WeaponRankEX [Documentation for FEBuilder]

This documentation is for those who may be confused by how the patch works.

This patch removes the limit of one Max Rank Weapon, so you can have the S Rank bonuses apply to all weapon types.



Yes, I know, 5 editors is a lot, but it’s both necessary and easy to edit.


Promoted/Unpromoted Max Ranks

The first two are self explanatory. One is the max rank for units that have the “Promoted” check and the second one is for units that do not have the “Promoted” check. This is mainly where you would set how many individual ranks you want.

Here, I’ll set the max rank for my unpromoted units as 5,
and the max rank for promoted units as 6.
Now, the max rank any unit can have is 6, since I set the max rank for promoted units as 6.

Text Editor

Next comes the Text Editor.
Here, you’ll edit the text that appears for the weapon rank when you [R] on an item.
As a rule, the text for 01 MUST be blank and 0F MUST be “Prf” or what you choose a weapon locked item to show.

In my text, I have 01 as E, 02 as D, 03 as C, 04 as B and 05 as A, but let’s say we want to change the game to not show S rank, but something else… how about “M”.
So we go to 06, into the text editor and change it to an “M”.

XP Editor

Next on the list is XP Editor. This may be a little confusing to some, because of the way that the EXP is different from vanilla FE8. My patch moves where Weapon EXP is stored, so it allows for much higher experience gain.

Because I am making this like vanilla weapon XP, I’ll change the XP needed to be the same. So I’ll set 00 to 30, 01 to 40, 02 to 50 and 03 to 60. We wouldn’t want this to be too similar to vanilla, so let’s change the XP needed for M Rank to 100.

Now you might look at this and say, “But Beansy, there are 6 Weapon Ranks, why do you only have 5 EXP values?” and the answer is simple. This XP value is how much you need to raise your Weapon Rank, so 00 is how much you need to get from Rank E to Rank D.

Glyph Editor

Onto the last editor, Glyph Editor. This one is an interesting one, as you’ll have to refer to this sheet that I created that shows the hex value of each glyph.
Status Font Reference
You can ignore the “M” in the bottom corner.

Here, you can change which glyph shows for each Weapon Rank. A glyph, for those of you who don’t know what it is, is just a fancy term for character, or letter.

As an extra rule, 00 here, must stay at 14, since that is the “-” character that shows there is no rank.

Lets check our sheet to make sure that each glyph follows what we put in the Text Editor earlier. Keep in mind that the hex value is XY on the axis. E is 1D, D is 1C, C is 1B, B is 1A and A is 19. Our sixth rank is M, so lets find that on the reference sheet… it’s 3D, so let’s put that as the hex value.

Formatting Characters, Classes and Items

Now the very last thing left to do is edit every weapon, character and class so that the weapon ranks match our specifications. Let’s use Seth as an example.

With these settings, despite what it currently says, Seth now has an A Rank in swords and an M Rank in Lances, since Rank 5 is our A Rank and Rank 6 is our M Rank. This change will also need to be made to the classes for generics. The same goes with our items.
With this setting, a Silver Lance now needs a unit to have A Rank, since Rank 5 is our A Rank.

And as an added gift, here’s a UPS file with all the changes that I made, plus all the character and item data changed.


Would it be possible to edit the glyph sheet if I, for instance, wanted to make + weapon ranks (E+, D+, C+, B+, A+) a la Three Houses?

The amount of space for each rank is extremely limited. The SS rank on there takes up all the space that can be shown in game. Also, the sheet on here isn’t what the game pulls from, there’s some conversion and stuff that needs to take place for each individual glyph. i tried to make + weapons but it didn’t work.

you could have the + overlap with the letter

I tried that too, it just doesn’t look good.
The checkered area is the space that the game shows, an 8 x 13 px area.

Just wanted to say that this is some cool asm! There just some small issues I’ve encountered. I’ve only have the skill system installed.

Issue 1: weapon rank 1 (F) will not level up to weapon rank 2 (E). The rest of the 8 levels work completely fine.

Issue 2: Sometimes the yellow bar doesn’t appear in the right weapon level spot or sometimes just don’t appear at all.
issue 2 issue 2 pt2
I do have seven weapon types active at once so I’m not too surprise that it glitches. This glitch can happen when there are only 2 weapon types as well. I just can’t reproduce consistently.

Unrelated, but will you ever add a weapon level bonus along side this?

The issue with the rank not increasing was fixed. Please update FEBuilder. I’m not sure about the bar not increasing, could you send a report7z? Also, I probably won’t do any weapon level bonuses besides what is already included as the max weapon level.

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It would be kinda cool to have a unlevelable F Rank.

The noobrank basically? Yeah, that should definitly be a feature.

Alright here’s the report.

It seems that the issue is with the “Limit Weapon Rank Display” patch that is included in SkillSystems. I’ll look into a possible fix

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The issue has been resolved. Just wait for the next FEBuilder update and it should be there. just make sure to uninstall and reinstall the patch for the fix to take effect.

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That was quick! Nice to hear.

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Debugging is often easier than building

Unfortunately, I updated febuilder, uninstalled and reinstalled the patch and the problem of the weapon levels not increasing is back. Would I need to reinstall the skills system as well?

Edit: Turns out uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t fix the issue or atleast on my end. Also weapon levels not increasing spread to all weapon levels instead of only the first rank.

If you update frequently, you may want to specify the version in the INFO or NAME item of the patch.
It can clarify which version you are using.

It is Version:20200831.22. The patch I’m using is Beansy’s weapon rank expansion and the skills system.

If that helps.

@7743 It looks like his weapon pointers are messed up somewhere, since the vanilla pointer is pointing towards the unit support table. I tested it with a vanilla rom and it is doing strange things.

The LDR at 8b8c9d2 is supposed to be to “Item Pointer”

Hi! I’m having a problem with this patch, and this bug (as far as I’m aware) has not been brought up.

I’m trying to edit some characters’ weapon ranks, but some of them bug out and will only stay as one rank.
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/574296988418310166/774697239821418516/unknown.png Shown here, Moulder has a staff rank of 4, and thus has the weapon rank 4.

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/574296988418310166/774697327411331133/unknown.png This here is my main problem. Vanessa’s rank in lances is 1, but it displays as S rank, which should be impossible. (I’ve set the base WLVL for Pegasus Knights to be 1.)
This issue also applied to Joshua, for some odd reason.
Changing the weapon EXP and rank text did not seem to have much of an effect, either.

How do I fix this issue?

EDIT: After a bit of further testing, I found that while playtesting in one chapter particularly, Seth’s edited weapon ranks did not carry over unless I restarted from the prologue. Which is strange, considering Moulder, Vanessa and Joshua (for the sake of playtesting) are all new to the army for this chapter, yet Moulder is the only one whose stats seem to work properly.

EDIT 2: After adding Joshua to the prologue, restarting that chapter made his weapon ranks suddenly go back to the way they were edited. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/574296988418310166/774714034238783508/unknown.png

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/574296988418310166/774714135601872916/unknown.png This is P-C(Playtest Chapter, for short) Joshua. I still have no clue how this “bug” occurs.

Hello i have a question i could put the star on the glyph editor (49)
but i wanted to put also the star in the text editor do you know how can i do it ?