guideline. Download

cus3_sw1 cus3_mg1 cus3_sw1

Class cards and map sprites:
Custom3 T1 Custom3 T2 Custom3 T3

moving stationary










I re-used graphics from some GBA games. Credit:

  • Sword animation: Credit to Konami (Castlevania: Circle of the Moon) for the thunderbolt & SMITHYGCN for ripping it, IS for the mage knight crit effect & FEplanet for ripping it.
  • Magic animation: Credit for the thunderbolt vfx goes to Namco (Klonoa Dream Champ Tournament) & Frario (sheetrip), Krome Studios/Vivendi Games (The Legend of Spyro A New Beginning) & Heartlessdragoon (sheetrip), HAL Laboratory/Nintendo (Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land) & ?, yay (sheetrip).
  • Map sprites: Credit to IS for the shaman map sprites and Lexou for ripping them.
  • Class card: Credit to Natsume (Medabots: Metabee/Rokusho) for the hook (I used Rokusho’s bladethingy from a cutscene) & Demonlemon for ripping it.

Everything else was made by me, Huichelaar. Everything is F2U and F2E, but do give credit.


Holy Jesus fucking Christ. Oh my god. What the fuck?

This is amazing. You are now officially an animation god, and I’ve never even seen your name before. What an entrance!


Derserker with sword