What are the FEBuilder patches considered "QoL"

Honestly I’ve never really gotten a good answer from looking around outside of “Just use SkillSys lol”
So, aside from the ever present skill system, what do you guys love to see in terms of patches?

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I forget most of them, but offhandedly uhhh…
The one that shows how much you’ll heal when using a staff, Trading/convoy without using a turn, talking/supporting without using a turn. Upping support range, HP bars, Melee and magic fix (To allow for strength/magic hybrids), aaaand that’s all i remember right now.

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The patch that allows you to change the position of forced units is pretty good

General QoL:

  • ModularMinimugBox – Allows you to add information like stats and to the minimug box display when hovering over a unit. The exact information it shows can be customized, and there’s a handful of defaults in Builder.
  • HP Bars with Warnings (included in skillsys)
  • Check danger zone with Select (included in skillsys)
  • Show how much HP is healed with staves
  • Various patches to reduce lag and fix bugs
  • Check growths on statscreen isn’t a standalone patch in Builder outside of SkillSys, but it can be installed standalone if you want to, you just have to install it yourself with Insert EA
  • Adding Casual Mode as an option – I advocate strongly for designing around Classic Mode, but support adding Casual Mode as an option for casual players. Giving the option is as easy as installing the patch and it doesn’t take away anything to include it for the people who want it.
  • Add a game option to disable staff and dance animations
  • Hold A to speed up battle animations (warning: causes jank with spell animations)

There’s a handful of other things that are mechanical changes, but people usually like and generally don’t hurt:

  • Convoy expansion to 200 (ExModularSave)
  • Talk doesn’t use your action
  • Support doesn’t use your action
  • If you have supports, changing how supports work in some way, such as increasing the support gain range or changing it to FE9-stile per-chapter gains or just making them grow faster. There’s a lot of different ways you can go, but most people agree vanilla support gains are too slow/restrictive could use improvement.

And others that are more significant changes, which some people could consider to be QoL but have serious design implications you have to build around:

  • Thracia trading, being able to trade multiple times in one action - makes item management more flexible. Too flexible, potentially, one unit can completely rearrange and swap around the inventories of everyone adjacent to them all at the same time.
  • Moving force-deployed units, instead of them always being in the same place – a nice feature for more “normal” levels where the lord/forced units are just grouped with everyone else, but it prevents you from designing levels around certain units starting in specific places, ex. the lord getting separated from the main army. (Well, it doesn’t make it impossible, but you have to do some shenanigans where you prevent them from being deployed and then load them onto the map after preps.)

Oh, and if you’re willing to do a bit more work to install it and set it up, give Danger Radius and Droppable Item Marker a look. But it requires installing it with Insert EA, as it’s not a Builder patch, and you have to edit the fog palettes of all your tilesets (well, you don’t have to, but highlighted enemy ranges showing up fog-colored is weird).


Regarding moving force deployed units, there’s actually an option to decide if the unit in question is locked to their position or not.

Assuming what’s available in the version here is in FEBuilder’s version, all you have to do is set 0 for the second byte to lock position.

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It actually comes with a script to create the palettes for you, but it would be awkward to use with FEBuilder data. You could paste the palette data into a .dmp and run the script, but it might not really save you much time.

For use with buildfiles, it gets called automatically when processing tilesets in Pokemblem. See Pokemblem/aFogTilesetFilter.bat at master · Veslyquix/Pokemblem · GitHub for example

That version is, unfortunately, not available as a Builder patch, only the older non-toggleable version is. Cool to know that a better version is out there though.

I don’t know if its been said yet, but typing #ESSENTIAL in the FEbuilder patch search will come up with a lot of very useful patches too.