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Hello, people of Fire Emblem Universe! I am Lu, you have probably either seen me on the FEU Discord a bit or you have no clue who I am. I have been interested in rom hacks and making rom hacks for a while so I thought I’d just make this thread to share some things I have made. I mostly just make things like maps, tileset palettes, and the occasional sprite stuff like portraits or item icons. Anything I post here will be F2U & F2E unless stated otherwise (just be sure to credit me blah, blah, blah). Anyways, here’s some stuff.

Some Tileset Palettes
Here’s a collection of tileset palettes I have made. Any palettes of a custom tileset will have a link to the tileset’s post for convenience and the actual object images for these will be in a Google Drive link because supposedly just posting them messes with the palette. Feel free to edit these if they aren’t quite to your liking.

Blue Mountainous

The Mountainous 1 palette is boring and the second one is kinda ugly so here’s another option.
Link to the object image

Saturated Sunset Village

Here’s a modified version of this tileset’s sunset palette. The water is darker and everything’s more saturated and a bit brighter.
This tileset is N426’s wonderful village tileset which can be found Here.
Link to the object image

Slightly Colder Castle

Here’s a palette of N426’s castle tileset that’s meant to look somewhat colder than the provided snow palette for this tileset.
N426’s castle tileset can be found Here.
Link to the object image

Super Saturated Fields

Here’s a vanilla fields tileset that, to be completely honest, I probably overdid with saturation. Anyways.
Link to the object image

Cold Swampy Fields

Here’s another fields palette, this one is better than the last because it was somewhat inspired by the best game ever, Bloodborne. I feel like this palette would be very fitting with some aesthetic rain.
Link to object image

More Saturated Autumn Fields

Here’s a somewhat more saturated version of Zoramine’s autumn fields palette because I like saturation I guess.
Zoramine’s revamped fields tileset can, of course, be found Here.
Link to the object image

Somewhat Snowy Castle

Here’s another palette for N426’s castle tileset. This one is also on the colder side and has dirt snow because snow is cool.
N426’s castle tileset can, once again, be found Here.
Link to the object image

Snowy Fort Village

Here’s a palette of Zoramine’s updated fort tileset that has dirt snow and a lot of purple. Still cold.
Zoramine’s updated fort tileset can be found Here.
Link to the object image

Still Cold But Not Snowy Fort Village

Lastly, here’s literally just the last palette but with a bluer road/dirt palette so it could actually work as a village without being too bright.
Yeah, the tileset can still be found Here.
Link to the object image

So yeah, that’s about it. See ya when I eventually have more stuff to post here.


Sick palettes, man!


Awesome tile sets and color selection. I’ll use some of these in my hack, and surely give you credit if that’s not against your will. Thank you for sharing your work! God bless.

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I made a Slowpoke/Slowbro mage portrait.
The King
Feel free to use it or edit it or whatever.
That is all.


this is amazing, I have no words this is the greatest creation I have ever seen


Don’t know why, but my brain translates this as…


But joke’s aside, (But i do think it’s cute) That look’s good!
The King


It’s the boy!
Za Boy
Started playing Deltarune recently and its pretty fun.
Here’s a silly Ralsei portrait using pixel art that is mostly from the game.

Also fee3 is coming up soon.
That’s pretty exciting.