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Good to hear! :smile:



Ragnarok is up for public use.


0/10 would use. You forgot this:

The sound effects also sound really out of place.


I’ll go back and tweak the sound effects. One of the YouTube comments mentioned adding some fire, so I’m gonna do some more revisions with pieces of FE6 Forblaze. Dunno how to get the screen to shake, though (anyone!?).

What I did today in philosophy class. Works nicely for a basic wind spell I suppose? Added to the main directory.


oooo is like babby tornado


Speaking of which, I’m working on Blizzard at some point which should look pretty good with the snowstorm and icicles, but the split-off Tornado looks kinda bare. Anyone know of any good dust effects?

I’ve also updated the link for Arcthunder; after some tinkering, I got it to work in the spell animation processor. So yay.


There’s that windstorm at the start of the FE8 Excalibur that’ll work nicely when blended with Tornado.


The Wind Sword uses it too. (I actually think Excalibur just uses the wind sword spell…?)


And there’s Thoron. The Yetiman thinks I should put the shock effect back in, so I’ll probably do so and offer the full package. Also gonna offer that bit as its own package, too, since I thought it’d be a neat Elthunder perhaps.

EDIT: Made those additions. Two more scripts in the package for the full Thoron and the shock effect as its own animation.


Nice to see FEDS spells being GBA insertable! Keep it up! :slight_smile:


Is there a tutorial for spell insertion anywhere? I tried figuring it out once and it clearly doesn’t use the regular battle animation section of FEditor.


ultimate tutorial


Bahahah. Really, @Klokinator? It’s not like there’s an optioned labeled “Spell Animation Inserter.”

Load script, change your index (values used in Spell Animations.txt in the Spell Association Editor), terminate animation, save.


Consider moving the sphere closer to the ally side of the screen? it looks awkward generating that far from the user.

Other than that, nice.


Excuse me Arch, I have an idea for you to do to the existing tornado animation.
You could let some small excalibur wind rings like attack the enemy, then the tornado sprouts up and spins, and there is a nice dust effect on the ground around the enemy. What do you think?



So has anyone also tried ripping FE6/7 spells? Particularly Forblaze, any FE6 legendaries, maybe Ereshkigal…?


Crimson Eye from FE8 now in FE7:

–Anybody knows how to put a screen-shaking effect?–

C000014 (Heavy) and C000015 (Slight) are the commands for shake the screen.
Package updated.



@Arch Quick! Spice up the Ragnarok!


Some spells had wrong sound effects for FE8. This .zip files contains example fixes for some of them. Please remember to read the credits list and give credit to the people who made/ripped these spells. https://www.sendspace.com/file/hko0b4


Credit: MisakaMikoto

Credit: MisakaMikoto

Credit: MisakaMikoto

Credit: MisakaMikoto

Credit: MisakaMikoto

Credit: MisakaMikoto

Credit: MisakaMikoto

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