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Special Showcase

The extra cool parts of a hack.

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Sengoku Oda’s Prologue 5 [Shuusuke’s thread]

Preview a Hack

The opening chapter or two of a game.

Complete works:

In progress works:

I hope that in making previews of many hacks that people will be encouraged to try out more of them. I started with youtube recently, so any support or feedback is appreciated. I’m also open to suggestions on what other types of videos to make.

If you’d like to request your hack be previewed, please message me on discord: Vesly#3053


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This is a pretty cool idea. Showcasing (especially lesser known) hacks is a nice help to the creators. Thanks for making one of my Sengoku : Oda hack.


Made a little guide on using FEBuilder’s difference debug tool. Also recorded my FEE3 video yesterday, so look forward to that in a few weeks! :slight_smile:

I’ve also reformatted the first post. Woo, tables!

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Instead of cannibalizing an existing thread, I’d prefer if you used the #drafts category. I’ve given you permissions to post in there.

hey I was being sneak about it, when I use #drafts it means it’s bumped to the top so everyone can see it whenever I hit save which I’d rather avoid

blew my cover, I fix it back afterwards lol

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