Created The First Hack

Explain to me how do we add or replace custom classes on fbbuildergba because I want to create my own hack

Please searching this forum for every post that listed on “Tutorial” and read all of them. Then start to make your own hack. If you find any difficult that you couldn’t solve them by yourself, then make a post and ask. People will help you if you know something, but will not teach you anything if you a just a fresher. This forum is like a universal, not an elementary school that will teach you anything from the beginning. You will have to start everything by yourself.


I know but that’s what I have to edit to replace some existing classes in the rom in order to customize my hack

Extending the class list is extremely buggy, and I’m not sure if it’s possible with FEBuilder.

That said, there are probably existing classes you can replace. Cutscene-only NPC classes, monsters (if your hack doesn’t use those), female class variants you don’t plan to include, et cetera. For changing those, go through the various parts of the class in the Class Editor (you might need to use Map Sprite Editor or Animation Editor for battle animations/map sprites) and change them to your liking.

You can find some free-to-use animations and map sprites in the Asset Repo. If you have some of your own, those are probably fine too.

If there’s a specific change you can’t figure out how to do, ask me or another knowledgeable hacker. The Discord server is a great place to ask.

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it’s good i found how to change the classes it’s all stupid :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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I have another question about music can we import from other games?

I recently posted a short tutorial on Serenes focused on adding custom classes. You may find it useful.