NarrowScriptConverter v0.3-alpha

Hello there.
This is a small program aiming at mass converting Fire Emblem 8 scripts into their NarrowFont equivalent. It converts every non-menu related text in a Vanilla FE8 script and is compatible with FEBuilder’s Skill System implementation. It also supports custom text commands for the serif weapon and effectiveness icons. Although I made this initially for Hiraeth : Legacies it should be Buildfiles compatible assuming the script structure is similar to FEBuilder’s export function.

The program is made so that you can reconvert already converted scripts if you made edits to the script itself.

How to use
  • Create a new folder (optional).
  • Put the downloaded .exe or .py in this folder.
  • Put the script to convert in the same folder as the .exe or .py .
  • Launch the program.
  • ???
  • Profit.
Converter Exclusive Text Commands

[CV]: Mounted Effectiveness, [AR]: Armored Effectiveness
[PG]: Flying Effectiveness, [DR]: Dragon Effectiveness
[SW]: Sword, [LC]: Lance, [AX]: Axe, [BW]: Bow
[LT]: Light, [AN]: Anima, [DK]: Dark, [SF]: Staff
[ALPHA]: α, [INF]: Infantry (Mounted + Armored), [WYV]: Wyvern (Flying + Dragon)

DOWNLOAD HERE (32-bit and 64-bit alongside the source code)

Most of the conversion range is hard coded but can be easily changed in the source code.
I’ll plan in the future to let the user choose what will be converted and perhaps make a graphical interface.


Maybe I did something wrong but every time I try to run it this happens?

Can you dm me the script you tried to convert ?

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I have fixed issues where Text Commands when alone in a line got confused with Text IDs.
I’d like to thank Ratouney for helping me figure out a way to fix it.
I’ve updated the download link in the op.
Here is the fix: