[FE8] Tactician naming

Want a tactician in your hack? Don’t want to miss out on all the cool FE8 stuff?

Now you can have the best of both worlds!

Simply place this code at the start of your world map events:

//optional: use asm to write a name to 0x202bd10 to prefill the default name
ASMC 0x48281 //name selection

Then include this anywhere:

  ORG $44800
  BYTE 9 //max name length
  ORG $482bA
  BYTE 9 //max cursor position

As with FE7, use the [Tact] code to show the tactician’s name in dialogue.

To use the tactician name for a character:

ORG (TextTable+(4*textID))
WORD 0x8202bd10
POP //tactician name

Big thanks to @StanH for finding the name selection screen


Yet another way that FE7 is obsolete.


Excuse me, i apologize por the necroposting, can someone give me a ups patch?
I can’t install this

Sorry。Can you make this patch adapt to fe8j,or ups patch。So I can make this patch adapt to fe8j。

In FE8J, it becomes the following address.

You can call it with FEBuilderGBA with the following instructions.

211A0000410D00009981040820220000 名前入力画面の呼び出し(@0080@0020で参照) {MAP} {J}
211A0000410D00009981040820220000 Call name input screen(it use @0080@0020) {MAP} {J}
211A0000410D00009981040820220000 呼叫姓名输入屏幕(请参阅@0080@0020) {MAP} {J}

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Thank you for your address,but I still dont konw how to use this event.Can you give me event text of Event Assembler ,add this patch to fe builder gba .sorry about my ignorance

Sorry,I get it, I dont need any patch。

I use this way,but when I use the 8020 name the unit,I check the name and game frozen.
unit s name and weapon s description cant use the code 8020,but unit s description and weapon s name can use
the 8020 code,can you help me

I get it, the fe8j s address is 0202bd0c ,use 0c bd 02 82 can make uint name