The Communal To-Do List

This is what’s called a “wiki post.” It’s one of those cool discourse features, so anybody can edit this list. It’s pretty great. You’re welcome.

Golden rule: be respectful. Make sure we’re adding substantive well-thought requests.

I think it would be helpful if we included all knowledge on how to do something or what else we would need to do something as well, so someone else can pick up from what one person doesn’t know ~@Crazycolorz5

Mechanic Modifications:

  • Contemporary FE style talk and support, where using these commands does not end the initiating unit’s turn. ~@dondon151 (unfortunately in making this edit I somehow slightly broke the bullet formatting in this section)
  • Should be doable by editing the data written back at the end of the routine… See the data written back by Wait, and contrast that with Item. ~@Crazycolorz5
  • Levels and stats allowed to go over 31(Maybe go to 40 or something, nothing stupidly high) Originally I just though about stats over 31(iirc Blazer coded an item that allowed for this to occur but I can’t find the video on YT), but in tandem with the non-level reset patch Nintenlord made, it might work out pretty well? I’m not sure, I’m only really interested in stats going to 40 as opposed to the normal 31 limit. ~ @dancer_A
  • If I recall correctly, the difficulty is that FE save files save stats in 6 bits when making save files(limiting the stat to 31). The patch to get around this, somewhat, changes the saving and loading to remove the class’s base stats and re-add them on(if you ask me it reminds me of dehydrating and reconstituting food, but I’m etting off topic), but limits stats to 31+class base. So unless someone did a huge overhaul of the entire save system, I don’t think this is possible. ~@Crazycolorz5
  • Saves allow negative values, right? Couldn’t you just theoretically bump up all the class bases by an arbitrary number e.g. 10 and then bump down everyone’s personal bases by 10? ~@Agro
  • FEditor already does this @CT075
  • I reread over the documentation and FEditor’s patch indeed only subtracts the character bases and not the class bases. ~@Crazycolorz5
  • Should be doable with an expasnion of the save data, and reallocation of save space. (Read: A Royal Pain but doable)
  • Change Animation 1 & 2 to both display backgrounds. 1 is normal animations, 2 is animations on player phase only. Nintenlord has documentation on hacking these options for The Last Promise’s DS backgrounds.
  • @Venno has already accomplished this, with intent to replace the solo command as well, which frees up a byte of memory for character data.
  • Change the supply mechanics such that character 0x3A (Merlinus) doesn’t have to be loaded to make storage/battle prep shop accessible. ~@Agro
  • Having luck affect level ups maybe? Something like --> this thing here
    I don’t have a clue how balanced this is obviously, but it’s a thought. ~@Dancer_A
  • Remember when @Arch was making FireShell, and he tried repointing the Event Pointer table, but only the indices that were meant to be events could be used for events? Or rather, that they are even automatically loaded for the chapter? Change this routine to read off of some table so we can make an arbitrary number of events.

Event Routines:

  • Being able to increase/decrease stats on command. ~@Agro
  • The actual increase or decrease of stats shouldn’t be difficult, but making the popup telling you “defense increase” or whatnot is going to be a pain~@Crazycolorz5.
    • Better than nothing, I guess. If anything, one can always use the brown text box or otherwise to display the same information. ~@Agro
    • Making text info boxes on items (e.g. "Weapon Level increased") ~@Crazycolorz5
    • Taking another look at this, probably just moving the active unit over and then calling the stat up routine might be sufficient ~@Crazycolorz5
  • Being able to increase/decrease(idk when this would be necessary) levels on command(and thus changing stats based off of accurate level rolls). ~@Dancer_A
  • Check out Nintenlord’s Notes/Stats/level up.txt There’s some offsets to some routines there. That could be a starting point to implementation.~@Crazycolorz5
  • A condition to check if unit X has danced in Y turns(preferably not related to events, but hardcoded into the unit’s data, but idk how that would go about), and if not, give them a condition(sleep in my case) for Z turns(the turns would be static, but this is for anyone’s possible use) ~@Dancer_A

Custom Item Routines:


  • Finally figure out how the vanilla spell engine works! ~@CT075
  • Understand how animation data for map sprites is interpreted ~@Lexou

AI Modifications:

  • Teaching enemies to handle cavaliers moving after attack. ~@Arch


  • Await FEXNA’s release.

Completed Tasks:

  • Map the prototype’s “danger” command to the select button. ~@Arch (completed by @circleseverywhere)

Please sign your bulletpoints/comments.

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@Siuloir the support conversation hack allows you to set event IDs during a support conversation so IMO this is unnecessary. In addition to this, if support levels are being raised through events it wouldn’t be that hard to attach a permanent event ID to them and basing a condition off that later on. It’s one of the main reasons I requested that hack.

Sure would save some permanent event IDs though.

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About the dance staff, I know SquareRootofPi on SF has a replacement for the Valk staff in his FE4 remake that fully heals and makes all your units move again(like dance), ask him?

Go to 0:50

I had assumed it would be covered under the auspices of that hack, but I wanted to throw it in for a point of clarity. Nice.

Ooh wait, actually that gives me an idea. I assumed that worked by looping through all deployed units and setting its turn status to 0. I guess I could just go into the “targeted unit” place(wherever that was lol I can find it in docs somewhere) and set that unit’s turn status to 0.

… Still will require an item expansion. I’ll wait for Fire Shell for most of these I guess.

I motion that we make this sticky. And perhaps repurpose it from “Communal ASM” to “Communal Requests” in general, and ASM being a subcategory. I think this is a good organization method to increase the general knowledge base and providing useful things for all. (Also would go well with an index of things we’ve spliced together).


On that “level up on command” thing; FE8 does about the same thing in Chapter 15 (and possibly Chapter 8) when it loads the route-exclusive units, including the Lord who gets autoleveled to Level 15 if they weren’t at that level already. There might be something to lean from there.

(Or we could learn how the world map works and hack from FE8! That’s about the only major missing piece aside from CG’s.)

From what I remember, he replaced the Luck stat with Mag, and the Mag stat would randomly increase out of nowhere. I know Pi from SF(he was mentioned earlier) managed to make his own Str/Mag split, and managed to keep the luck stat as well. You could try asking him for some of his notes? This is what his stat screen looks like, and this would be his level up screen.

From nintenlord’s notes, he used other bytes(not luk), I believe. Which means it’s understandable for why it might increase out of no where. I’ll try asking Pi.

Changes Damage and Hit calculations to enable Crossbow weapons: Damage = (Mgt * (2.5 for T1 or 3 for T2)), instead of (Str+Mgt). Hit = (Str+Skl) instead of (Skl2). Can assign this to specific classes (which would override the formula for all bows, for crossbows as a class), or to specific weapons (for crossbows as a subtype of bow).

This shouldn’t be difficult; this is probably at the top of my workbench and I can probably crank it out in a week or so if time permits

I’m hoping to abstract this concept in my modular battle calculation routine. Also that’s an idea; I should check for class skills as well.

I’d be interested in helping out with that (if you don’t mind me intruding, of course~); I have a couple ideas for that myself

Let’s continue this over PM

That was the original Str/Mag split, which was completely functional. It replaced LUK with MAG, CON with LUK, and determined the CON buffer from STR again (FE9/10-style).

The second attempt is well-documented in his notes. The newly created magic stat (he made a whole new stat for this) didn’t save the value properly in memory and was prone to random increases throughout standard gameplay.

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Wait, what? Is this patch included in his notes? Or are you referring to pi’s?

Yup. It’s the “old” folder of the Str/Mag split folder, under FE7.

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I added some more wishes to the list. Trying to get some more “unique” recruitment ideas (no thanks @AlfredKamon for upping the recruitment game -__-)

Recruitment ideas… what if a certain unit can only be recruited by a certain item? Example: any of the player characters can talk to said unit, but they must have an item in their inventory. (For instance: a letter that has important info, or a story relevant locket, etc.) The character isn’t hard to talk to, but the challenge is getting the item.

Just throwing out ideas?

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