Scraiza's Crazy ASM

Hello, apologies if I’m bothering you but have you made this patch compatible with Skill system yet or no?

Is the steal display based on the value of the sell price or the full price?

Hey. I noticed that the Icon for dropables overtakes part of the Poison graphic.

And in gameplay, it looks bad

Isn’t there a way to place the brown bag in a different area of the icon sheet? Maybe right beside the green one in the area I marked with a question mark. Or maybe a way to make poison not display those tiles, if there is no other way.

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Ok, I am sharing a fix given to me by SomeonePassingBy. This fixes the issue of the patch overtaking part of the poison graphic. (This fix is shared with his permission)

Put the following at the very end of Display Droppable Item.event:

ORG 0x278a0 // Load Icon Position
SHORT 0x4b1e // ldr r3, =0x030

ORG 0x2789e // Change Blinking Icon Size
SHORT 0x4a22 // ldr r2, =0x8590F44

ORG 0x2791C // Icon Priority and Position
WORD 0x830

Then, in line 14 of FE8_Stealable_Droppable/asm/DroppableItem.asm, replace 0x840 with 0x831

And finally, drag “DroppableItem.asm” into “Assemble ARM.bat
(I don’t know how to code at all, so I have no idea how any of this works)

This will make it so the graphic for the Stealable Item brown bag is relocated to the space below the the Blue Diamond Icon, and to the Right of the Dancer Ring status Icon. This also changes the palette for the latter and forces it to be 8x8, but that is easily fixable.

This is the new Status Icon sheet I am using:

Also, the boot Icon, is for the Freeze Status. He also made a hack that makes the status display an icon different than that of Sleep. I will post the hack later, with his permission.

EDIT: Forgot a few steps

I tried Addin the Freelancer Patch to the patch2 folder of FEBuilder but it doesn’t appear.
Do I Have to do Something else?

You have to use the Insert EA menu, found in Advanced Menu (bottom left corner).
Make sure the installer is configured to your liking before installing.