Project Kenko Revamp

After finetuning my hack, I feel like it’s worth reposting it with it’s new coat of paint. I wasn’t happy with the quality of the old version that I released, it had bugs, grammatical errors, and major bugs. Recently I got the motivation to clean it up and rebalance it. Seeing as how the rushed version was somewhat well received, I hope you guys will enjoy a version that (hopefully) doesn’t make you go “how did he miss that”. This hack includes:
A new soundtrack
new animations
Rebalanced Skill System
New Character portraits
Full 23 chapters of gameplay and story, along with 5 mini-chapters.
95 hit cap, 15 minimum hit
100% completed C supports
Generic Playables
Well balanced characters (at least I think)
A shoddy title screen
I hope you give it a try!

Project Kenko Revamp.emulator
Project Kenko Revamp.emulator1
Project Kenko Revamp.emulator2
Project Kenko Revamp.emulator4

Class Animations
Teraspark (Tactician)
Nuramon (M. Tactician)
Hextator, shadowofchaos, (Great Lord Special)
TBA (Knight Axe)
Keks_Krebs, Beccarte, SD9K (Female Assassin)
Marlon0024, SHYUTERz (dark dragon)
MK404 (Peg knight sword)
Flasuban, Nuramon, Knabepicer (Falcoknight/Dawnbringer)
Maiser6, Raiden, Jeorge_Reds (Cleric Sword)
Flasuban (All Soldier Variants)
Seal (Wight Anims)
Blademaster (fe8-compatable dark druid)
Eldritch Abomination (Traveller)
TBA (Male Halberdier)
Black Mage (Female Halberdier)
TBA, shadowofchaos, Sme, Shtick (Dark Flier)
Weapon Animations
SHYUTERz (Dark Breath, Lunacy, Rapture, Dragonbreath, Mortis)
Scarlet Sword animation By Mikey Seregon
Sme (Dracana)
Lily by Mrgreen3339
Kenko by MeatofJustice
Grall by XVI
Flora by XVI
Keeven by AmBrosiac
Nagu by Ambrosiac
Viper by CapibaralnSpace
Karla by DerTheVaporeon
Venus by Levin64
Maras by Toa
Alexander by SSHX
Jeremy by Levin64
Jimmy by GenericPretsel
Ashiya by AmBrosiac
Z by Its_Just_Jay
Rapier by Doot
Chester by Smokeyguy77
Laila by knabepicer
Vulkar by LaurentLacoixls
Bob by L95
Skyla by Zarg
Angeline by CaplbaralnSpace
Nulla By Cravat
Adlehyde By RandomWizard
Lucy by 7743
Ryan by LaurentLacroix
James by RandomWizard
Lumen by LaurentLacroix
Zack by HyperGammaSpaces
Light by Nuramon
Raven by RandomWizard
Sara by WAve
FE3 main theme by Sme
Alm map 1 by Hypergammaspace
Celica map 1 by Sme
Castlevania Circle of the moon: awake by RSflame
FE11: the time to act by saXor_the_Nobody
Castlevania 4: simons theme by A_Reliable_Chair
Alm Enemy Phase by Hpyergammaspace
Celica Enemy Phase by Pandan
Castlevania Order of Ecclesia: Lament to the master by Sme
Castlevania Order of Ecclesia: Sorrow’s Distortion by Dolkar
Clock Tower: Evil Church by Dolkar
Castlevania Big Battle: awake by RandomWizard
FE2 Defend 1 by Hypergammaspaces
FE2 Boss battle by Hypergammaspaces
Vs arvis by SaXor_The_Nobody
Etrian Odyssey: Dyed in Blood by RandomWizard
FE11: Leaps and bounds by SaXor_the_Nobody
FE11: Preparations by RSflame
FE15: Twilight of the gods by Sme
Shenmue: Land of eternity by Pandan
Etrian Odyssey: Forbidden Forest by Alusq

Thank you all for making this dream of mine into a reality.


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