Community ASM Bounty List

People in the FEU discord wanted a thread like this, so I’m making it, there might have been a similar thread in the past, but if that’s true, it’s buried now

This is a wiki post, so feel free to add your requests in the list, along with your name.
For completed requests, strikethrough out the ASM from the list and add a link to the thread with said ASM.

The Bounty List:

  • [FE8U] Skill Scrolls, for the skill system (@P33RL355)
  • [FE8U] Fourth Allegiance (@P33RL355)
  • [FE8U] Modular map sprite palettes per chapter (@P33RL355)
  • [FE8U] Integrate gaiden magic into skill system
  • [FE8U] Tellius-style skill capacity in skill system
  • [FE8U] Modular battle music attack/defense per chapter (@Arch)
  • [FE8U] Functioning skills tied to equipped weapons, compatible with current skills system. (@Zmr)
  • [FE8U] I know there’s a STR/MAG split floating around somewhere, but it’d be nice if it was packaged up in a zip with install instructions. (@Zeta)
  • [FE8U] Combat Arts ala Three Houses or Echoes Style (@Ganzapy)

Doesn’t circles randomizer have these? Not sure if the source is public, though.

iirc they teach random skills. Making them teach specific skills would be trivial if you’re willing to accept each scroll using an item entry.


Some personal requests and ideas

Range Fix 2.0 - Make it so enemies with both staves and weapons will display both ranges and not just attack range (attack [red] squares take priority) (stretch goal - make enemy staff range also display when pressing select, add a tertiary color for when they overlap)

Statues - Display-only map sprites, can be toggled on or off via events, can be set to any faction palette, can be set to animate or not animate

Objective Display counter - Display a manually created counter in the mini objective display on the map, can be incremented / decremented / set / reset using events, counter text will flash green when it is one away from max

Summon Table 2.0 - Ability to set summoned class type and possible weapons per unit instead of just the unitID (Stretch goal - ability to summon multiple classes, brings up a menu when summoning, can set level requirements for each class type)

Tellius Torches - New trap item, torches can be lit when standing next to them and will expand FoW range, can set lighting range, duration and fade (ex vision range lowers by one each turn). Torches will display the amount of turns lit remaining when hovered over.

Modular Weapon Types - Modular installer to add more weapon types (knives, dragonstones, etc)

Debuffs 2.0 - Add a visual effect when debuffs are applied, as well as a visable icon on the map sprite (similar to other status conditions)

MMB More Items - When only the first item is displayed on MMB, add an indicator if the unit has more than one item

Item Warning - On warnings/HP bars, add an icon for when enemies have an item that can be stolen, or an item that drops

AOE Magic - Area of effect magic. Likely modular. Would need a map animation for the attack that copies on all targeted tiles. Would still provide exp.

Skill System Compatibility:
Escape and Seize - Integrate escape and global seize (anyone can seize) (original by Sme)

Global Push - Make an option for push to function like Tellius (global command for non-mounted units, cannot be used on mounted units)

Reaver Split - Make the “Triple Weapon Triangle” and “Reverse Weapon Triangle” effects separate weapon bitflags (original by crazycolorz)

Cannot Double - Add a weapon bitflag that makes the weapon unable to double (original by crazycolorz)

Cannot Critical - Set weapon crit to 255 to make it unable to land critical hits


[FE8U] Modular battle music attack/defense per chapter

I think it already exists.

Set the attack BGM for each chapter.
You can also change each unit.

Set the attack BGM for each chapter.

Defense BGM has the same meaning as enemy attack BGM.
The enemy’s attack BGM can also be set chapter by chapter.
The attack BGM of NPC can be set similarly.


Some would be an understatement there Pik.


AOE Magic - in progress, I’ve got something similar in the works which can be used as a basis
Reaver Split - I have an implementation (will upload but it’s based off an old Colorz hack)
Summon Table 2.0 - I have a partial implementation with my Summon Rework


I’m kind of taking a break from wizarding right now (AutoNewline took a huge amount of effort), but I’ll think about adding this to ChangeChapterObjective.


Cannot Double

(conflicts with SkillSystems).

Cannot Critical

These are realized by hooking the routine and setting the table, not setting the item flag.


Pour one out for the old thread. I wonder how much of that is still valid now.


really makes you think


How about separating the Affinity/Weapon Rank/Movement Icon list from the Item Icon list?


Modular map sprite palettes per chapter

Add Event: Switch Map Palette (Byte 0x92/146)

Set the second palette in the chapter data free space.
And you can switch by enabling flag 0x28.
However, this method is a little cumbersome.
I think that it is necessary to reimplement it using the same technique as ChangeChapterObjective.


Here are some requests and ideas;

Stats buff against specific weapons- The specific weapon will only have stats boost activated when fighting against specific weapons.

Exp gain - Change the amount of exp gained for units more or less.

Weapon triangle advantage against specific weapons - The ability to have specific weapons have advantage over other specific weapons.

Hide the win/loss/draw counter - Hides the win/lose/draw status from displaying on the character screen.

Reset the win/loss/draw counter- Resets the vs counter that’s displaying for the character.

Switch name by class, chapter, flag - Change the name for the character depending on it’s class, chapter or flag.

Custom class name for characters - Change the name for the specific character’s class depending on it’s class, chapter or flag.

Custom map sprites for characters - Depending on the specific character, which class, chapter and/or flag, will have a unique moving and hover map sprites.

Player placement fix - The player placements depends on the last loaded units on the start event, even when it’s not used in the event. This makes it able to load the last loaded units instead.


Stats buff against specific weapons
Exp gain
Weapon triangle advantage against specific weapons

I think that it will be solved if the skill can be given to the weapon.
With FE8J’s FE8NSkill, weapons can be given skills such as “Paragon”.
I’m not sure how to implement FE8U SkillSystems.

Hide the win/loss/draw counter

With SkillSystems, it may not work??


This is accomplished by Modular EXP.


Tellius-Style Promotions - Units promote automatically by leveling up after level 20 while still having the choice of using promotion items.


Skill System actually hides this by default using MSS. The area where it was drawn is used for displaying skills.


If so, I think that it works with my patch because it is a target ROM that does not contain SkillSystems.


Reset the win/loss/draw counter

I created a routine to reset BWL Record.
However, SkillSystems extends this area, so I don’t think it will work at the same time.


This is also already done more or less, and it’s implemented by Sacred Echoes and Legends of Avenir. Tweaking it wouldn’t be too difficult. (Credit goes to Teq and Gamma for this I think. Please correct me if I’m wrong.)