Myi64's box of unoptimized ASMs

I’m going to start posting all my ASM that I create here, they work but they are probably unoptimized but ehh who cares it works. Anyways here is the repository for the ASMs I made: Repository of ASMs

If you find a way to make this better and more optimized than by all means tell me so I can update them.



Enter Town ASM (or any chapter by technicality) V.1.1

Simple, adds a script to have the player to enter towns (and by that I mean chapter) and explore and return seamlessly to the world map. god this took a while to make but I’m happy with it.

Update: I made some mistakes and was unclear on how to install it. This has been hopefully addressed now with better organization and now include instruction on installing.

Enter Town
Chapter Title


Limited Summoning

I’m out here after school looking at the Community ASM Bounty List and saw a request to make a limit on summoning and I thought to myself, “Yeah I’ve got like 1 week of asm knowledge, I can do this.” And here we are.

Anyways this is, as usual, probably unoptimized, It’s limited to the 3 characters who can summon in the game (but that can be changed) and also uses trap data to store information, but it not like one person is going to put over 50 traps in a map right? Regardless it limits the amount of times you can summon to half your magic stat. This is not shared between the three btw, it a specific amount for each.

The good boy…
has 22 magic so he can summon 11 times.
22 Mag
The boi
The Boi
(sets summon count to 11 at this point)
No more boi
No More Boi
No more bois
No More Bois


Limited Grinding
“You enjoying the game so far?”
“Yeah, I’m having a lot of fun so far! I was thinking of grinding up at the tower of valni later.”
“What did you just say?”
“Yeah, I was just thinking about maybe grinding up at the T O W E R O F V A L N I
“Don’t you – ever say those words again.”
“Wait, wh-”

anyways I made an asm to limit the times you can access the tower or ruins to 3 times per chapter. These values are sperate and both can be used 3 times, for a total of 6 total times per chapter. And it 3 per chapter no more, it doesn’t carry on if you didn’t use all three in the previous chapter, and it should not have a cap in creature campaign. oh and hope you weren’t planning on using a tactician name cause… yeah I needed permanent writeable data and that’s the best I could do. (psst this was also a request on the Community ASM Bounty List)

There’s the tower
One tower
The Forbidden Area
There’s it is again
Two tower
We Inside The Area
Oh hey look it’s a giant spider, what a cool monster who definitely not eat people in ch. 6
Red tower
Hey did anyone else train up amelia after getting her in ch9 here
No more tower… (Pain+)
No More Tower
but beat a chapter…
Everybody always making debates between paladin amelia of general amelia but like great knight is the best by far


How exactly would l install the Enter Town assembly? There’s no centralized file and only two of the ASM files are pointed to in an event file. Also, the event files look for DMP files, but there are only ASM files.

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I forgot the dmp files my bad Ill will fix that when I get home today

Update: The problem has been hopefully fixed, sorry about that