What OS or Desktop Type do I need to use to actually code?

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First if all, I want to at least code one simple map, just to test out combat and see what units I can add (Example: Assassin/Myrmidon). The only problem is, I can’t find a single link or anything to at least direct me to the software you coders are using.

Second, what was in the title, what OS and desktop do I need to use? Many people I see use Windows 7/8 and higher, and I know this works on Linux, but again, I see no place to even code so I have no way of testing this out.

Most beginners use FEBuilder to hack FE8. You can find and download FEBuilder here. It definitely works with Windows and should work with Linux/Mac with some setup.

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Febuilder only runs on windows 7+ iirc. For Macs, they need to run wine or a VM of windows.

If you’d like an intro to febuilder, please watch this:

You may also find this globally pinned thread as helpful:

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FEBuilderGBA is C# 4.0.
Therefore, it will be windows XP or later, not windows 7.
This is because C# 4.0 can be installed on windows XP as well.

Well, I recommend windows 7 or later, but I think it will work on a fairly old PC.
However, since the screen size is assumed to be FHD (1920x1080), if the PC is too old, the screen may be narrow and it may not work well.

It shouldn’t be a problem as long as you have a PC released within at least 10 years.
In the case of XP, I think it will work on a PC 20 years ago “similar to GBA”.


Thanks, @Vesly , @LegendofLoog , and @7743 I tried and it’s practically impossible, not to mention GitHub has no places to dump or alter the files anyways. I should probably have mentioned that I have already started a project, and have the “FEBuilder” file along with a couple of “README” documents as well, but there is no place to dump them, as I said. Am I supposed to be using an emulator?

Are you trying to compile it yourself and having issues?

Use the installer.exe, then.


I managed to install the Downloader, but it seems like it doesn’t want to load. Once it loads, do you have any suggestions on what I need to use for the hacks? (Example: ROM of FE8)

If you mean loading a ROM into FEBuilder:

Open the program and you will get a splash screen giving you 4 options. Open a recently saved ROM, Open ROM, check for updates, and view the online manual.

Select the second option (Open ROM) and navigate to the ROM you wish to work on in the window that popped up, click on the ROM and press Open.

If you do not already have an FE6, FE7, or FE8 ROM that you wish to use, you won’t be able to do what you want.