Scraiza's Crazy ASM

Figured I should post what little I’ve done on ASM here, so here we go.

FE8 Toggleable Reverse Mode:

If you ever wanted FE12’s reverse gameplay as an option, you can do so now.

If EventID AF (Or whatever you edit it to be) is enabled, then the enemies will strike first on player phase if the enemy can attack, enemy phase being unnaffected. NPCs will also get hit first on their turn.

If EventID AF is not enabled, then the game will do combats normally.

Thanks to Doesnt for giving me permission to use their ASM as base.

Download it HERE


Haven’t posted here in forever and this isn’t really ASM intensive but hey, narrow fonts!


Pretty self explanatory, this EA file adds a narrow font for serif and menu fonts in addition to the regular font. This means you can use both narrow and normal fonts in the same game, even in the same text line if you wanted to.

It even includes text ‘images’ on the serif font if you want to use them to show effectiveness properties in weapon descriptions and the like.

Do note that some characters are impossible to make smaller without making them look terrible (M and W for example), so I skipped them.

Technically speaking, the new characters use unused/unimportant ASCII slots, and by writing the desired BYTE into a text string, you could get the desired character. So for example if you write in a serif text bubble 0x7B, it writes the cavalry icon, and if you try doing the same while using the menu font you will get a { , as the icon is not on that font.

Menu font:

Serif font:

Get the font installer here:


Hate how promotions of 13 and above don’t show properly? Well, here’s an increase for that!

GIF 9-5-2020 12-52-57 AM

This little patch allows promotions of up to +31 on a stat to display well. Simple and straightforward.

Note it doesn’t really affect negative promotions if you’re doing that for some reason.

Get the EA File here:


Yeah sorry Scraz but I don’t think this will be enough to buff Rakel who is currently a very poor unit. Promoting units is a pitfall older players regularly fall into. Being unpromoted is better for uhhh, exp reasons. We like exp going ding. Also her growths still suck. Can you make ASM so that units can have growths higher than 255%? These buffs may salvage old man Rakel this season.


Will you release this ASM? How about a version for fe8?

Want DSFE savepoints but want to have them be tile based? Maybe to not rely on dragon veins or for some other reason? That’s exactly what this does.

GIF 2-7-2022 18-43-22
(Custom tile graphic not included)

This code uses an existing terrain type (Rubble by default, since it is unused) to be treated as a savepoint, allowing you to use it to save a suspend. Once used, the savepoint triggers a tile change which makes it vanish.

Mixed with the autosave killer, you can replicate map saves with it, with a save you can turn back to by loading the suspend data after you create a map save.

It supports two modes, one which spends the unit’s action when used, identically to how DSFE save points work, and another which does not spend your unit’s action at all, shown in the GIF above. You can pick which you want by editing a single number in the event file.

Once used, the savepoint code executes a tile change on the tile of the savepoint, this is made so when you use the savepoint, it gets spent and changes into a regular tile of your choosing, which cannot save. This works similarily to chest and door tile changes, so it should be easy to implement.

Be sure to change the terrain move costs! By default this uses rubble, which has a 2 move cost for some units.

Download here:

Thanks to @SubwayBossEmmett for commissioning this and allowing it to become free to use, and thanks to @Retina for helping me with the buildfiling part.


Have you ever wanted a shop larger than the 20 items that vanilla allows? One with hundreds maybe? Now you can!

Shop list expansion allows you to have up to 255 items in a single shop. It doesn’t try to modify vanilla FE shop behavior in any other way.

It modifies the shop proc to make it store the shop items in 0x03003750, a part of ram that is unused in vanilla FE and can be used to store many more items in a temporary list.

NOTE: If you’re using skill system or icon rework, this will not be compatible! I’ll try to fix it so it is sometime.

It also modifies the way item icons are drawn on VRAM in shops to optimize the space, it removes items that scroll out of the screen, which vanilla didn’t do. This allows every item to have their icon unaffected and avoid buggy graphics, even if there’s hundreds of different icons in a shop’s list.

Download here:


Do you want portraits to change if an unit is promoted, or specifically on some points in the story? This makes it work on ANYTHING that uses portraits, even in supports and conversations! No extra eventing or conditionals needed.

Dynamic portraits is simple, it has a table where you input details of the base portrait you want to check, what new portrait to replace it for, and the conditions for said replacement. Portrait changes can be done by Event Flags, by characters existing, by characters being of a certain class, and any combination of these.

If you need reference to understand how it works, just look at the comments in the event file:

Thanks to @Retina for commissioning this and allowing it to become free to use.


This allows you to make an unit that can clone another unit, and untransforms later. Much like Xane in FE1-3-11-12
Thanks to @Retina for commissioning this


This is amazing! Is it possible to make it so you can copy enemieas? And can it be made so that the enemy uses it too?

Hi! So I’m trying to install your DSFE Save Points ASM, I’m having trouble learning how to make the “Save” command to work. I’m doing this in FEBuilder by the way.

So everything involved with the SaveMode and what Terrain ID to assign, Freespace location, all of that I’ve got covered. It’s this section of the “Savepoints.event” file that I’m rather confused about:

Are these offsets the vanilla offsets? If not, how do I figure out what offset to assign to the Savepoints.event file?


I don’t understand how to exactly makes these parts of the ASM to execute exactly. Plus, what tile change ID does the savepoint code default to in the data for each tile change ID for that specific chapter?

Let me know if I was being unclear with anything.

Tiny update because I found something a lot of people will probably like. Make the AI always use healing staves if any unit within reach is missing HP! The addresses below are for FE8

It’s an extremely easy change, just change the byte at 0xD8671 from 0x32 to 0x64, this replaces the threshold for healing from 50 to 100%, making the AI always try to heal. (It won’t try healing full HP targets, so don’t be afraid of that)

It still prioritizes more injured targets, so it will heal units with a greater percentage of missing HP, so the AI won’t heal a barely hurt unit when a 1 hp unit is within reach.


Excuse me, this is compatible with FE6?

No, only fe8 US, I should probably clarify that

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In theory, you could import Narrow Font yourself via the Font Editorin FEB

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This is something I had done a while ago, but never got around to releasing it. Droppables AND Stealables indicators.


In addition to a nice looking green bag for droppables, If an item’s value is greater than 4000 gold, it will display a brown bag.

Credit to @Mkol, since I edited their droppable items code to add the stealable indicator

Note that you need HP bars installed for this to function, since it makes use of the expanded space


Oh, I was not aware that had been done already oof

Some people might prefer to only show higher value stealables, so it’s not a total waste :sweat_smile:


Even then people might like the graphics more