Fire Emblem Ferrica: Project Kenko

Hi, I know I haven’t posted much on here, but this is my first hack, And I wanted to put it out here for the world to see, I’ll take any criticism, as long as it’s constructive. This hack was made all by myself, but I used animations from the ultimate repo.
Things in this hack:
Skill system
recolored base FE portraits because I couldn’t figure out how to splice
Completed story and endings
generic recruitables
a poorly done title screen :confused:
This hack uses Single Rn, and hit caps at 95 and can’t go below 15. just a heads up.

Supports aren’t finished yet, but I plan to finish them soon. I hope you enjoy my hack!
V 1.1: patched in Autonewline, seriously, how did I just find this now, this would of made my life so much easier.
V 1.2: Rasputin no longer freezes the game when attacking at range, The lovers now are recruited normally instead of coming back from the dead, Z’s recruitment conversation is now actually used in-game.
V 1.3: Updated Boss descriptions and Chapter Objectives, Fixed reforging going out of the screen, (if you find any more instances of this happening, please let me know!) Made golden weapons give 8 weapon experence but no longer negate critical hits.
Here’s the Link.
V 1.4: fixed a major softlock in chapter 6 if you don’t deploy skyla, fixed secret character solo ending, other various bug fixes
V 1.5: fixed a game-breaking glitch where lily is leveled down to lvl 0 during chapter 17x, made vulkars summon paladins instead of phantoms.
V 1.6: Did a bunch of balance changes, mainly focusing on skill distribution, also fixed the link.

P.S: Nothing thrills me more then watching people play my games, so if anyone does a lets play of it, I’d greatly appriciate it.

flasuban (Updated soldier sprites)
nuramon (villager sprite)
seal (Armored Wight sprite)
Mageknight404 (pegasus knight sword animations)
Hexatator, and shadowofchaos (Special great lord animations)
Spud (recruit animations)
TBA (Male Halberdier animations)
Black Mage (Female Halberdier animations)
Eldrilich Abomination (female thief/Traveller animation)
Blademaster (Dark Druid animations)
AMbrosiac (Faceless mage portrait)


This is your first hack, so I’ll tell you what most others will. You need to put screenshots with your stuff so people will be enticed to play. Think of it as eye candy. Anyway, I might give it a play.


i’ll give it a play for sure, but how many chapters does the romhack have so far?

It’s 25 chapters, with 4 mini-chapters.

I like the palettes and the starting team seems cool I will give it a try.
Some polish is needed there are still typos,some weapons are named dummy and some fonts are a bit jankys.

I don’t really care about that I am more of a gameplay guy than anything
I will try to note what I find tho

Tried this out & recorded it. New to youtube, so any feedback would be appreciated.


Since a number of textboxes were oversized, I would recommend the simplest fix of just using Auto Newline. You just put a command at the start of each conversation and won’t have to worry about oversized textboxes. There’s a patch in febuilder or you can find the source linked below:

generic recruitables

Count me in. I’ll give it a try at some point sooner or later.

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I am in chapter 6 so here are some thoughts: Overall I love the idea some most units. I got a softspot for Rasputin. I love playing as monster. The thief with steal + is not a bad idea buit gives the player acces to some very stong staffs early and in some chapters like in chapter 5 he got a lot of work. Most units seems pretty balanced ,the growts rates seems a bit hight I wonder how it would scale in the late game.
The reforging mechanic seems pretty fun and restoring some weapons to their former glory is pretty cool + it makes you want to hoard less.
There is some bug with some portraits of the generic units.
Some supports have the wrong characters (usally I won’t talk about this since some great hacks like justice and pride from @MrGreen3339 don’t have supports but you seem to have writen some supports)
The recruitement conv when recruiting Z is bugged the one where you recruit rapier is displayed.
Speaking of recruitment , I think the way you recruit the 2 lovers is quite weird since you need to kill them both. I think it would be more logical if you spared them and they joined you afterwards
In the chapter with the green unit the fog and the zombie I had a ghost zombie which didn’t exist yet I could see him regenerating his health and his attack range.

Overall nothing game breaking the game seems stable.(if you use a javelin with Rasputin the games freezes tho)
I am enjoying my time there. It’s only my opinion but I think you should rework the map design to add more time constrains and anti turtling insentive. I think the game would be more challenging, interresting and replayable that way. But maybe you should want to emulate fe 8 map design in that case you’re pretty close from fe8

Thank you so much for the feedback, to be honest, I never thought to use a javelin on Rasputin, so i’ll see what I can do about that. Also, I guess I messed up a value, because you are supposed to spare the lovers in order to recruit them. oops.

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Welp… Nice to be a full vers. hack
But some chapter goals are wrong and a lot of bosses has vanilla desc
And what does golden weapons do?
(Why so many units and traineesat the first chapters of the gane)
Theres a magic ring item that sells for 0 gold in a general store in ch4a
Lilys sword doesnt state its effective against monster
Sometimes the words just extends out of the bubble and (u wont know the cursor is at yes or no at reforge place)
And the travellers level limit is not 10

For chapter goals and boss descrtiptions, I plan to fix that in the next update, as for why you get so many units at the start, this game was based on a Fire Emblem IRL campaign I did with my brother, obviously the characters have changed a lot from then to now, but the amount remains the same. Golden weapons give the aptitude skill when equipped, and negate criticals as long as they are in a units inventory. unfortunately aptitude is broken, so the main draw of golden weapons are gone. in the next update I will make them give more weapon experience to make up for this. the magic ring is not supposed to be in the shop, so thanks for telling me, Autonewline should fix the diolouge extending out of the box, so make sure you are using the latest version. thank you for the feedback, and sorry for the wall of text.

Hello all, I’m having a great time playing this hack. Is there a recruitment guide anywhere?

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Umm ineed help

Where do i go??

Same ~ need recuitment list TvT

sorry for the late reply, you were intended to use skyla to rescue them out of that cliff area to seize, pretty stupid of me to make this a easy softlock, I’ll make sure to update it so this can’t happen soon

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You have pair ending of Lily and Kenko? i love the cute couple. I got support C ~ But B and A do not have dialoge?

yeah, supports aren’t finished yet. I’m working on it.

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I shall wait TvT got C support but when restore kenko from death ~ need support 1 again ~ i wish i can have pair ending of them ╰(´︶`)╯ kenko truly love Lily as C support he he

Is this normal that level of lily drop too 0 on the trail map 17x??? Please help i cant continue