[FE8] The Last Royal [19chapter Complete Hack] [Also has another version T2S with split promos and more!]

TBH I like doing big drops outta nowhere with no explanation, but It might take a while because I gotta playtest it (for the 30x time), so I’ll just say what I’m working on now.

Basically I still really like my hack and I wanted to do more with it, but I couldn’t think of a big game changing update without rebalancing like everything. So what I’ve decided on is this…
FE - The Last Royal T2S version! Which stands for… “Time to Split”!!!

Every playable character including Atlas, Serene now have the option of Split Promotions! Atlas can ride a horse, Liam can now become a General (Fortress), Erika can promote into a Unicorn Knight! Flora can become a flying dark mage! Jaxon can become a Dragoon! (has a skill that makes him super effective vs ALL flying units). But of course, Elliot, Fey and Flora can split promotion OR can still use a horse seal and become a horse mage!

But, that’s not all! T2S (Time to Split), will also mean almost EVERY BOSS has had their promotion changed! First boss is now a War Cleric from Warrior, Second boss is a Unicorn Knight instead of Duke! Muscles is now riding on a horse??? Not to mention the Mage Trio of Volcano, Storm and Augustus also have their own horses!!!

So this is currently in testing, and probably won’t be released for a week or two because of 5days 13hr shifts at work. But that’s what’s going on for me! Also it will be released seperately from the normal Last Royal, so you can play both versions without issues from eachother.

FINALLY: To help me with this hack I prewrote the entire story several times over so I just need to work on the gameplay, and not think of the story as I made the hack. BUT that doesn’t mean there wasn’t changes midway through based on how I felt. SOOOO, I’ll post the entire Original Story, before I started hacking riiiiiiiight here! (of course it’s super major spoilers, but most of the beginning is unchanged, so read at your own discretion)

OG Story before hacking started
  • Ch.3: Most of the beginning was the exact same. Alice was added in super late into development. The Golden Coin boss (Axcellia), was always planned. But they were just gonna be nameless and appear at the end of the story. But when I saw there was no swordmaster in the game I made Alice and then made her backstory, with that I decided her older sister was the Golden Coin leader so Axcellia was born.

  • Ch.5: Wrath of Zodiac was mostly the same chapter, except upon fleeing Rean and Sara (Serenes parents) would both die there hence why they aren’t in the rest of the game. Also Jaxon wasn’t added until superlate too when there was no playable Halberdier. Like I’m talking when I was making ch.14 type of late.

  • Ch.6/7 Salty Sea/Melting Iron, was supposed to be on the cliffs by Londoran instead of a sea battle. Thorn was originally a girl named Rose and a Pegasus Knight. Thorn/Roses mother Gira was also supposed to protect the castle instead of Braun and would die mid chapter.

  • Ch.11/12 Blackmoon Castle: After the capture of Artemis you were supposed to rest at the castle, and in the middle of the night the Golden Coin was supposed to attack and try to free Artemis from prison, of course they’d fail and then the story continues.

  • Ch.13: Galgorian, Wahnrin stay at Blackmoon Castle and Axiom was supposed to appear and help guard it too, while Atlas+Serene escort Artemis back to Londoran. Apollo is still alive and not assassinated, and Priscillas fate is still unknown (presumed dead). On the way back they are attacked at the border by disgruntled soldiers of Apollo. They blamed artemis because in the start of the war her soldiers burned and massacred the border villages, so the soldiers attack to try and kill her for their own vengeance.

  • Ch.14: Now we are back in Londoran and Artemis is handed over to Apollo+Levian to be executed days later. Priscilla is then revealed to be alive and hidden from the world as Artemis tried to execute her. Galgorian+Wahnrin convinced Axiom that Levian is evil and actually organized the whole fake killing of Priscilla to start the war, so their armies leave Blackmoon castle and start marching to Londoran to take it over.

  • Ch.15: On the day of Artemis’ execution the Golden Coin attack disrupting it and taking her away deeper into the castletown, as well as a surprise unit killing Apollo. Your party being splitup manage to control the battlefield. But then Levian, Noelle, Axcellia and Artemis are all missing. Upon searching the town you find Axcellia surrounded by soldiers holding a knife to Artemis and Levians throats who are both tied up and captured. Axcellia admits that the Golden Coin is ultimately controlled by the Zodiac, at that time Noelle surprise attacks her. Axcellia manages to slit and kill Levian while Artemis got away. At the end of the scuffle Noelle kills Axcellia.

  • Ch.16: Artemis broke her bonds and grabs a weapon trying to take Noelle on 1v1 (noelle also was a swordmaster). the Zodiac surrounding Atlas and crew then attack forcing Atlas to flee deeper into the castle as Artemis and Noelle duel it out.

  • Ch.17: Artemis is ultimately defeated by Noelle and is killed, and Noelle chases after Atlas. At the end of the battle, Atlas turns the tide against the Zodiac and with the help of Londoran soldiers beat them all. Noelle is left badly hurt but alive. In a rush she turns into a dragon and flies away.

  • Ch.18: Galgorian+Wahnrin+Axiom all arrive at Londoran with their armies to retake the capital. During the fight Olivia can talk to Onyx and turn him to your side, if both Winglies talk to their father Axiom also flips to your side. With everyones combined might the Zodiac fall, with Galgorian and Wahnrin also turning into dragons, as they escape they burn Londoran with their fires destroying a large portion of the cities as they flee north.

  • Ch.19: Galgorian+Wahnrin+Noelle in their dragon forms are at ancient ruins recovering from their wounds taken as a human. Atlas and crew arrive and challenge them to a fight. Remaining soldiers from Zodiac, Rising Sun, Golden Coin and Falling Moon join Galgorian and Friends to avenge their fallen leaders and take down Atlas seeing his as a Warmonger. In the end the Zodiac and everyone on their side has fallen and died.

  • Ch.19+: After the battle Atlas and Crew return to Londoran to help put out the flames, after most of the work is done Atlas leaves to check on Priscilla, finding her sitting on the throne with a knife in her hands she comitted suicide due to the bloodshed and treachery across her kingdom her young mind couldn’t handle the trauma. Serene appears and consoles a crestfallen Atlas. Towards the end of their conversation Graham appears and alerts them that a huge naval fleet approaches Raygon. They fly the banner of Zodiac and Vahn Tark. A messenger appears declaring war on them. Atlas tells they to bring it on and as the new Zodiac Leader, Atlas will make sure no more harm comes to him people.

  • Ending: Atlas takes over as kingdom leader and repels the Vahn Tark assault, after a few years he gathers his soldiers and invades Vahn Tark burning it all to the ground and ending the kingdom then he returns home and is known around the world as a “World Ender” and the country of Raygon is left alone until the end of it’s days centuries later.


Hello there, I’m playing TLR the 2nd time after the first release since I kinda liked it (even though I would like to erase CH 5 from existence) but I’m currently at CH 3 and realized that Fey’s growths were nerfed even further. Can you explain why you did this? I can kinda understand that you wanted to balance her leveling after just 4 heals, but her growths are seriously bad, they are even lower than Grahams (who is this games prepromote who even gets a lance that increases his growths by +20%). In my opinion it would be better to replace Foresight with Blossom (doubles growths, but halves exp gain), that way she would be able to get good levels like everyone else, but would level slower to make sure you can’t just powerlevel through staff abuse

Honestly the main reason is because even at post-game she was too safe (hence her skill being changed to this one), and even then her stat gains mad her max a few stats shockingly. Namely Mag/Skl and Res/Spd got constantly really high. And My main goal with Fey was for her to be an HP tank and healer. So she isn’t supposed to do much else except have high numbers.

I’ll admit that is probably a good replacement skill, not to mention in the new version I’m working on she can split promo into a Warrior Monk so it would make more sense that way. I’ll probably update the main one and the T2S version when I finally release it.,

Why does the Mercenary to Veteran come with a -4 Skill penalty?

Like this is the second time (first was sniper and crystal sage) where there was an active loss of skill rather than a gain- and comsidering how the Game’s AS system works, I gotta ask- why is it like that?

Of you’re talking about Promotion, it’s a visual glitch because the stat ups are above 13 so it messed up like that. But actuality it’s a positive bonus. To see the exact numbers you have to compare it. I might just post a separate sheet with the numbers later too

You can use the patch to increase the maximum single number in a stat-ups that can be displayed in promotion:

I think it’s in builder but I forget what it’s called.

Huh, okay. I see now.

Next thing…

Weird to me:

The Last Royal_1629940734174
The Last Royal_1629940737172

Why do the two have such different Aid stats despite being both mounted units…? The heck…?

It doesn’t make sense either because Olivia (who also flies) even when promoted only has like 8 Aid despite having 12 con.

Gonna be honest, No idea about aid. I just setup Con and then I “think” aid is 25 for fliers and 20 for non-flier

you need to set the “mounted aid calc” class byte in the class editor to true

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How does Cronus get to promote to Assassin?

Spoilers 2: ELectric Boogaloo

He has to get an A support with Fey, and after the convo you get an item. that is his promo item into Assassin.

In That Case...

I think there was a bug with mine then because I don’t recall getting the item in question even though I gave them an A-Support.

I didnt skip it either, so it just strikes me as weird it didnt trigger…

Spoilers 4: It's time to get serious

Apparently the patch was removed somehow, so it’s not there. I should def fix that asap lol

edit: oh the patch was considered old and there’s a new one. lemme fix it

edit2: the A support should be Fey asking Cronus to murder Yen’fay btw, so if you got that convo then it super bugged

v1.2.6 is here, it’s a couple small changes but necessary nevertheless.

Quick rundown: Fey gets Blossom as a skill, her growths change so now she’s better. Braun is also slightly better, Cronus can become an assassin again, Horseslayers hit horsemages properly now.

Detailed 1.2.6 Changelist (also in download link)

FE: The Last Royal
Version 1.2.6 Changelog

=-=-= =-=-= =-=-= Characters =-=-= =-=-= =-=-=
Fey: New Skill Blossom! (Halves EXP, Doubles Growth Rates)
Fey Growth Rates: Str:15%->25%, Mag: 40%->30%, Skl: 45%->40%, Spd: 40%->25%, Luk: 55%->40%, Def: 20%->10%, Res: 35%->20%

(Fey’s Before vs After Growth Rates with Blossom Activated)
HP: 135%, Str: 15%, Mag: 40%, Skl: 45%, Spd: 40%, Luk: 55%, Def: 20%, Res: 35%
HP: 270%, Str: 50%, Mag: 60%, Skl: 80%, Spd: 50%, Luk: 80%, Def: 20%, Res: 40%

Braun: growth rates: HP:115%->145%, Skl:50%->65%, Res:60%->65%, Luk:40%->50%, Mag:35%->40%

Cronus can now properly (once again) promote into an Assassin after certain conditions are met.

=-=-= =-=-= =-=-= Classes =-=-= =-=-= =-=-=
Female Bishop: Mag Cap 30->34 (to better reflect Fey changes.)

Some Mounted Classes got proper Con/Aid support: (mage knight, valkyrie, dark knight etc)

=-=-= =-=-= =-=-= Items =-=-= =-=-= =-=-=
Horse Slaying weapons now properly effect Horse Mages (Mage Knight, Valkyrie, Dark Knight)

I’m also heavily working on the T2S (Time to Split) version where every playable character can split promo like base FE8. Almost everything is done and I’m just playtesting the last few chapters. Working 12ish hour shifts 5-6days a week got in the way, but it’s still happening!


I’m alittle confused on what all the T2S version will be. Is it the exact same story and everything just that they’ll have split promotions?

Yeah, split promotions for every playable character which means alot of new classes, all bosses also had their job changed since every boss is promoted.

And I tried but it was limited to change every map to a different Palette then the Original, also some new music replacing the old ones. Enemies color changed from red->black including all battle animations.

Also due to a… “Technical” error, all magic animations were reset, so I had to readd them all in. And because I have a shit memory some of them will be different and some are just upgraded. (Lagdou Flux for instance is upgraded to a cooler one.)

=-= but yes, story is the same and final bosses with special classes are the same. This is just for people who like split promos, or just wanted another truck through the game.

Promo Examples: Obvious Spoilers Ahead: Atlas gets a horse, Serene gets a Pegasus. Olivia can cast Anima Magic. So can Alice, Fey can become a Warrior Monk and gets an Axe. Griffons are here, Black Knights who wield Lance+Dark magic, Red Mages who can have Swords/Anima/Staff (hello Thorn).

I have a question, does the Arena in CH 5 count as a unique arena for Jaxon’s Arena Master skill? And if yes, which skill does it give?

Nevermind just checked, the arena gives nothing

Yeah the Ch.4/5 Arena is the same one, and that’s why I had to mention specifically unique arena because that was asked alot

The Last Royal T2S (Time to Split) Version 1.0 is finally out and completed!

So once again, all playable characters can promote into two classes like FE8. Their original class and a different one, most of them are new some are reusued. This also doesn’t stop you from using Horse Seals, or the First Contract.

New Classes include: Spell Blade, Vanguard, Black Knight, Holy Knight, Great Nomad, Sniper Nomad, Wyvern Sage, Red Mage, War Monk, Dragoon.

Of course because players can promote into different classes, ALL bosses excluding Ch.14/16/17/End are a different new class, most wield the same weapon type but some have been changed drastically.

Besides that Map Changes are very minimal, new classes mean new enemies have different more threatening classes. Player sprites are now Purple, Enemies are Black. If the Map could change palette colors I had it changed, some are the same though.

That’s pretty much it from what I remember. Mostly everything should be the same from the v1.2.6 but chances are I missed a few details. If you want another go through the game I’d play this version, but for your first time I’d use the standard one.

Of course thankyou for all the feedback and support you have shown for the hack it means alot!