The Ultimate Graphics Repository for GBAFE, FEXP, and FEXNA


Well, there’s this one in the repo already.


Yeah, I saw that one. But there’s a couple differences, as well as that one being an Armored Mercenary and a dodge difference. I was thinking it doesn’t hurt to have multiple options.


What’s funny is I could have sworn Princess Kilvas’s axe merc was already on my bounty list. Weird…


Is it available for free use ?


no it isn’t


It is.

But only in FEXNA.


Today I bring you… Archers.

Download here!


Can anyone make a script for this Drifter animation If I send you its battle frames ?


Must ask Yeti first if he felt ok with it.


No. We are not converting BwdYeti’s animations to GBA. He has explicitly disallowed them.


Can you make this Animation??
The Link:

By White-wolf8


I’m quite busy at this moment. Maybe you should ask @RobertFPY. He is writing script for greentea’s animations, maybe he can help you out


Since you seem to have gotten it from DeviantArt, and there are no credits/allowances listed on the image, have you asked its creator for permission to use it?


The author said “free to use” on a comment. But @Andy should ask the author one for time to make sure he knows that you are using his stuff


Oh I forgot I asked lmao that was months ago


Whitewolf has contributed some stuff to the repo. I’ll assume it’s fine to convert it to GBA.

Now you only need to find someone willing. Considering we already have lots of “Hector with Sword” animations, it’s not anywhere near the top of my list.


Kent Cavalier:

Kent Paladin:

Saint Cavalier:

Saint Paladin:


So fucking awsome and cool i love these Kent and Sain animations :grin:


that’s great


Heath Dragon Lord:

Rebecca Sniper: