WeaponRankEX [Documentation for FEBuilder]

Could you give a report7z so that I can look at this?

I am not entirely sure about that. From what I can tell from what others have posted. You import an image of the specific font size in the Font Editor in advanced editors and assign it a code. I.E. [_Star] would be what you assign it to, and it would show as a star in the text.

Off the top of my head. The things that would cause this to happen are:

1: Autolevel. Autolevel raises the units weapon rank to the highest stat of the weapon it’s holding. So if you have a unit set to 1, but you haven’t changed the weapon rank stat for weapons, then it’ll autolevel to 31. Any rank above 15 is autoset to 15 which is S by default.

2: Broken Save. I’m not sure if you’ve looked into it, but your save for the game might be broken. If restarting the chapter fixes the issue, then that may be it. The problem being that the units previous weapon level is the same from before the patch was added.


https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ueqogxw14aci5y/Test%20Rom.REPORT.20201108095201.report.7z?dl=0 Alright, this should load, hopefully. It might be hard to understand, but here it is.

I’ll give it a look when I have time today.

@DragonizedHope So the issue is two this. You haven’t completely prepared this rom for the WeaponRankEx patch. I have included in my top post, a ups file with all the necessary changes to it for the patch. You have to change the weapon rank data for characters, classes and weapons. The issue here is that you have units with the weapon rank set to 1, but gave them autolevel and a weapon with a rank of 71, which autolevel will raise their rank to. I would suggest either taking the ups that I have provided and starting with that instead, or making all the necessary changes to your current rom.

OHHHHHHHHHHH. I just installed it from the FEBuilderGBA menu. That explains the problems, then. Thanks!

Will the patch override all of the other changes I’ve added to the mod? (The new chapter, etc)

I would open both of them and just copy the data over from the old one to the new. The ups patch I have included is what is used to make the hack. It’s what FEBuilder makes when you save it.

I appréciate your answer sir, my english is not actually really good i still don’t understand how do i put thé star rank on a weapon item détail

Put on YouTube fe7if Alice you’ll understand what i meant… sry if im not good at language french here…

Here I have given a star font image for you to use.

In the “Search for Char” field, type “@00FA” and hit enter. At the bottom of this window is “Import/Export” click import and select this star image.

To input it into the text, type “[0x00FA]” as shown below.

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Note to self and others. If the code stops working as it isn’t increasing the rank or bar, then it may be the item table pointer. Set a break at 203e89a and go backwards until you find where it’s pointing to the item table and fix it.

How do you do that?

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This is more of an asm wizard thing but. You open up the rom in no$gba and set the break with ctrl+b. In the dialogue box that opens, you put [203e89a]!!? to stop the code any time that data is written or read. From here it gets tricky as it is very hard to explain through words. The break will run multiple times during the game, but the one you’re looking for is after battle. It should stop three times after the battle, you want to stop on the third. Set a break at the start of the function and run again, stopping at the break. r14(I think) should have where the code was jumped from. From here, I don’t quite recall how many times to follow back, but you are looking for a longer run of code which will jump to another one which has the item pointer.

If you’re having trouble with this, I welcome you to try and fix it, but please make a backup just in case. If you don’t want to try it yourself, I should be able to fix it.

I’d appreciate it if you could fix it, I have little experience with troubleshooting:


I’ll look into this for you

Thank you

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Here it is. This should have fixed it.

The issue is fixed, thank you!