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Mods, please wiki this so that anyone can edit it.

This is a directory that links to threads for Fire Emblem Hacks(WITH DOWNLOADABLE PATCHES) so that you can click on any hack you want, and start playing it right now.

This directory will work like so:

  • Hacks will be sorted by 1.Base Rom 2.Completion State(Finished, In progress, Inactive, or cancelled) 3.Type of hack(Reskin, or custom chapters) 4.Number of chapters.
  • Hopefully, soon every hack will have screenshots spoilers, so that you can have a quick look at the screens to see if it looks like you’d want to play it.
FE1 (1)

Get the pants! - Darrman - 1 [Patch]

FE2 (1)

Mila’s Retribution Project - ronlyn - Up to chapter 3[Thread]

FE3 (2)

Completed Custom Projects

FE3 Hard(JPN)
紋章のビラク(Vyland of emblem/JPN)

FE4 (5)

Custom Projects

FE4 Online - Lamia - 1[Thread]


Binary - (JPN) - Full Game [RHDN] - Translation by Darrman, [Thread]
Overpowered - Naglfar94 - Full game? [RHDN]

FE5 (3)

Emblem Chronicle VII - Zane - 2[Thread]
超トラキア(Super Thracia/JPN) - [RHDN]
Reverse Recruitment - BlueHairedBaby [Thread]

FE6 (2)

Complete Custom Projects

Shining Armour - Blazer - 2 [RHDN]

In Progress Custom Projects

改造封印トラキア(Remodeling sealed Thracia/JPN)
封印の剣カスタム(FE6 Custom/JPN)

FE7 (20)

Completed Custom Projects

The Last Promise - Blazer - 30 Normal Mode, 10 Postgame?[Thread]
Corrupt Theocracy - Blademaster - 31[Thread]
Duo Geno Escapo - SageMatthis, CM9 - 33 [Thread]
The Road to Ruin - Primefusion, 23 [Thread]
FE7if (JPN)
天地の剣(Sword of heaven and earth/JPN)
FE7 Inflation(JPN)
Requiem - Sacred Blaze, 26 [RHDN]
Fallen King - MonopolyRubix, 8 [RHDN]
Boss War - Ephraim225, 3 [Thread]
Fire Emblem [Latino] 2.0 ~ You Can (Not) Ban - Kokué - 28 [Thread]
Fire Emblem Poop - [Thread]
Carcino’s Civil War - Pwntagonist, 8 [Thread]
Christmas Crossover Carol - Ephraim225, 1 [Thread]

Completed Reskins

FE7 Chaos Mode - Klokinator - Full Game[Thread]]
Different Dimensions Ostian Princess - Mig64, 10 [RHDN]
Dorcas Emblem 2 - Vilk, Full Game [Thread]
Fire Memeblem 0 - SD9k, Full Game [Thread]

In Progress Custom Projects

Elibean Nights - Arch - [Thread]
Fallen Kingdom - SageMatthis, 11 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm - TactHack, 30 [Thread]

FE8 (35)

Full Games

Please google any Japanese hacks without links present.

Void’s Blitzarre Adventure - Fire Emblem Universe (circleseverywhere) - 31 [Thread]
Resonance - Procrastinators Extraodinaire (Kirb) - 24 [Thread]
The Sacred War - Seal - [Thread]
緑(green/JPN) (Midori, Green) [Mirror] - Translation by Tequila [Thread]
Self-Randomising Rom - Circleseverywhere - [Thread]
Heaven’s Bloom - Roosterton - 19 - [RHDN]
Gay Baby Emblem - Sme, 1 [Thread]
Knoll’s Super Spooky Halloween Adventure - Sme, 1 [Thread]
Hector Saves Christmas - Sme, 1 [Thread]
Winning Against Gharnef - Sme, 1 [Thread]
Void’s Blitzarre Adventure: Blitz Tendency - Colorz, 30 [Thread]
The Burdened Crown - Grated Shtick, 24 [Thread]
One-Turn-Clear - Ephraim225 [Thread]

Completed Reskins

Rart Emblem Zero: The Rarted Stones - Xenith, Full Game [Thread]
Min-Max Emblem - Klokinator, Full Game [Thread]
Communist Emblem 2 - Sme, Full Game [Thread]
Sacred Trilogy- blood, Full Game [Thread]
聖魔適当に改造(FE8 Custom/JPN)

In Progress

Staff of Ages - Staff of Ages team (InvdrZim13) - 12 [Thread]
REDFE - Mystic - 8 [Thread]
Awful Emblem - AE Dev Team (FPzero) - 7 [Thread]
女王の剣(Queen’s sword/JPN)
Fire Emblem: Vision Quest - Pandan, 12 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Tales of the Golden Knight, 7 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Legends of Avenir - 1st_lieutenant_noguchi & Snakey1 - 35 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Seven Siblings - WarPath, 11 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Sacred Echoes - hypergammaspaces, 10 [Thread]
BS Fire Emblem GBA - Sme, 4 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: Reborn Dimensions, Olethian Princess - RandomWizard, 10 [Thread]
Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow Dragon - Dominus_Vobiscum, 6 [Thread]
Fire Emblem: The Heroes We Deserve - A_Reliable_Chair - 12 [Thread]
The Eligor’s Spear - Zarg - 15 [Thread]


Midnight Sun - Alfred Kamon - 9 [Thread]
Tirado Emblem - Natsumi, 1 [Thread]
Runa Does A Thing - nyawenyye - 7 [Thread]
Fire Emblem Resonance: Resurgence - Natsumi, 24 [Thread]
Jugdral Saga - Yang Kai, 5 [Thread]

FE9 (0)


FE10 (1)

Redux - Dluna(Dunal?) - up to part 2 endgame?[Thread]

FE11 (8)
  • Full Content Patch (All of Cirosan’s patches + Optional Sync Patch) - [RHDN]
  • Updated Gaiden Requirements Removal Patch - Cirosan [RHDN]
  • Prologue in Hard Modes - Cirosan [RHDN]
  • Online Shop Exclusive Items Integrated into Normal Gameplay - Cirosan [RHDN]
  • Always Recruit Norne - Cirosan [RHDN]
  • Sum Patch (Sync Patch + Gaiden Requirements Removal Patch) - Cuizonix [Thread]
  • Sync Patch - Arch [Thread] - ERROR 404
  • Gaiden Requirements Removal Patch - RobertTheSable [RHDN]

FE12 (0)


FE13 (0)


FE14 (0)

Nothing Yet

FE15 (0)


Misc. (2)

Wasteland - FE7 Demake - RedShark [Thread]
FE6xna [Thread] - ERROR 404

Todo list:

  • Add all hacks with releases and working links
The Ultimate FEGBA Asset Repo

I like the nesting idea, but that’s a lot of clicking just to get to empty areas, my man. Just put them all inside of one spoiler.

Edit: Fixed that.

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I actually update my rom hack at a fairly quick rate, so I think I’ll wait until I’m at least done with Erika’s route before submitting it. Before then, just look on serenesforest for it.


Is the number of chapters chapters completed or chapters planned?


Chapters completed in the latest public patch.


fe6 shows nothing yet… didn’t dluna make a balancing patch and isnt omni working on a full overhaul of fe6?

edit: necropost i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m so sorry

pinned #7

No Elibean Nights in the directory RIP.


Pretty sure it was intentional (no hard feelings)


Pretty sure it’s highly work in progress, and no-one bothered to finish up the list.
Arch added it himself, anyway.

EDIT: I’ve made myself useful and added links to hacks available on Romhacking.net for east of access.

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Went ahead and added Awful Emblem to the FE8 In Progress list since we did our demo release recently.

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In the case of Japanese Hack, the project page does not exist.
It is posted to common uploader.

The URL is changed every time you post, so you can not make a fixed link.
There are also cases where the author deletes it.
I added the name of Japanese remodeling that I know to the list, so please google with the name.


OrCA is technically 30 chapters as of the last patch I released.
It also is all but done but life.

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I’m not dead yet, thanks for not forgetting mine lol

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dumb nitpick but iirc I did 2 chapters for tirado emblem


From the thread:

Beating Prologue takes you to a very early version of 5x.
In 5x, you cannot seize the throne. Instead, the seize point is actually a tile adjacent to Marisa. Seize with Groznyi.
If Groznyi dies, 5x becomes unwinnable (his death doesn't trigger a gameover unlike Ephraim)
If you beat 5x, you continue on to a vanilla version of Ch6, to which the rest of the vanilla FE8 lies ahead. Caellach, Fir, and Farina join your army here, even though they're not supposed to.
Using the guide feature in any chapter other than the prologue triggers a game crash.```

Seems like only one custom chapter was released(which is the number that matters, not the number of chapters you made).

0of 5x wasnt even the one i made but turns out I made it so the game skipped ch1 after prologue lol


I’ve been tossing around the idea to mirror every patch in the directory to some kind of uploader(most likely dropbox)- so that people can download patches even if the threads/patches go down. However, I fear this may be disrespectful to the original creators, just uploading their patches to an external uploader they didn’t agree to(mostly for the inactive/cancelled hacks and japanese ones).

What’s everyone’s opinion on this? Is it a good idea?

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters


I update my hack frequently and I don’t post to dropbox. If this happened, the patch for redfe would either need to be manually updated or it would be out of date.


I vote yes. There should be a backup for every hack, in case that the original thread is down or the link is dead.