What are the FEBuilder patches considered "QoL"

Honestly I’ve never really gotten a good answer from looking around outside of “Just use SkillSys lol”
So, aside from the ever present skill system, what do you guys love to see in terms of patches?


I forget most of them, but offhandedly uhhh…
The one that shows how much you’ll heal when using a staff, Trading/convoy without using a turn, talking/supporting without using a turn. Upping support range, HP bars, Melee and magic fix (To allow for strength/magic hybrids), aaaand that’s all i remember right now.

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The patch that allows you to change the position of forced units is pretty good

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EDIT: A while ago, I copied my answer here into my FEBuilder FAQ, and the list there is more up to date. For anyone looking back at this thread, see here:


Regarding moving force deployed units, there’s actually an option to decide if the unit in question is locked to their position or not.

Assuming what’s available in the version here is in FEBuilder’s version, all you have to do is set 0 for the second byte to lock position.

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It actually comes with a script to create the palettes for you, but it would be awkward to use with FEBuilder data. You could paste the palette data into a .dmp and run the script, but it might not really save you much time.

For use with buildfiles, it gets called automatically when processing tilesets in Pokemblem. See Pokemblem/Maps/aFogTilesetFilter.bat at master · Veslyquix/Pokemblem · GitHub for example

That version is, unfortunately, not available as a Builder patch, only the older non-toggleable version is. Cool to know that a better version is out there though.

I don’t know if its been said yet, but typing #ESSENTIAL in the FEbuilder patch search will come up with a lot of very useful patches too.

Someone should just include it as standalone, some people don’t want to dig files just to install something that should be available standalone. Some people (because of lack of knowledge) are forced to use SkillSys just for this feature alone.

I find no logical reason of why is not an option in FEBuilder.

It’s right here. Just download, unzip and use Insert EA.

7743 made febuilder and he decides what is a patch or what isn’t. Most of the asm hacks I’ve made never became a patch on febuilder, so some things you just gotta download and install yourself. Ultimately there are only so many configurations and hacks that will be commonly used, so I think it’s fair enough to not make everything into a super convenient to install patch. It’s also work, packaging them as patches.


It’s all open source.
There always the option of doing it yourself if you really want the functionality.
(Though I recommend you check if it’s been done first.
Accidentally reinventing the wheel happens more often than you’d think).

The one that shows unit stats and inventories without having to click them and go through the two pages of character information with this information.

The HP bars patch is a definite must have. It’s a very simple yet effective patch that will help out if you want to check every unit on map before you attack or get a forecast.

The game cannot be played without this patch.
Reset will take you back to the player turn start state.

GiveAll+ Menu
If the game has Capture, you should install it.
Send everything except weapons and wands to the convoy.

Boss Animation ON EX
Even if the animation is turned off, the animation is forced to be enabled if the unit is a BOSS.
EX can additionally show the animation of certain units other than the BOSS.
For example, when you mistakenly fight a unit that joins you in Talk.

Accelerate recovery motion
Speed up the recovery motion.

Changed the sort condition of the item list of the supply
In Supply, you want to show the weaker weapons on top and the stronger ones on the bottom.

Weapon Selection etc routine’s Eyes Blink
This patch adds a blink to the character’s portrait screen on the weapon selection screen, item exchange screen, etc.

Add blink to portrait image on status screen
INFO.en=Makes portraits drawn on bgs (as opposed to as objects) be able to blink.\r\nPortraits are drawn on bgs in the stat screen as well as in places such as the support menus.

–Useful patches for game production–

Exceed The Portrait Hackbox By 4 Tiles
Patches the ROM to increase the number of tiles available for portraits by 4.
This is essential when you want to use Portrait with a hat.

Continue Battle BGM Between Map and Combat
If the battle BGM and map BGM are the same, continue the BGM.

Add Event: Switch Map Palette (Byte 0x92/146)
Switch palettes by flags.
This can be used to switch between day and night for maps, etc.

AddEvent: Change Chapter Battle TerrainSet Dynamic
When the map’s day/night switch turns it to night, the Animation 2 background is still in daylight?
This patch solves that.

AddEvent: ChangeChapterSong Dynamic
It provides more convenient and powerful BGM switching than BGM switching in Flag4.

AddEvent: ChangeChapterObjective
Change the chapter objective string
This is useful if you want to create a map where the true boss appears after you defeat the boss.

Even in fog, it ensures visibility at specific coordinates.
Used when you want to make Escape points shine even in fog

MultiTileMarker Display multiple exit markers on the map
Multiple orange triangle markers can be displayed.
This is useful when you want to draw the player’s attention.

Add Event: Move from Moving Motion to Standing Motion
This Patch adds a command to manually change the unit from moving to standing.

Add Event:Show emotion bubble on map
For comical work.

Show Eirika Epilogue , when no branch edtions
Fix the problem that the ending is not called even if MNC4 is issued when clearing the tutorial as it is without branching.
If ending is called by MNC4, fix to show Eirika epilogue.